The Cameron Carter Vickers Injury Story Is Not A Big Issue For Celtic This Season.

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Well, this morning the media made yet another attempt to scare us all as if we were easily frightened children. They did this with a piece on the possibility that Cameron Carter Vickers might have to go under the knife.

What’s in front of us that this should be a concern?

The cup semi-final? The stories themselves make it clear that this will not happen before that game.

He will play at Hampden. So what else? Ibrox? By the time we get there the demoralisation of their team will be just about complete. I don’t think a single Celtic fan fears going there whoever is in the back line.

The more you look at it, the more you see that this really isn’t a lot for us to get our knickers in a knot over. He’s a cracking big player, and perhaps even a player of the year contender, but this is why we have strength in depth. It’s why we signed Kobayashi.

The team will cope. The club will cope.

It’s only the one across town which wails and moans about having injury issues and uses them as something to hide behind.

We are just about over the line in the league. The cup final will take care of itself if we get there … Cameron Carter Vickers has been an essential cog in the wheel getting us here, no doubt.

But we do not need him, beyond next weekend, to get the last bit of the job done.

None of us should be lying awake at night worrying about this. The manager has assembled a team which can cope with a few injuries. The question is, will he be back fully fit and ready to go at the start of the next campaign?

If he is, we have no cause for concern.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Tbh, ah would have huge concerns if he missed the semi final, tho thats no lookin likely, glad tae say. We deinitely need him in there for this game especially. If we get tae the final and he makes that as well even better, tho a would hope Starfelt and Kobayashi could get the job complete if he disnae. The semi final’s the one. As for the ibrox game, league should be pretty much tied up by then, so would be playin for pride in that one, so as things would stand, no really that important who we play imo. Can play big Ange at the back for all ah care. In fact, get him in there ah say.

  • Johnno says:

    The only consideration Ange currently has to think about upon CCV is weather he will be fit enough for the semi?
    Either way starfelt and yuki are still plenty good enough to handle the scums attacking options.
    Still think that the semi could well be the last game of the season for CCV as unnecessary risks won’t be required.
    Wasn’t surprised to see him not used last weekend whatsoever.
    Also believe that we will have the title wrapped up before the trip to that shithole, where Ange will have the luxury of playing the fringe players and seeing how they cope with next season in mind, possibly an option available to him after this weekend

  • SSMPM says:

    Written more for the rankers readers I reckon. We have too few fans, I hope, that read the rankers propaganda papers now to be influenced or worried by that loo roll trash.
    Like the Matondo ‘good news’ story earlier it’s all about positive news, any positive slant that will help toward the early investment in season ticket sales and the beale bounce bollocks.
    CCV for the semi seems inevitable so going under the knife soon after would be desirable, if there’s any truth to the story at all. HH

  • Effarr says:

    I thought you didn’t like players with even a hint of an injury being picked to play. Something about being concerned for their long term future but it would be OK for CCV to play in the semi final.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    We have played without ccv 2/3 times still got result ,one man does NOT make a team .it,s team game and Celtic have proved that is something they are good at proven with results playing as a TEAM

  • JT says:

    Starfelt playing on the right CH position, shows how good he really is. CCV should be rested now and let Starflet and Kobayashi play (see how he is in a good run of games)

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