The Celtic Boss They Said Would Be “Gone By Xmas” Walks On Amidst The Casualties.

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Over the weekend, another Scottish manager fell by the wayside. Sadly, it was not Derek McInnes, although we came very close I think to making sure that it was.

Callum Davidson can feel somewhat aggrieved.

That man did something no manager outside of Celtic Park has done in this country for a very long time. And what was his reward for it? Savage budget cuts and having to do more with less.

I always liked him. I hope he goes on to do something big somewhere else.

Quite what St Johnstone hope for in a new manager isn’t clear.

There’s not really enough of the season left to do something stirring, but there’s just enough of it left to get themselves into trouble, which as a team which right now is without a manager is more than just a possibility. As it stands they are five from the bottom. That’s not nearly enough to feel safe enough from aftershocks from the major upheaval. I wonder if they’ll regret it.

When we went four up yesterday within 30 minutes of the start, I know that Derek McInnes wondered if he’d survive the day. So many SPL bosses have fallen in this campaign that you never know who is next.

Only one is truly safe; Ange.

Which makes me laugh.

He’s currently the third longest serving manager in the top flight.

Not bad for a guy who was supposed to be “gone by Christmas.” Our media was quite bold in making that prediction back when he had lost three of his first six games in charge … but look at what has happened since then.

When we lost that day at Livingston the press was quick to tell us we hadn’t won an away league fixture in seven months. Fast forward to where we are now. That was to be our last defeat in the league until St Mirren this season … and we’ve not lost since that. So from losing three in our first six to losing just once in all that time since … remarkable.

No-one would have predicted it. Nobody did.

The media was writing Ange’s obituary.

Since then though two managerial teams have departed Ibrox. There has been anarchy at Aberdeen. Horror at Hibs and Hearts. Mayhem at Motherwell … I could go on, but you get the drift. A lot of blood on a lot of walls, and McInnes lucky to have avoided it on the day when Callum Davidson got his tap on the shoulder and told to walk to the exit.

The chances are that a few more will go before the season ends.

Don’t be surprised if McInnes joins the list of sackings.

I still half expect Lee Johnson to follow before the season ends and if Malky Mackay avoids it it’ll be a minor miracle.

If he goes it would leave only David Martindale in post longer than the Celtic manager.

Ange Postecoglou, in the meantime, is on the brink of shattering records which no-one thought would ever be beaten.

What a triumph it will be if he does it.

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  • Martin says:

    Callum Davidson at Hibs would be a nice one. If they truly do have ambitions and can match his demands they might be a well made match. Or Hearts, of course, but I hate Hearts so…

    I agree he was let down by the club after working miracles. Same old Scottish football. I don’t really rate many of the managers in this league. Hearts, Aberdeen and Hibs have definitely underperformed relative to their budget for years. The 3rd place is good enough” attitude leads that, I feel. Maybe there’s signs of change at last in the clubs’ thinking.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Me Finks Bealing will be gone long b4 Xmas.. Any Fots lol!

  • Scud Missile says:

    A wee bit like the Grand National a 2 horse race up until a couple of weeks back,one horse has fallen and left the other clear.

  • JimBhoy says:

    McInnes will be lucky to see the season out and could join the other ex-hun numpties picking up a wage in some media gig. I’d rather see/ignore him there than see him trying to defend crap tactics running a team.

    I don’t fink Beale will be managing them if they lose the cup semi. Mind you with having to rebuild/revamp whatever he is calling it now on the cheap it would not be an attractive job for any decent manager. On the other hand if some of the out of contract players stay they are no better than ther were this season.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Any ex Hun player or CLOWN associated wae the FILTH will talk up either the SHITE that’s there at the moment or the DROSS tae come! We aw kno they’re Financially FUKED waeoot a POT tae piss in other than Freebies that NAE cunt wants!! Would NOT be shocked in anyway if they resign the $7M Dollar Man or El Fat Truffalo tae appease the Knuckodraggaz wae Future MOONBEAMS of £10M+ fur each lol!! What a time tae be a Hoops Fan, cannot wait fur Cup Semi.. HH!

  • Johnny Green says:

    Ange will outlast them all, he just loves the successful taste of jelly and ice cream.

  • Johnno says:

    Ange has been the best thing to happen for Scottish football in such a very long time, and shown up all the other managers for how shite there approach to today’s game still remains.
    There still remains a nonsense of trying the over physical approach aided by useless officials as the best mindset of stopping and believing that this ploy is the best available to useless managers still.
    The game has long ago moved on from where the hammer throwers held such a place within the game, yet to many Scottish teams believe that such a backwards approach is still relevant in the Scottish game.
    Yes the physical approach still has a place within the game and Ange has shown that remains relevant but the technical ability and footballing intelligence remains far better qualities to possess within today’s game.
    Scottish football needs a whole new batch of managers with a fresher approach to the game than sticking with the failed merry go round of managers currently in use within the Scottish game.
    Makes you wonder if club’s are still pampering to a media involvement where there bias and reckless views upon the Scottish game is causing more damage than putting right the glaring problem within the Scottish game still.
    Is a manager with such an anti celtic approach still the only acceptable option available to them still?
    Seems so to me anyway

    • Eldraco says:

      I echo what U say and only add that boards must now recognise that Ange has changed football in Scotland and as a result new forward thinking managers and coaches are needed, it can only be a good thing especially if the SFA give up control of referring.

  • John S says:

    The Celtic manager has been a revelation. Silverware, signings, style.
    Good luck to St.Johnstone in trying to find a manager with a better record on low resources.

  • SSMPM says:

    I totally agree with your sentiment about Callum Davidson, a decent hard working club man and it’s an absolute shame the likes of him go by the wayside when trash like McInnes continues in position leaching money he ill deserves. Hopefully he will get his just desserts come the end of the season and Davidson will move on to something good in the near future.
    Ange deserves to reap the rewards for his endeavour in rebuilding Celtic from the pits to Paradise and I hope he gets that treble, he’s earned it, In his 2nd spell as Celtic manager Lennon wasn’t able to advance our club so it’s bugger all to do with being “Lucky” as another ill disciplined doll chucking loser likes to imply. HH

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