Maxwell’s VAR Comments Are An Insult To Every Watching Celtic Supporter.

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Earlier on, I wrote about Maxwell’s shocking comments about the Scottish Cup Final, his latest self-justifying rationale for why our national trophy has been devalued and debased.

But in the same interview, he also made some further daft remarks about VAR.

“”It’s definitely a work in progress, it was always going to be like that,” said Ian Maxwell.

But Ange has already blown this daft assertion out of the water. The technology is no different from that which is used everywhere, and it’s simple to do. So what is this “work in progress” guff he’s talking about?

“The technology has worked,” Maxwell said, “which is pleasing because you’re always worried when you implement something of this size and scale.”

He makes it sound as if we installed a nuclear reactor.

As Ange pointed out in his brutal takedown of this barmy idea, Australian football is considered a relative backwater and they have been using VAR as standard for an age now without half of this controversy.

He really thinks that it’s worked?

He has to be mad. Very few clubs are happy either with the technology or the way it’s been implemented. He knows that. He’s heard the complaints. He’s read the papers. He knows that this isn’t working.

But typically, he’s trying to keep the attention away from those who are responsible for the failure. The technology itself does work; that’s a fact. It’s those running the controls who leave a lot to be desired. It’s those behind the screens who are the problem.

“Along as there are referees in football, there is going to be contention about decisions,” he said, and that’s the biggest insult of them all.

We know this. This isn’t a secret.

But Scottish football has issues no other country has, and lax regulations which other countries would regard as mad. This guy refuses to confront the real problems; Hell, you can tell from this interview that he’s not even convinced that there is a problem to confront.

He either really thinks this is alright, or at least that he’s smart enough to convince us that it is.

It’s a dire interview either way.

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  • Johnno says:

    To be honest James I believe that in general that we have to open it far wider than just containing the ridiculous decision making on show, just to ourselves along with the scum.
    The issue is far bigger as it’s impacting everyone within the SPFL by the sounds of things.
    Guilty myself of taking no notice of what is going on outside of ourselves, which I can see, and well aware of what the scum get away with as it’s reported well enough upon.
    Yet it still leaves the useless officials getting away with ridiculous decision making elsewhere.
    Start to highlight these more so and better judgement making can be made about just how dire they remain, and the names involved need to be highlighted more so.
    If cheating officials can produce less ridiculous decisions outside of ourselves and the scum then questions have to be asked as to why they remain so bad if involved in games involving either of us?
    Same applies as if they are so bad elsewhere then why are they being used in games involving ourselves or the scum?
    And if they are shite across the board then why are they being used whatsoever?
    Wouldn’t be a huge fan of stats within the game itself, but would be very interested to see just how bad the stats were upon the cheating officials and there ridiculous decision making and the VAR operator has to be included also within the figures good and bad equally imo.

  • Michael Clark says:

    VAR is only as good as the people operating it, and in our case its the SFA. That’s the reason why it will never get run correctly here. If you consider the NFL have had their own version of it and at any given time during a play, 15 scenarios could occur yet they knock it out in seconds. We have four, goal, no goal, off sides and foul and we’re struggling

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