Ange Shows How Far He’s Come As He Savages The Media’s Ibrox Love-A-Thon.

Image for Ange Shows How Far He’s Come As He Savages The Media’s Ibrox Love-A-Thon.

It’s been nearly two years now since Ange Postecoglou rolled into town, and when he faced the media for his first ever presser he could feel the contempt and the ridicule radiating from the press corps.

When he then stepped into his second major appointment with the scribes that day he found a much different atmosphere. I know, because I was there.

By the time the boss faced the fan media my initial concerns had largely subsided. But I had questions I wanted to ask – about his use of sports science and analytics and about how he intended to utilise the youth academy – and I thought his answers might be interesting, and they were, but they weren’t the most interesting things to come out of that afternoon.

His first experience of fan media was a question – more a statement – from Dave Faulds of The Celtic Star.

He told Ange “your only real friends are the people in this room” and assured him that the media, who he had just spent time with, might sometimes appear benign but in fact would hunt him if they thought they could get away with it.

He has shown his understanding of this several times down through the last two seasons, but today’s performance in front of the media was that of a man who is now fully comfortable with that fact and fully prepared to hit back at their shady narratives with fact and truth and biting sarcasm. No longer a man content to play nice, he savaged them.

When asked about the team and what he’s learned, he said simply; “I learned that we’re champions. So, that is a pretty good feeling and what we set out to do. We did it and there is nothing else I need to know, really, apart from the fact they have been outstanding this year. They have won the competition, they have won another competition [the League Cup]and they have an opportunity to win another competition.”

The sound of that slap would have reverberated through the press if only he had left it there, but Ange was only warming up. He had a much wider point to make, and when he was asked about the Ibrox rebuild – a ridiculous question, one that The Mooch would never be asked about Celtic – he unleashed his full wit and controlled anger.

“I don’t know why that would even concern me to be honest. I think this time last year Rangers were in a Europa League Final and a Scottish Cup Final and they strengthened after the season didn’t they? So, does anyone really care? Like, seriously?”

He continued. “We didn’t start favourites in my first year, probably weren’t overwhelming favourites this year so people will say what they want mate. Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched on the nose and you reassess from there. When we start next year, everyone will see who’s really strong and who isn’t strong and all that sort of stuff. Right now, league wise anyway, it’s the equivalent of junk time mate. We just get on with it.”

The man has now come full circle. Ange Postecoglou has realised what these people are; in a way he’s always known.

But now he recognises that softly-softly and tiptoeing around them will not make them less aggressive in their questioning or make their behaviour balanced.

He knows exactly what he’s dealing with … and he’s acting accordingly.

These are changed days.

This man is not willing to tolerate this anymore.

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  • John A says:

    God bless Ange

  • mhiguel66 says:

    Yes, totally agree he has their number now and we can all see how he treats them, with the contempt they deserve.

    As a support all we can do is hope and pray that he sets his sights firmly on the sfa, the officials (refs) set up and their very specific recruitment policies.

    We ALL know that is the main thing in Scotland that NEEDS addressing, they’ve had a hundred years of being the establishments team, it requires gutting and total restructuring.

    As long as those two jokers of establishments are in place our collective supporter will continue to suffer. That is at the root of ALL ISSUES and it has had its day and just like the dodo bird their time has long passed.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Brilliant response and its about fkn time. They’ve been tryin tae find a way in since he arrived and failed. The guy’s conduct has been second tae none and he’s showin he can punch these arseholes hard in the mouth when it’s needed. Well said Ange.

  • Johnno says:

    Best put down from Ange yet I would say.
    And great credit has to be given to the Scottish media in how they remain so consistent in there levels of stupidity.
    Do this thicks actually have to answer to a boss?
    As you can only imagine how that conversation must go after an Ange presser.

    Well thicko how did it go with Ange today?

    Done as you asked boss, and asked him about our favourite team

    Very good, and what was his response?

    The usual boss, made me look like a right eejit in front of a packed room yet again

    Oh well better luck next time thicko, keep up with the good work, might be in the running for a promotion at this rate

  • Sea Of Green says:

    Just magnificent, Ange!

    James, you should have put a link here as the words alone simply don’t do his tone justice.

    What a put down and the idiot he’s talking to knows it.

    And now the whole world knows it 😀

  • Sea Of Green says:

    Where are all the comments, James?

    There’s no point in us taking the time to writie comments when their relevance has dissipated by the time they appear on the page, sometimes over 24 hours later.

    It’s extremely disrespectful to us who write in and will most certainly cost the site readers.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Ange has THEM sussed

  • Damian says:

    The Cynic posted the whole thing. All questions were polite and deferential and the media is clearly scared shitless of Ange. I haven’t heard any of them say anything remotely negative about him in 18 months.

    For what it’s worth, I presumed his “who cares” comment meant, who would care what he, personally, thinks of Ibrox comings and goings. It can’t mean ‘who cares’ at all, because obviously a lot of people do and will, and have every right to.

    I’d also be concerned if he, personally, actually doesn’t care at all about the specific personnel at the disposal of our main domestic rival. It would be negligence in the extreme if that was the case. I personally didn’t care that much that he didn’t seem to care a week back on Saturday – but lots of other Celtic fans, and this blog in particular, seemed to care a lot.

    But, all of that is neither here nor there. If listened to in full, the only reasonable inference to be taken is that the Scottish media either swoon over Ange, or are actively terrified of him. I’ve not heard him asked a remotely difficult or even awkward question since around October of last year. Even after some of the poorer European displays: softball stuff, only. Which is fun to see and hear.

    • Bill says:

      Strange comment, not sure if you’re a Celtic fan but it’s not the deferential treatment it’s the stupidity of the questions that James is getting at here. He is continually asked ridiculous questions to the point that he sometimes is just short of telling the journos they are idiots.

      Like on the Rangers rebuild, why should he care? They’ve signed nobody yet so what’s he being asked to comment on? the guys who are leaving? Again who cares? His plans will not change one bit for the summer based off who they sign. His concern will be improving our team not comparing us to them.

      We are in junk time at the moment as he said and if Rangers closing the points gap when it doesn’t matter gives the Scottish media some sort of comfort that they can make Rangers favourites for next season great! Put the pressure on Beale and his collection of freebies ahead of next season.

      • Damian says:

        Yes. Celtic fan. Sit in section 438; have for many years. Come say hi on Saturday if you’d like.

        Of course it’s a stupid question. But do at least leave open the possibility that the woman who asked it is not necessarily so much more stupid than you or me or anyone else. It’s a deliberately stupid question. It was asked very clearly to get exactly the kind of reaction that it got, which was quickly churned out into “Ange says ‘who cares’ about Rangers” type headlines: click, click, click.

        Cue outrage from Rangers and Celtic fans alike, along the same respective lines, as always. Click, click, click.

        For the same reason, the Rangers manager has been asked about Celtic on a weekly basis. He’s an entirely different personality. He’s wildly less experienced, and he gives answers which can thereafter be subject to ridicule by the media itself. Sutton and Hartson can say he’s daft; Rae and McCoist can try to talk it back. Click, click, click.

        The thing about sport is that it isn’t ACTUALLY important. Its unimportance is what’s beautiful and fascinating about it. Sports media coverage is even less important. Most of it is awful and stenographic and sound bite-hungry.

        I listened to the whole press conference. All questions were asked with deference. Postecoglou has had uninterrupted praise from the Scottish sports media since not later than November 2021. That’s fine with me. Zero meaningful grievance to be had.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    @ Damian. The very fact that the media can hardly ask the guy a decent question, no matter what it is, without bringin the ibrox club intae it somewhere along the line. If you think that lot wouldnae jump at the opportunity tae get a rise, or negative reaction out of him ye must be sleepin and some of the questions that have been put tae him, time and again since he’s arrived, have been ridiculous, non relevant garbage. Have we read about the ibrox manager bein put under the same scrutiny Ange has at these press conferences, have we f**k ?! No that ah’ve read or heard. Speaks for itself. The manager himself knows whit tae expect and now he’s givin a bit back wi a dose of reality, which hurts these clowns even worse and it’s good tae see.

    • Damian says:

      Are you saying that the Ibrox manager is not asked questions about Celtic in all of his press conferences? Of course he is. And he rises to it, because he’s a tube.

      Honestly, listen to that press conference with a remotely open mind and there is no way you can come to the conclusion that they’re all out to get Ange.

      They absolutely love and/or are terrified of him. It’s so abundantly obvious (and wonderful too).

  • duncan white says:

    The Media are users for there benifit , its good to see someone who can see right threw them .Why should you be asked ? son your opposite number , its just trying to stir things up writing the words in there Enterpritation of whats said .

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