Celtic Must Push The Boat Out For The Women’s Team Starting With Moving The Venue.

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When plans were being laid for the women’s final game of the campaign, due to be played in Airdrie, two things would not have been generally known.

The first was that Celtic would be competing for the title in the final match, and the second was that our rivals, seeing the success of our recent game at Celtic Park, would want to one-up that.

They’re playing their last game at Ibrox. They are giving their women every advantage possible. They are charging a quid, because it’s the Ibrox club and they have to turn income no matter what.

We’re actually charging more; £8 a head to go to that final match.

But we do have a chance here to win the title and I think we should consider ourselves slight favourites to do it. If the Glasgow City ladies win at Ibrox then they’ve taken the crown and that’s fair play to them.

Any other result will leave us an opening.

The club cannot allow the Ibrox club to pull their little stunt when we can do something much better. We have an opportunity here which can’t be passed up. It would be like Celtic to miss this trick.

But it seems readily apparent the game should be moved to Celtic Park, and season ticket holders should be able to get in for free simply by turning up on the day.

The police can raise 99 kinds of OMG over the prospect of both stadiums hosting games on the same day, but let’s be honest, this shouldn’t tax them that much.

Neither will be a full house, not with the best will in the world, and the atmosphere, certainly at Celtic, will be celebratory whatever the outcome. If others want to indulge in supremacist hate let them.

If we’re saying that two women’s matches represent some kind of unacceptable level of risk, then Scottish football is a fully-fledged banana republic and we’re in trouble and probably not worth the bother of saving. Time we all grew up a bit.

With another record-busting attendance we can give the women the best chance to get the job done. I don’t know why we wouldn’t do it. I don’t know why the game hasn’t been moved already, to be quite honest with you, because every single one of us should get a chance to attend and cheer the women on if we’re able.

This club has been brilliant at promoting the women’s team and the women’s game in general, and deep down everyone inside Celtic surely knows what the right thing to do here is. Fran Alonso and the team deserve it.

What a day it would be if a record crowd at home could see our women win what I’m certain will be the first of many titles.

Come on Celtic, step up and do what needs to be done.

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  • William Melvin says:

    Great idea.
    I was going to go to the game against Glasgow City last week but because the powers that be at Celtic Park (as per usual) made it as difficult as possible for our supporters to attend by insisting on season ticket holders printing at home their tickets for the match l was unable to do so.
    *Note to the Celtic SLO……..Not everyone has a printer/access to a printer so perhaps just allow STH’s to turn up on the night, show their season book and pick an empty seat of their choice.
    It will probably add 40-50% on the crowd and will also earn a bit of goodwill from many disgruntled Hoops fans.
    End of rant.
    Come on you Ghirls in Green,you can do it !!

  • DixieD says:

    I admit i haven’t been a follower of womans football, and if im honest was one of its detractors over the years. However I tuned into the game against Glasgow City and ended up watching it all (even tho there was a CL game on the other channel) The atmosphere from the 10k strong crowd, the woman winning from a losing position, and because i just want anything related to Celtic to succeed made it an excellent watch. Celtic must move this game to CP and show that they take the womans team seriously and want to give them every advantage they possibly can to take the title!! As a footnote I have to say that the support from the GB at the Glasgow City game was incredible, however given the large number of younger supporters who were in attendance, i was disappointed that they still felt th need to sing IRA songs. For me that was the only low point of an otherwise thoroughly entertaining spectacle.

  • Johnno says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I have never realised that celtic have been running a women’s team since 2007 with taking zero interest within the game.
    I did however watch the cup final last season and was actually impressed with the standard on show in a great victory.
    Also tuned in the other night and with the amount of supporters in attendance made for great viewing.
    The women’s game in general has been growing and rightly so, and occasions that are on offer on Sunday have got the chance to promote the women’s game in general, like an opportunity never handed to them before now.
    Any other decision taken in not allowing for the game to be played at Celtic Park, can only be viewed as possibly the biggest form of sexual discrimination that I can recall in this day and age.
    Celtic woman’s team win the actual match it’s a cause for celebration no matter what the other result throws up, as CL qualification will be guaranteed.
    As a huge football fan across the board, the game actually clashes currently with a man city vs Chelsea game on sky with city possibly claiming the EPL crown, yet I would have far more interest in the Celtic woman’s game on at the same time.
    With that in mind, I believe there could well be plenty going on behind the scenes and maybe with the involvement of sky the occasion on offer can go towards promotion of the women’s game in the right manner.
    Glasgow as a city has been offered the biggest available opportunity on show to promote the woman game, with 3 teams involved, and can go a long way to breaking down the barriers that exists within the men’s game.
    Also with such an occasion potentially on show then hopefully the right decisions can be made, then it becomes the responsibility of the supporters to mark the occasion in the right mannor also, especially to show respect towards the woman’s game instead of turning such a wonderful occasion on offer into a bigot hate fest.
    Hopefully the right decisions can be made, and the occasion on offer can be treated as a celebration in so many ways even if disappointment is also going to be involved also, so in general can women really be shown such respect that all involved deserve?

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