The Mooch Has Only His Big Mouth To Blame For His Being Judged Against Celtic.

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Today, Keith Jackson was crying a river for The Mooch.

How good a manager he is, although not quite good enough.

How tough his job is, although he has the second biggest budget in the country to work with.

Mostly, though, he was bemoaning the unfairness of it all, and how sad it is that this man is being judged on the basis of just three games.

But I gotta ask, because nobody else is going to; whose fault is that?

Since the minute The Mooch first sat in front of the media, running that famous mouth of his, the mantra out of Ibrox is that only one series of games matters at all. The ones against us. Had he come into that role and shown the least bit of humility or respect for the other clubs in the league then his record, like that of Ange, would be considered in full context.

But he’s the one who repeatedly talks down every other side in the league, stating that his club is simply expected to win every game and that it should be regarded as a disaster when they don’t. On top of that is his casual dismissal and colossal disregard for the achievements of Celtic, who he keeps on stating his own team is equal to.

So of course his record outside of the Celtic games is ignored.

He’s the one who said that it should be. Of course those defeats at our hands are ruthlessly dissected. He is the one who keeps on saying that there’s nothing between the teams.

And of course these are the games he’s going to be judged on. Because he’s the one who has said over and over again that they are the ones which count, the ones which decide titles and trophies. Of course their fans are going to have his jacket on a shoogly nail if they don’t win the Scottish Cup … he is the one who said it was “unthinkable” not to.

Anyone with even a spark of intelligence would have given himself some room to breathe.

Instead he keeps on putting up hostages to fortune. A smart manager would have praised the standards of other clubs so that any winning run at all was seen as a triumph. If he has a shred of sense he would have praised Celtic to the rooftops and told his side that we were in front of them and that it was their jobs to work hard and try to match us.

Instead you have clowns like Tavernier and Cantwell talking about how they deserved to win and how we’re going to see a different performance from them at Hampden, as though they haven’t put themselves and their manager under enough pressure already.

The Mooch is the architect of his own misery.

That much is readily apparent. Jackson wants us to have sympathy for the guy. Perhaps instead of that he should offer some advice; when you are in a hole stop digging. That would do him more good than anything.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    Cockney Wanker who Finks he knows it aw!! Achieved Fuk Aw in the game.. DESPISED by QPR fans & soon tae be heading oot the side door ae the FILTH when we Fukin HORSED them in the Cup Semi lol! Just Fukin RANCID INSTITUTIONALISED DELUDED HUN BASTARDS.. FUK THEM!!

  • Christina says:

    That would be good advice James but, as we all know, that is not what either club or supporters want to hear (well apart from a few sensible ones anyway).
    Meanwhile, the front page is doing its bit for the deflection cause – seen on newsstand in Morrisons
    ” Celtic lawyers put boot into survivors” don’t know details but only case I know of Celtic involvement is CA – though I wouldn’t imagine court is in session on Easter Monday. Must be a headline from last week they kept up their sleeve in case needed after weekend! Perhaps I’m wrong but it looks awffy suspicious to me!

  • Johnno says:

    That snidey prick deserves every bit of pain that goes his way.
    Showed what a classless fuck he was when negotiating a deal when already in a job and the orange midget in charge of the scum at the time.
    Even such a thick fuck in claiming achievements within the game when actually achieved fuck all and long may it continue also.
    Such a scummy individual deserves such a scummy club so well suited for each other still.
    So stuck up his own arse is it any surprise at the amount of shit talk that comes out of this dope.
    Likes to think of himself as the saviour of scum, hardly going to great when he can’t even get a tune out of the banjo boy and his serial losers remain serial losers.
    The thick still believes he can attract players into that shithole, well pinky and perky the start of the revolution isn’t going to give us any sleepless nights for sure.
    So with all thing’s taken into account, hopefully the snidey prick sticks around for a while, but sadly can’t see that happening

    • Voice of Reason says:

      No Cunt wid take that job unless ur as Thik as Fuk which Bealing is!! Every CLOWN that rolls intae Liebrox is EXACTLY that a Fukin DIRTY LYIN HUN BASTARD!! They kno they’ve Fuk Aw cash but instead pander tae the Knuckodraggaz wae promises of ‘Starlets’ tae come lol! Long may it Fukin continue & after we PUMP them in the Cup it may be more than most ae them can handle.. Here’s hoping WAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Jimmy R says:

    It’s hard to have sympathy for someone who claimed, in the aftermath of Saturday, that his side have been “disrespected,” while insisting that there are two good teams in Scotland. He doesn’t make clear who has disrespected his team, but the inference that it was Celtic is there for all to see.
    I have yet to see any employee of Celtic show anything but respect towards every football club in Scotland and their staff. Meanwhile he labels Ange “lucky.”
    Respectful? Or what?
    We, the fans, are giving him the respect he deserves, which isn’t much.

  • JimBhoy says:

    I Think he would think it “Unfinkable” James

    He is well suited to the deluded klanbase and Kultchur Klub.

    • Stevie Fisher says:

      Why did the new technology developed for rangers not work on Saturday?
      Virtually Assisting Rangers

  • Stevie Fisher says:

    I’m terrified of heights
    Each time I look down I’m higher up
    Please rangers, close the gap, save me from this fear
    Oh but you can’t
    Celtic will always soar above you
    Higher and Higher baby

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Staunch Mick out on his arse when Ange slaps his arse again come the semi-final. I would think now Celtic players more relaxed knowing league wrapped up and stuffed them 3 times and still not playing that great looking for Celtic to tear them a big strip come that match 5 nil .

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Keep hearing they are only 3-4 players off being champions next season, they just don’t do joined up thinking.
    Big Ange Guaranteed CL monies, will have players already in mind to improve this squad again next season.
    Players will leave and be replaced by better players.
    Ange will be backed again by the board to compete at CL level.
    Sevco have a few players leaving, and will have to replace, not knowing what euro comp they will be in, means loans and free agents again.
    Pay the £5 m for tillman will skin yhem

    • Voice of Reason says:

      They’ve no got ANYWHERE near £5M plus wages tae pay on ANYWAN!! Guys a Starlet against Murderwell, DUtd & the like.. Never kicked his ARSE in Europe or against us.. He’s Fukin PISH!! There’ll be another 4 or 5 Wankwells worth 50 Gazillion each that Pep Beale has sourced & most importantly looked them in the eye ???

  • Peterbrady says:

    Die sevco die this is what we want

  • SSMPM says:

    As the legend that is Tommy Burns once said about an arrogant Pierre Van Hooijdonk, “What’s missing in this man is humility”

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Keith jackson is obviously a die hard blue nose so his very low inteligence is only going to show in his gutter press words.hes not capable of giving a balanced view .celtic do all talking on the pitch by playing the best football in the land thats because they have very talented players.who also dont mouth off.celtic were only warming up last saturday they would have fited at least 3 more goals past that lot if more time was available.rangers cant bitch about all they want talk crap but what they cant do is fool all the people all of the time.finaly celtic won the game 3.2 to remind idiot boy tod cantplaywell.face reality cantplaywell yous wete beaten and be very thankful celtic werent firing on all cylinders yet due too very talented players who worked hard won the game

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