Someone Told Me There’d Be Days Like This … And For Celtic It Makes No Difference At All.

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Van Morrison’s beautiful classic “Days Like This” was about a perfect day. It’s one of those songs where the meaning is often confused, but it’s an actually an inverse to that old “today is just one of those days” feelings. Celtic fans have those days more often than not when they watch their team right now, so it’s good to remember, at times, that there is an inverse side to it.

Because what I know, what all football fans know, is that are going to be days like this one. Days when you can’t put the ball in the net. Days when the team seems flat. Days when the oppositions wastes time, hits on the break and grabs a goal and then hangs on for grim death. We haven’t lost a game today, just dropped two points. In the end it’s not even a setback.

Because if you are going to have “days like this” as a football fan you are better having them in the context of this one, and the context is important to remember. It’s better to have them late in the campaign, with the league just about won, when you’ve rested key players in anticipation of a cup semi final next week on the way to a possible treble.

Already that drooling halfwit on Clyde is gleeful about the result talking about how “Celtic’s depth is not as deep as they think it is” … my loathing for that clown grows in a way I barely thought possible. Our “depth” was not the issue here. The league was virtually secured a fortnight ago and nobody in this team is going to run through walls with Hampden coming up and nor should they.

The “depth” was enough – not Hatate, not Abada, no Mooy (he didn’t get onto the park) – to see off the Ibrox club … in short, when it mattered. Without a slew of top players we went to Kilmarnock last weekend and won the game inside the first half hour. His bile and poison is not going to seep into any discussion over what we saw today, not his utter cluelessness in any way “inform” – I use that word in the most sarcastic way possible – the debate.

It was one of those days. We’ve had a million of them, but never one that has had so little impact on the season or one that is less likely to change the mood around the club. He and the other wretched media specimens who want to turn this into more than it is have one week to bask in it.

Next Sunday we’re going to shut them up in a big, big way.

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  • John L says:

    Hopefully it was a hic up along the way. I would like to know who thought it a good idea to leave Taylor with Van Ven ? not Taylor,s fault, It just shouldn’t have happened. Roll on next for normal service to be resumed. Hail Hail

  • Suspiciousmind says:

    OK it was a poor performance and there may be others, but 1 defeat 2 draws, league cup “champions” and continuous squad evolvement so far define this season. Let’s all get a grip. Many more good days ahead.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Not at our best yesterday and Motherwell executed their game plan very well, defending very well. Their second half time wasting was dreadful to see and there should have been at least 10 mins added.

    But HeyHo we move on to the big one a week today, hopefully with a few more players for selection.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    As a guy who has praised Gregg Taylor a lot I’m sure he won’t be happy with how Van Veen turned him inside out. The big Dutchman took his goal well. To lose the ball after taking a short corner kick with our central defenders in the Motherwell box left us badly exposed. I thought young Vata played well for the short time he was on the park and we should have scored from a couple of the fine balls he put into the box .
    We move on to next Sunday, lets hope we take our chances a bit better.

  • John S says:

    At the end of the season the points total will decree just who are the Champions. Not drooling critics.

  • Suspiciousmind says:

    A great day came sooner than some may have expected. Que sera, sera LOL

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