Ange Confident That Carter Vickers Will Be Ready For Celtic At The Start Of Next Season.

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Today I got a chance to ask Ange a couple of questions, and whilst I’ll go over one of those later on, the important thing that came out of his afternoon press conference was in relation to our injury situation, and in this respect the news is good.

In fact, it’s very good indeed.

The Boss expects that Cameron Carter Vickers will be back for the start of the next campaign.

The operation went well, he said, and there is a lot of confidence in the return schedule.

This is the best news we could have gotten, although as I wrote earlier in the week there would undoubtedly have been a Plan B had the injury looked more serious.

“He’s had the surgery, he’s on his way back and it went really well and he’ll be alright for the start of the season, I’m sure,” Ange said. “It’s a great boost. He was really keen to play up until last weekend. He knew how important that was in the context of our season and he’s a very important part of our set-up and our team.”

Knee injuries are tricky, but there’s not a player in the squad who you would bet on to get back sooner than this guy. He will obviously work as hard as possible to get back to full fitness, and that he actually delayed the op in the first place in order to play in one of our most critical fixtures should leave fans in no doubt about his dedication to the cause.

There were people outside of Celtic who were obviously hoping that the news here wasn’t so positive as this. Sorry to disappoint them. Carter Vickers may well find himself winning the player of the year awards in this campaign, and although I suspect Kyogo in particular will be in there until the final votes are cast, he would be a deserving winner.

That we will not have to wait until late September to see him back in the side is fantastic.

Of all the news we could have gotten today, this is the best.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    That’s great news, a real bonus if he is ready for the new season.

  • jrm63 says:

    CCV is one of the best central defenders I have seen at Parkhead. He has a low centre of gravity and great positional sense. Fearless. I have no idea why an EPL club have not come in for him to be honest. Maybe the fact he is recovering over the summer is not a bad thing?

  • Johnno says:

    Great news indeed and sure to upset the scum cheerleaders even moreso if it’s even possible to do so these days. Didn’t expect it to be to serious with the performance from CCV last week, but you can never be to sure with knee injuries.
    CCV showed yet again his true character last week and will look forward now to yuki making his mark and showing his worth also within this team, and confident enough that he won’t disappoint in the remaining of the season either

  • Benjamin says:

    Good news but not a surprise. Knee injuries can be tricky, but pretty much all the bad ones involve ligament damage, and this wasn’t that (if it was, he wouldn’t have been able to play half the season carrying the injury!). This smells like a meniscus issue, and those are relatively straight forward in terms of both the procedure and the rehab timeline. 3-4 months might even be conservative. He’ll be back in training by July at the latest I suspect.

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