30 MInutes From Celtic That Send Out A Warning To The Chasing Pack.

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There are football games which resemble nothing so much as punishment beatings handed out to a hapless foe. For the first 30 minutes of that one today it resembled nothing so much as saturation bombing of an enemy which couldn’t possibly defend itself from it. We could have had eight before half time, quite comfortably, and even a penalty miss and the concession of a daft goal at the end of the 45 did nothing whatsoever to change the obvious fact of what we watched.

What we watched was not only a team motoring towards another title but one without key players and which still made it look comfortable and easy because it was. Never in my life have I seen a Celtic team this dedicated to the job of dismantling the opposition and for 30 minutes we played some of the best football of the season, and with Hampden looming it was right on cue.

Other clubs have players who talk about “statement performances” … this team gives them as a matter of routine. For what was that first 30 minutes if not a statement?

Not even so much “catch us if you can” because with every one of these games the faint, dwindling prospect of that recedes to the point where you can’t even see it any longer, but rather “be afraid, be very afraid.”

Look at Kyogo for the goal. That’s the best player in this country right now by a country mile, and he still might lost out on the Player of the Year award to his colleague Hatate. Look at Maeda, whose contribution to this team was misunderstood for many months but who you could not honestly say deserves to be left out of this side for any match. Look at a guy like Matt O’Riley, who hasn’t been brilliant lately but is still head and shoulders better than anything the so-called other biggest club in the country has in their midfield.

So what if the next 60 minutes didn’t live up to that opening spell? That opening spell was where the game was decided, and although Ange certainly thinks we should have kept our foot down and scored a barrow-load he took off Kyogo at half time which should show you what the man’s thinking was and how he’s now turning his mind towards what the priorities are.

And not even Hampden at the treble, but the next game, the rest of this campaign, and his desire to finish it strong. He won’t be tearing strips off the walls because we didn’t score six or seven or eight … but always there is the feeling that if this team decides to – or needs to – then it can and it will. It’s no coincidence that the truly big wins where at the start of this campaign when goal difference could still have been a factor. But when a game is won this late in the season, with the league all but decided, nobody is running through walls to get six or eight or ten.

Anyone who focusses on the last 60 minutes is looking at the wrong thing. Those first 30 are what they should be looking at, and the ability of this team to so thoroughly dominate in that spell. Anyone who kids themselves on about that probably thinks Ibrox has “closed the gap.”

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  • John S says:

    The team and fans are enjoying one game at a time. Face the opponent in front. Take nothing for granted.

  • John L says:

    OK, forget about the last 60 minutes and let’s hope we never witness it again ?. That muppet McInnes said Oh should have been sent as his player took a full boot to the head. By fuck, just like the Mooch with the hand ball shout, he should have watched ? the replay before letting his gud run away, it was no more than a high boot. Move on turd shoveler.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol David Currie on radio shortbread was shouting out fir someone to ask if big Ange if he was disappointed how game unfolded and ended at 4-1 after 39 minutes.

    Yiu would think these DAFTIES would’ve learned their lesson to keep their mouths shut as they how the big yin can answer that question,at least Rob McLean had the sense to put it back to Currie and said him,do you want to ask big Ange that question.

    What an absolute FANNY David Currie is.

  • Johnno says:

    With a game won inside half an hour and playing such good football in the process then it was only about seeing the game out, without anyone picking up that unwanted injury, especially on that surface.
    Games at this stage of the season is all about results, so mission accomplished.
    A confidence boost also achieved from a few who weren’t upon there game so much last week is always a welcome sight.
    The annoyance still remains with the fat prick boyd along with others complaining about Killie being so poor, instead of how great Celtic were at dismantling them.
    Maybe to much to ask for on another fabulous Sunday

    • woodyiom says:

      Spot on – with the game won its all about simply seeing it out without anybody getting injured and that was done. My ONLY gripe is yet another missed penalty. Mooy seems to be the only player we have who can actually be relied upon to score a pen. Whilst they don’t/haven’t cost us in the league, so far, they will at some point – between now and the semi-final Ange needs to have us practising them every day as that game could easily finish level after 120mins and right now I would not fancy our chances in a shoot-out tbh.

  • Michael McCann says:

    Disgraceful refereeing never saw so many free kicks for Kilmarnock and just a couple for Celtic. Add to that the pen that wasn’t given when Ho was floored

  • John says:

    Thought the two Japanese lads played well. At times different class. Look good for the future.

    Game finished at 0-4 no need to waste energy.

    Another weekend where the gap has not closed.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    I missed the first 17 mins but saw the rest. Celtic’s game in the second half was half as good as the first. Their game slowed markedly. The throw-ins were deliberately slowed and very poor.
    I was hoping that Celtic would take Killie to the cleaners. Entertainment value declined. What I saw was more aggression from the opposition and a greater probability of Celtic player injuries.
    Fortunately no injuries.
    Onward and upwards.

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