The Media Wants You To Think It Is Celtic Who Face A Summer Of Crisis And Uncertainty.

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As this week has gone on, and as Ibrox’s season ticket renewal deadline starts creeping up on their club, it is impossible not to hear in the steady chatter from their club that they are now very much in the business of trying to convince their fans that the glory days are in front of them, that The Mooch is going to get heavy backing and that everything over there is good.

And so the press has taken to reporting that Ibrox’s coming loss of key players is a net positive for their club, which might be the case if they were going to get transfer fees for them. The Mooch is talking about having business wrapped up early, and the press – which has to know what that’s about – is going along for the ride.

Early, yes, but not quite early enough to give those fans buying season tickets some indication of what exactly it is that they will be watching next year. Notice that none of them question his comments on Kent; the club doesn’t want to admit these guys are going although I strongly suspect that the major decisions on that front are already taken.

But of course, to admit that – to essentially admit that they are going to lose key players and only have the manager’s word for it that they are going to be replaced – is the big no-no here. And so the press goes along for the ride, although they have to be suspicious.

Take a look at the contrast with us. Everywhere you look online is some hack telling us how bad the summer is going to be for us.

Even if we lose players though, we’re going to net major bucks for them whoever they may be and our success rate in the transfer market is phenomenal.

Yet to read some of the coverage you would think our club was the one facing uncertainty and perhaps even a crisis. When Ange says our business is well advanced we can believe him because it has been these past few windows and we’ve proved what we’re about. If we net tens of millions of pounds for guys already at the club how does that help Ibrox?

We could well have one of the biggest transfer kitty’s in our history to hand Ange Postecoglou, a guy who has already proved that he knows how to spend the money.

The media is busy trying to sell Ibrox season tickets; we get this. But it is a joke for them to be making out that we are the ones who should fear what the summer brings. Our summer doesn’t involve Champions League qualifiers. It is going to be pleasant and relaxed, even if key players are wanted by other clubs and even if some of them go.

We will have a lot to be excited about as the summer progresses. The club across the city cannot say the same, whatever the pre-season ticket sales hype. I know the media knows this. Which makes this narrative wholly dishonest and biased with it.

But of course, what else is new?

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  • Tony B says:

    Do these people who live lives of such dishonesty not understand that there is always a price to be paid?

    How can they look at themselves in the mirror, or look at their loved ones knowing that everything they have is built on lies?


  • Scud Missile says:

    We are in TROUBLE going by that headline in the daily sevco today,as it has sevco ranked above Liverpool and Real Madrid for European rankings.
    Lol the 2 most successful teams to have won the champions league at least 20 times between them and the daily sevco has them trailing behind the WORST team to ever play in that competition.

  • Johnno says:

    So a summer crisis involves being able to bring in more money on a potential sell on clause for frimpong than the scum could get if they sold there entire squad.
    CL awaits with guaranteed income.
    Tiding up the wages being paid upon players contributing nothing to our cause, and getting them out of the building.
    Any current squad player worth millions and easily replaceable with strengthening at the same time.
    Think we may all have to join Ange and the summer of sleepless nights that awaits at the thoughts of it.
    Can these thicks really become any more stupid?
    Silly question on my behalf

  • Charles Mclean says:

    I wish you all would stop reading the lying press articles. The press has made out we won’t have a team to start next season hh

  • Johnny Green says:

    The media’s campaign of misdirection is mildly amusing to Celtic fans because we all know what they are up to. We though have bigger fish to fry, a semi final, a League Title, a Final and a Treble are all on on our immediate agenda and then we can look forward to a comfortable Summer with nothing to worry about except the anticipation of the arrival of new faces, and the pleasure of seeing those new additions bedding in prior to our CL campaign.

    What happens at the other side of the City during that time is of absolutely no consequence to us.

    Let them fkn squeal.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It’s nice to see CCV back in the side, but I would have preferred to see Starfelt dropped to the bench instead of Kobayashi. The CCV/Kobayashi pairing should surely be the way ahead.

  • Johnny Green says:

    What a disappointment, we should have buried them, but it wasn’t to be. It might turn out though that after tomorrow we have increased the gap. 🙂

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    James, I have commented before on this obsession you have with them and it,s getting fvcking ridiculous they will make their own bed again and will have to lie in it. They are best ignored and if we do they will hang themselves again. It’s easy to get obsessed with cvnts like them but your focus should be on us as your comments regarding Celtic are spot on in general but your comments on them are getting tedious.

  • Frank says:

    the barrage of adverts is now becoming a pain in the arse

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