A Lot Of Celtic Fans Think We’ll Get A Penalty This Weekend And I Understand Why.

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It’s been a long time since the Ibrox club gave away a penalty in the league. So long that it’s become an embarrassment even for the officials responsible for it. It is being highlighted in the media too now, in certain places anyway, and risking becoming a real talking point.

But above and beyond the coverage is the fact of it, and the shocking nature of some of the decisions which have kept that run going. Goldson at the weekend was just the latest of them, a shocker of a decision which everyone who watches it knows was a spot kick whether they want to admit that fact or not.

The last time this fact was being highlighted so prominently in the mainstream press it was about their domestic record overall. That was remedied when they conceded a penalty against Partick Thistle, a game in which they were so expected to win that they even allowed the opposition to run up the park and score a goal.

Their season is over. Their manager has pressed the Destruct button on the team. The writing is on the wall for half of their squad, so there’s literally nothing to play for except a bit of pride and even they know that doesn’t get you anything real.

A lot of Celtic fans think this is why we’ll get a penalty this weekend.

Because now it no longer matters. Now it’s just a thruway decision which won’t have any impact on the season and how it comes to an end. In short, it would be a tactical decision. It would arm their club by enabling another full season with no penalties, a season which stands to be massive for their club and in which they will need every advantage.

I accept the logic of that. I also think that to say there’s nothing at stake at the weekend is dead wrong though. The Mooch certainly cannot afford to lose this game. His credibility is already under question and genuine doubts about him are rampant in a support who sees him as having failed when the chips are down.

Remember, they are the same fans who are convinced that our team is not that great, that the gap is not that large. If that’s true, some of them wonder, why can’t this guy get results against us? That bothers them. That concerns them, and it should.

So I don’t know that the game has nothing at stake for them. It certainly has plenty at stake for him, as he is already increasingly under the gun. I don’t know that it has nothing at stake for his team either, as they are all fighting for their places.

Finally, there’s plenty at stake for the club itself. They need a glimmer of hope for the next campaign, and being humiliated on their own turf by Celtic would certainly not send them into the summer full of joy and confidence.

All this is to say that I think we’ll probably miss out on the penalty, although I wouldn’t put anything past this lot. But I do think they will concede one before this campaign ends, for much the same reason. The stats are now too widely known. The decisions they are getting are just too obvious and bordering on the ridiculous … so something has to give.

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  • mhiguel66 says:

    This won’t be the first when that occurs, worse yet, it won’t be the last. I said it here months back that this exact scenario could and probably would take place.

    When the refereeing issues are left unattended to by the sfa, they’re not worth even capital letters, this situation will continue ad nauseam…

    Scottish Fitba needs new regulatory leadership and it cannot be denied any longer.

    The sooner Ange cracks and says it the better for all concerned and get the badly needed changes started sooner rather than later.

    IF Celtic aren’t the instigators of these long overdue changes … THEN WHO?

    It will NOT happen of its own accord it has to be Celtic FC to get the ball rolling.


    ps.This is the right time to do this as we’ve won the league. C’mon Celtic get to it?

  • Martin says:

    No chance of a penalty against us! But I’d say it’s a decent bet for every game thereafter.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    I don’t know whether this is true or not, seemingly we didn’t,t concede a penalty in the league season 2014. If that,s the case then maybe we should stop harping on about this season. Yes it,s a bit unusual but another reason could be they are shite defensively, and Tav, Barrasic Goldson, and Davies don’t seem to ever make last-ditch tackles or interventions which would lessen the chances of conceding penalties. I,m being serious here I honestly don’t see a conspiracy against us I just see shite referees.

    • Eldraco says:

      Tav!!! Tav!! Think U nailed ur colours up mate

    • Stesano says:

      Ha ha Hun alert! Pathetic!! Incoming TREBLE! Clown shown get it round ye! tav?! Right then ! Off with you orc

  • Bob (original) says:

    In the event of a pink elephant flying over Ibrox – and us getting a penalty…

    Would it not be a brutal 2 fingers up to everything sevco / SFA,

    if our penalty taker just kicks the ball directly – and very deliberately – at the corner flag?

    Our team has proved repeatedly that it doesn’t need penalties to beat them.

    Our team is, hopefully, about to complete ANOTHER treble,

    despite collusion / cheating / corruption at Ibrox and Hampden, [allegedly].

    Go for the corner flag… 🙂

  • Tony B says:

    We need to get rid of the hun referees. Beaton is currently just the most obvious following the departure of Madden last year, who has now had a Damascene conversion to being a Buddy, just like errr Chic Young and Steven Thompson.

    Scottish football – Corrupt to the core and not getting any better.

  • Johnny Green says:

    A penalty would be very welcome no matter the circumstances. We need to beat the vermin no matter which way.

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