Ange’s Season Ticket Statement To Celtic Fans Is Not That Of A Man Going Anywhere.

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Yesterday, the club started the process of season ticket renewals, and now that we’re under way it’s clear that the preparations for the new campaign have begun. The email that was sent out links to the official club site, and on the page is an open letter to fans from the boss himself. He says nothing terribly remarkable, except for the tone of it.

The tone of it is of optimism and the theme is of all being in it together.

Those are not the words of a man who is going anywhere this summer, no matter what insanity reigns down in England over the next few months. There will be speculation – and plenty of it – and there are clearly several clubs down there looking to do summer appointments … but that man would not have put his name to any message of solidarity unless he meant it.

At the same time as the email went out, The Guardian had an article on him and not by their usual Scottish sports writer Ewan Murray, he of the “Ange’s job is easy cause he’s at Celtic” school of journalism, which reigns up here. This piece is respectful, and suggests that Ange is a trailblazer who could do a lot for managers from unfancied nations if he got an EPL job.

That’s all very good, and all very true, but in the eyes of a lot of people he’s done that already, and it’s not like this guy hasn’t been on the radar in England and elsewhere before now. If Celtic is a spotlight big enough to “get him noticed” then it’s big enough that he’s set that example and blazed that trail regardless of whether he goes there or not.

Still, the article shows the esteem in which Ange is now held south of the border and elsewhere and the writer is correct to say that he faced a lot of doubt and prejudice when he arrived in this country and has done superbly to overcome it. I appreciate the tenor of the piece without necessarily agreeing with the central thrust of it.

The big man has come to Scotland and done incredible things.

He has raised the profile of Asian football to the highest point it’s been in a long, long time and his football ideas are first rate and are set, I believe, to be widely copied here and beyond.

That man has already re-written the book on how coaches from that part of the world are perceived and whether he goes to England or not they will find it much easier to get jobs in Europe as a result of his efforts.

On top of that is just the man himself.

And the man himself is “all in” for next season, as the email we all got makes perfectly clear.

He is here for the next part of the journey, here for the next evolution of this team, here to make it three in a row … and perhaps take us over a certain other club’s alleged trophy haul.

There is plenty to play for … and that man is up for it and going nowhere.

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  • John L says:

    Hail Hail. Hi James, did you see the perfectly good goal that the CELTIC women scored last night. Robery on a scale that our club has suffered for years, I thought it worth a mention.

  • Johnno says:

    Never really bought into nonsense about Ange been linked with an ever increasing list of jobs becoming available within the EPL.
    The simple reason for such a bold statement is, I personally don’t believe he’s that interested in doing so.
    Not that he hasn’t the ability to do so, as he’s proved that he certainly has.
    It’s because mainly, I believe that working with the overpaided pampered footballer within the EPL wouldn’t be high upon the agenda of Ange.
    Also don’t believe money is the biggest motorvater for Ange doing the job he enjoys so much.
    Ange could never find a club like ours where the connection between himself and the support is so strong and no signs of that ever becoming broken either.
    Ange and celtic were made for each other especially when both share the same morals within life also.
    Believe Ange also takes great pride in working with the lesser known player and developing them within there career to potentially go further within the game, again won’t get a better opportunity elsewhere in doing so either.
    Still looks very happy and settled within the club and life within Scotland, and obviously his life outside of football means so much to him also.
    When you put together all the good points he has within our club, would it be madness for him to want to give that all up and getting himself caught up in the managerial circus within the EPL?
    Just don’t believe it’s really an option that interests Ange currently and hopefully won’t any time soon either, but like anything in football you never really know

    • Martin.H says:

      Ange ball would be suicide down south, would have to have a great back three.

  • Michael Clark says:

    It really is exciting times to be a Celtic supporter and I think there’s a lot more to come. This summer should be very interesting because if I’m not wrong I expect some eye opening signings by the man. Ange Postecoglou has his intentions totally focused on the Champions league I’m sure aiming to take Celtic further than the group stages. He’s already got this Celtic team Champions of Scotland for the foreseeable future. I think he’s looking to take Celtic to another level again.

  • Martin.H says:

    Who the f–k wants to manage in the epl, it’s toxic, Ange has a big job to do here.

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