Celtic Will Not Suffer Any “Transfer Blow” No Matter Where Kieran Tierney Ends Up.

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You have to credit our media for their exhaustive efforts to generate stories where none exist.

Today Glasgow World – a truly abysmal website regurgitating nonsense from other websites – has a piece up on how Celtic are “set to suffer a transfer blow” because Manchester City are considering a player exchange deal for Kieran Tierney rather than paying cash.

Honestly, it’s tiresome having to respond to this kind of dreck and nonsense.

Celtic produced Kieran Tierney ourselves. Every penny of the transfer fee went into our club coffers, it’s not even like what we got was a return on an investment. It netted us in excess of £20 million.

Nobody at Celtic will consider it a “blow” if there isn’t more money coming our way.

Besides, the story in question has the quintessential more holes than Swiss Cheese. They are talking about something Manchester City might and might not do, and then at the end of the piece is an admission that if he does leave Arsenal his most likely destination is still Newcastle United, which would give us a sell-on clause windfall after all.

This is just the usual clickbait garbage from a media outlet which is nothing but The Daily Record’s ugly kid brother.

Would it be nice to get a nice fat bonus from a sell on clause?

Sure it would, but when you consider that we only get a percentage of any profit he’d need to go for £50 million before we’d see a halfway decent sum … Arsenal would apparently take £30 million, which would be such a modest sum that Celtic wouldn’t even notice it going into the bank unless someone sent them a notification first.

In short, nobody at Celtic is depending on the money or will be rendering their garments if they don’t get it.

Kieran was a great Celtic servant and he’s done brilliantly at Arsenal, winning an FA Cup there and being part of a squad which has come devilishly close this season to winning the title.

Wherever he goes and whatever he does next, Celtic fans will be rooting for him whether we get another big chunk of change or not.

Honestly, this type of stuff is pathetic, but as long as they do I’m going to keep on highlighting how ridiculous it all is.

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