Celtic Should Get An Ibrox Guard Of Honour But They Are Too Bitter To Grant One.

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Now that the title has been secured, the debate moves on to the Guard Of Honour.

That we should get one is without question.

It is also an historical fact that both their club and ours have refused to give one before. Their failure to give us one when we clinched eight in a row saw us refuse them one two years later.

Two years from that, what will happen?

I think we all know what will happen.

Their club doesn’t have a shred of class.

The idea that they would do this for us, especially on a day when there will be no Celtic fans in the ground and thus would generate immense fury from their own supporters, is for the birds.

Their club fears its own fans and panders to them. And its directors? Don’t even get me started on the We Are The Peepul brigade who have their hands on the controls over there. The idea is ridiculous.

Yet it shouldn’t be.

These things should be a matter of course. They would help to leech some of the poison out of a fixture that has way too much of it.

Had they given us a guard of honour for eight in a row, why wouldn’t we have been cool with giving them one in return?

At some point you either break the cycle of hate or you keep on perpetuating it.

This is their chance to mend some fences.

Not that they’ll take it.

Someone asked me recently if it should be a right.

I don’t think so.

Because then it is something forced on clubs, and if it’s forced then it loses all its meaning. The beauty of the guard of honour is that is given by an opponent as a mark of respect. If the respect does not exist, then what would be the point?

Does the respect exist in this case?

Absolutely not, and I would rather not have The Mooch mouth phony platitudes as he did at the weekend and applaud our team grudgingly. Save it for the media and your own gullible fans.

Don’t try to get your nonsense past people who know better.

This team deserves the highest credit and the utmost praise.

But we’re getting it from neutrals all over the world, and plenty of it here at home.

At other clubs, Ange commands that respect and even a lot of affection because he is generous with praise and fair minded. That reflects well on our club too and I believe any other side in the league would give us the guard of honour without a second thought.

And that matters more than what would, in many ways, be a self-serving gesture from the Ibrox club.

We do deserve it, but I’d rather not get it if the media is steered to praise them for it rather than us for the brilliance which earned it.

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  • Garry Cowan says:

    Absolutely no chance that’s happening they just don’t have the sportsmanship

  • Tony says:

    the plus point is that the fools will be playing their simply the best anthem as the teams come out, Celtic players should start singing along…

  • Stewart says:

    They’ll no dae it in a million yrs,,, but wot I’m waiting to see is if the the press lackeys push bealybaws the same way they pushed at lennon to give one,,,

  • S Thomas says:

    Absolute no chance of that happening.. we would never do that for them either. This is stuff that is not in the real world. Both clubs despise each other, there is not a chance in hell either would do a guard of honour. We are the champions that’s all that matters.. we don’t need any guard of honour from anybody.

  • Johnny Green says:

    They have no honour, they couldn’t even bear to watch us collecting out League Cup winners medals. We don’t need any false plaudits from they disrespectful fuckers. All we need is a victory to rub it right into the horrible huns.

  • John Copeland says:

    The Ibrox hierarchy cannot guarantee the safety of commentator Chris Sutton doing his job when at the Govan stadium ! Not to mention a Celtic Physio being hit by a glass object on the head and broken glass thrown onto the grass inside the Celtic box which nobody saw happening . There will be so much hatred in the air come Saturday ,I wouldn’t be too fussed without a guard of honour …

  • Martin.H says:

    Have our own guard of honour at ibrox, use our subs and backroom staff, now that would really piss them off.

  • Geoff says:

    Not sure why anyone is bothered!
    March out as champions and silence 50 thousand.

  • Johnno says:

    Nonsense for it to be even discussed as you pointed out respect has to be put in place, and as I would never show any respect towards such scum, I wouldn’t be wanting any in return either.
    As for the game itself, I hope Ange uses the opportunity available to start with so many fringe players who have been lacking game time.
    We have nothing to prove against the scum and not into breaking existing records either, especially when a character building excise is so readily available to us still.
    Still a few players need to show there worth for ourselves next season still and a fantastic opportunity available to show that in a game where the result doesn’t matter, but proving yourself within this celtic team does and been able to deliver a result to really kick-start your celtic career could become key for there future still.
    Far more important than a fake guard of honour would ever bring about I would say.

  • Jimmy R says:

    The club with standards. Aye Right!

  • Magua says:

    All that matters is that the Celts are champions again.

    Hail Hail.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Out team should take to the Ibrox pitch,

    wearing either blue or orange football boots.

    Then we hump them on their own pitch.

    Ibrox and its support would then instantly self-implode!


  • Michael Doran says:

    James Forest.
    I see your wee pal, Ewan Murray, doing a match report on Celtic’s title-winning game yesterday.
    It’s surprisingly complimentary to us, so much so I had to read it again! I remember you having a go at him a while back. Any change in that opinion?

    • James Forrest says:

      He’s a bit like Tom English mate; when he’s not trying to be controversial for its own sake – he had a go at our fans in it for no reason at all – he’s a fine writer. He wouldn’t be at The Guardian if he couldn’t write. That’s what annoys me about these two in particular. They are very capable of doing a fine job. Sometimes they choose the low road instead. I read the piece, and totally agree it gives us our due credit. English’s too was excellent.

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