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Celtic And Adidas Have Come To A Great Decision On The Women’s Title Decider.

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Celtic Women will take on Hearts at Parkhead on Sunday, as the club moves to give the team the best possible support it can in the final weekend of the campaign, with the title up for grabs.

This was always the best possible course of action, and the club has taken it with the support of our partners at Adidas, who have agreed to sponsor the game.

This is excellent. It’s what you team up with a top organisation like Adidas for.

These guys are giving something back to the game here; a far cry from doing up an old school uniform, slapping a fancy log on it and charging fans a fortune for “branded gear.”

The women’s team has had an outstanding season, and it was crucial that with the Ibrox club moving their game to their ground that we did the same. They need a win against Glasgow City to secure the title for themselves … a tall order, by the way, but one which is further complicated by the fact that we only need to better any win they have by a goal and we’re champions instead.

That’s why moving the game was so damned important.

Celtic fans can get into the match with their season tickets via the same online process which produced the 10,000 attendance which this time we hope to better.

I wrote of my minor concerns with how that process works, and argued it could have been simplified just by letting you turn up with your season ticket on the day … still, I understand why they did it and I understand why they’ve repeated the process here. It’s far better than the original plan, which was to play the match at the Excelsior and charge folks £8 a head.

The club has listened to the pleas of the fans, and they’ve done the right thing.

The women will now have the full-throated support of the Celtic Family, and if you can get along to the game then you absolutely should. It’s another title day in Glasgow … and we have a great chance to win it.

Well done, Celtic, on making the correct call, and the same to our partners at Adidas who have made the change in venue possible.

Brilliant stuff, and now let’s get this title won!

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