Carter Vickers Will Be Back For Celtic Soon Enough. In The Meantime We’ll Have A Plan.

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The news yesterday that Cameron Carter Vickers will require three or four months before we see him near the first team was, I presume, supposed to be a giant shock. It wasn’t.

Anyone who knows anything about knee operations would have known that it was going to be something like that. The club would have known it was going to be something like that.

Obviously, we want him back as soon as possible, but the media is trying to rattle us here and we should not become rattled.

There are two upsides to this.

The first is that there will almost certainly be a central defensive signing in the summer, and probably a very good one, although we’ve got decent options there. The second is that there is virtually no chance of Carter Vickers being the target of a summer move.

That will prevent some of the crazier rumours.

My supporters bus guys have just taken our votes for Player of the Year, and Cameron Carter Vickers looks as if he has come out on top. Our nomination will go to the Association along with all the other buses.

He deserves our nod.

Too often it is the strikers and the attacking players who get the awards and I think he’s going to end up in the final three.

We will miss him if he’s not there for the start of pre-season, but we do have plenty of time.

The big guy stands a good chance, and even if he’s not there for the kick-off I suspect he’ll not be out for much longer than that. Our sports science people are getting very good and he’s a big strong lad who loves being out on the pitch.

As I said at the weekend, there’s an argument for saying that he’s the manager’s most significant signing. His impact on the team has been momentous. We paid big money for him, but he has been worth every single penny of it.

Get well soon, and be back in the team quickly big guy.

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  • Martin says:

    We have Kobayashi and Starfelt. We’ll cope. Might even get a tune out of some of our homegrown people and they might surprise us. If it’s a stopgap til CCV is back I don’t actually think we will buy someone else. It doesn’t make sense in a uefa squad sense unless we’re buying a guaranteed starter.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We need a top class centre half for our European campaign anyway as Starfelt is not good enough, he is too prone to making basic mistakes, he should be kept as cover only for a better player. Perhaps Kobayashi will be good enough and hopefully we will find that out in our remaining games. I hope CCV is a quick healer and if he can be back for Aug/Sept and I’m sure we can bridge that gap with what we have got, providing Kobayashi is the answer. If not then we need to go out and get an upgrade on Starfelt.

    • Martin says:

      Realistically if we’re looking to upgrade on Starfelt we’re going to have to accept that this ends with us selling him. We don’t have the uefa squad places for 2 or 3 non playing non homegrown CBs.

      • Johnny Green says:

        If we can recoup the money we paid for Starfelt, or somewhere close to it, then i would sell him in a minute, but I doubt if it will be that simple.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Definitely need tae strengthen our central defence for Europe. When CCV hasnae been there in the odd occasion, we can see how vulnerable our defence is and that’s just in the SPL. Tbh, although ah think our mid and attack’ll be far too much for them on the day, with Starfelt and Kobayashi as our CD’s in the final (and they should be able tae deal with it), it prob increases Inverness’ chances of gettin on the scoresheet. Might seem harsh, tho just ma opinion. Obviously hope ahm wrang.

  • Jack says:

    CCV and Starfelt were both out injured the day we lost to St Mirren. I think we had Welsh and Jenz in central defence that day. There’s a very good possibility both of the goals we lost that day would have been stopped if we had CCV and Starfelt in the team. Both of these guys have played a major part in our success this season for sure.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Aye both have played their part, true. Tho Carl has a good bit tae go, before he earns the confidence that the bulk of our support has in CCV.

  • Johnno says:

    No real surprise with the news about CCV as the semi was always going to be potentially his last game of the season, and what a game to finish up on.
    Got no concurns either about starfelt and yuki been able to see out the treble either, and a fantastic opportunity for yuki also.
    What could the future for our defensive be with CL in mind?
    Still wouldn’t surprise me if Ange was to potentially change to a 343 with the ever increasing popularity 3CB option.
    We already have the players in place for it to become a potential possibility in the future.
    Like always it will be interesting to see what Ange has in mind for next season and there still remains a few that needs to start stepping up before this season finishes yet, to see if they really are in the reckoning for next season imo

  • SSMPM says:

    A bit of balance and happiness wouldn’t be a bad thing here. Our defence played really well at the weekend, not just CCV though he was outstanding. I’ve been critical of Carl in the past too but where’s the positive reflection of the man. It’s easy to be moaning minnies but to a man our defence, Big Joe and Taylor included, helped to a greater degree to win us the match, not just Johnston and CCV. Also nice to see Tony Ralston back again, just like Johnston he’s a bustling no nonsense defender and we are spoiled in that position.
    Spouting on about our attack and mid with a completely different approach doesn’t really reflect that they allowed considerable pressure to be put on our defence and little on theirs. Some have been posted missing over the recent past. That energy and drive from early in the season has been missing in those areas for a long time, not just a couple of weeks, Mooy and O’Riley I hope are coming out of a lull that yes has been good enough to provide wins over SPL teams. We’ve missed Hatate and need a similar, liking Haksa isn’t enough. Admittedly there’s more progress and match development to be made with them as with Iwata. Kobay and Oh. Oh?
    The best defence in the country reflects well on all of them but with the odd quality additions for rotations over the number of competitive games not necessarily replacements. Let’s celebrate the result of their efforts. After all we have an awful lot to enjoy, it’s been a long hard season on all of them but we are the Champions. Happy daze. Champions HH

  • SSMPM says:

    @Johnno, 3-4-3 with the current squad, if we can keep them, is increasingly looking like the way forward particularly if Kobay fulfils his potential and it will indeed be interesting to see if Ange thinks so too. HH

  • Paul Mac says:

    For now it opens up the opportunity for Starfeldt to play on his natural position and Kobayashi to get a run of games until the end. After the next 2 matches and given that we have secured the title, I would rest Starfeldt until the end of the season and play either Welsh or Lawal together with the aforementioned Kobayashi.

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