Two Good Games Is All It Took For Celtic’s Midfielder To Be Linked With Moves Again.

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When Matt O’Riley was not playing particularly well there was near total radio silence on his future. If you want a shining example of how certain people have made their reputations on following trends instead of with hard information, look at the sudden rash of stories about our player which have popped up in the last 24 hours.

Where was this alleged interest a fortnight or so ago? There was nothing anywhere to suggest that there was serious interest in O’Riley. All it took was a couple of good matches and there is a torrent of nonsense.

This is one of the reasons I don’t believe a word of it.

The tactics of the rumour mongers are showing here in these stories. Tag any player in the Celtic team who is on form and you can bet that there are all sorts of transfer rumours popping up.

The second someone goes off the boil for a while silence falls.

Is that credible? Scouts know when a player is quality, even if he’s having a tricky spell. There is no doubt in my mind that O’Riley is a fine player and is drawing attention; it’s the coincidence of these stories appearing just after he scores a couple again.

There are people out there who make a living putting this stuff into the public domain, and it doesn’t matter how tenuous the reports are or how soft the information is. It’s better to shut it all out, as the team does, as the manager does.

It’s not even the internet rumours that bother me; they are par for the course, you expect them. But when a so-called mainstream title writes the kind of guff I’ve be talking about in the next piece it all gets a bit tiresome. Matt O’Riley doesn’t need this nonsense. The guy is just getting back to his best and all this crap does is put unnecessary pressure on him.

There are people with worse motives than those just trying to make a living.

The “writers” at Football Scotland are amongst them.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    It must be a slow news day right enough.

  • Johnny Green says:

    By the way, two good games? The one against Kilmarnock, yes I will give you that James, but was there really a second one? It must have slipped past without me noticing?

  • Nicky Bhoy says:

    But as we all know the rags are only interested in putting pressure on Celtic players; anything to disrupt their focus.
    It’s almost as if there’s a big game coming up and they’re trying to help the opposition by employing shady tactics.
    Surely not.

  • Johnno says:

    Why anyone wants to write such shite when they haven’t a clue what is going on with any of our players is way beyond me.
    It’s very simple how we are operating at present and the approach Ange takes.
    If matt O’Riley or Abada or anyone else wants to leave the club we will not stand in there way.
    Nothing we can do as a club if any interest is being shown but the reality is nothing from any club can be done as of yet.
    Club’s can’t talk to any players under contract as stand to be charged with tapping players up.
    Even agents are very careful about how any situations that could arise still.
    So they remain non stories and utter nonsense and a total embarrassment for anyone putting there name to such shite.
    Ange and the players themselves will know what there plans for the future will be and hardly discussions between them would have taken place with so much of the season to play for still.
    Personally think another season with ourselves at least would be the better career choice for Oreily and abada imo but it will come down to the players themselves as that’s the way we work without making the money involved a huge issue either

  • SSMPM says:

    I like an in form O’Riley but aye the first game was a warm up to his one good game against killie. At this reporting rate Celtic will finally be representing Scotland in the EPL or at least all the Celtic players will. HH Champions

  • John S says:

    The obsession of undermining Celtic rolls on apace. If the stennies can’t invent anything bad they’ll say ‘too good, must leave’.

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