Celtic Fans Haven’t Compared Kyogo To Larsson. Where Did This Stupid Story Come From?

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Charlie Nicholas is in the news today mewling about some Celtic fan debate over whether Kyogo is as good as Larsson. Remember the days when this guy used to tell you that he was plugged in over here? That he knew the club and the support?

We’ve always known it’s nonsense. The man hasn’t a clue.

This so-called “debate” is a figment of someone’s imagination and wherever he’s picked this boloney up from it sure as Hell isn’t any Celtic supporter.

Oddly, it’s not just Nicholas who believes it’s taking place; I’ve seen this from other hacks. But it certainly isn’t a fact.

Celtic fans have debated whether or not Kyogo is the best striker since Larsson; debating whether he’s as good is not the same thing, and I don’t think there’s a single person anywhere who would claim that.

Larsson is the finest Celtic player I’ve seen.

As strikers go he is almost without peer at the club; 242 goals making him the third highest scorer in our history.

So who in God’s name is having this discussion?

Where the bloody Hell has this nonsensical story emerged from?

If Nicholas thinks Celtic fans are actually having such a debate then this goes to show, to prove conclusively, how far from the fold he actually is.

In my view, Kyogo is the best striker we’ve had since the King of Kings, but I’m willing to hear alternative theories and there are a few strikers – including Dembele and Edouard – who have a good claim to challenge the Japanese Bhoy.

This is definitely the subject of much discussion and if Nicholas knew even a fraction of what he thinks he does he might even be vaguely aware of that.

But he’s miles off it which is doubtless why he found this so easy to believe.

I do wonder where in Hell this has emerged from though.

Doubtless some hack who similarly thinks he’s plugged in … but it’s crazy.

Is Kyogo The Best Celtic Striker Since The King Of Kings?





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  • Stevie says:

    Kyogo has the potential to be the best since Larsson but it’s too early in his Celtic career to say. The biggest stage of all is the Champions League and that’s where he has to prove it. Dembele and Hooper scored goals at that level. Samaras and Édouard also had the potential but we’re too inconsistent

  • Meat Heid says:

    Brilliant James! Bravo!

    Let me lick your boots, sir! You marvel of a man you!

    • James Forrest says:

      Piss off idiot. The rest of the posters are gonna get tired of this right quick.

      And to be honest, so am I.

      • Meat Heid says:

        James I have been following you for years.

        Literally. Following you. Stalking you.

        I have pictures of you. Actual pictures. You are such a majestic man, such a brilliant intellect, so handsome and strong.

        And yes, I do believe in some stupid stuff, and I understand why you are not interested in debating me.

        I freely admit it. I am mentally ill. I am a tragic waste of life. I am a man without a single thing in my life to cling to, and so I come here.

        And I cling to you.

        I know I should stop. I know it only makes me look ridiculous and each one of these messages takes another little chunk out of my soul and my self-respect.

        But I cannot help it. This is what I have instead of a life.

        • Johnno says:

          Maybe time to take the rest of the day off from being a tedious prick at the moment.
          Just some free advice

          • king murdy says:

            wasn’t there a hun on here,,,? “ted”….a completely annoying tit…he eventually got tired of it… sure this git will too….we just need to ignore him….

  • Johnno says:

    It still seems normal enough for some to make comparisons between past and present players.
    Never really bought into it myself as far too many factors in the ever changing game has to be taken into consideration, hence making comparisons a nonsense imo.
    Always value players upon what they actually bought to the club in there time here, so in that regards Larsson remains unrivalled in the stricker department during my lifetime and hardly likely to be bettered either.
    Older generations may differ with actually seeing the lions, wasn’t so fortunate myself.
    The biggest advantage Larsson holds over kyogo will always be his heading ability, so kyogo couldn’t be classed as an all round stricker and not used either as been able to hold play up to get support around him either.
    Could well be an area that Ange may well want to improve upon for next season CL campaign with kyogo potentially having more influence from the bench when a game becomes more open and stretched.
    Still don’t believe OH is actually ready for CL next season still imo and more game time within the SPFL would be a better option.
    To have some of the extra qualities that Larsson had kyogo hasn’t got, and would be well out of our price range to ever find again in today’s market, so maybe we are still looking for 2 to be able to do the job that 1 king of kings was able to provide

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    I don’t really think we can compare these two strikers,both have wonderful attributes Henrik was equally good with his ability to bring others into the game,he was great in the air and composed in and around the box
    Kyogo is extremely sharp and intelligent I and around the box,but unfortunately lacks body strength to hold off defenders but uses his speed to his advantage,I feel very proud to have seen both play for Celtic

  • Michael Clark says:

    Henrik Larsson is a very difficult act to follow for anyone anywhere. Right now Kyogo Furuhashi is Celtics main striker and what a great job he’s doing for us. We’re trying to make comparisons with past strikers and everyone has their own views on this Dembele and Edouard scored a lot of goals for Celtic and Furuhashi is doing likewise. But none of them are in the same league as Henrik Larsson. He’s possibly Celtics greatest player of all time, I certainly wouldn’t argue that point

  • Fan says:

    Ask me again in 7 years time…

  • JimBhoy says:

    Well tbh it is a compliment to Kyogo, Ange and the club….

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