Celtic Women Take Another Huge Step Towards European Football … And Maybe A Title.

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On another fine afternoon for the women’s team, they secured a 2-1 victory over Hibs with goals from Kit Loferski – who was tremendous and won the player of the match award – and a headed goal from a Jacynta free kick.

The result puts us top. Temporarily.

The Ibrox women have just kicked off against Hearts, but the really important one comes later when Glasgow City take on Partick. They are expected to win comfortably, and that would move them back to the summit.

From there, we’d go into the final round of games.

With a plus 103 goal difference to Glasgow City’s plus 92 you would think that we’d be in good shape if they dropped anything at all. If we win against Hearts and they even draw against the Ibrox side we’re champions.

The match was live on Alba which was just about bearable.

But a glance at the BBC text commentary would have made you think that Hibs had the better of it. In fact, for those of us who watched it we know that Celtic treated much of the second half like a training exercise, and if Hibs had a late chance to grab a goal, really, so what?

Maybe Hibs would have gotten some “bragging rights.”

They seem to be all the rage at the moment, especially for clubs with no chance of silverware.

This women’s team has, like their male counterparts, had an exceptional season.

They deserve to cap it with a title. It’s not in our hands, but we’ve done the important thing today; we’ve gotten the win and we’ve put the pressure on Glasgow City and dared them to respond.

We’ll see later on what they come up with as an answer.

Either way, we’ve done we needed … it’s going to the wire, to the final game.

Typos happen, and today’s was a big one in putting the score at 2-0 rather than 2-1. Thanks as ever for those who drew attention to it. Got a lot on my plate today, so I rely on folks like you keeping an eye on that stuff for me. 

In addition; a reminder. I am also manually approving every single comment on this site right now, because certain people cannot behave responsibly or debate issues without resorting to personal abuse. There are also a small number of halfwits and sad cases who continually bombard the comments section knowing full well that nothing they send is ever going to see the light of day. I expect that we’ll be doing it this way for a while, so I can only ask that you bear with me whilst I try to sort out a better solution.

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  • Johnno says:

    Brilliant from the women and in such a strong position now to gain CL football for themselves now, and actually winning the title would be the added bonus.
    Still hope the blue witches fall short in following suit of there men’s team in delivering fuck all, and even better if they actually help ourselves to be crowned champions, another great day awaits

  • Fred Barman says:

    “Man of the match award” ???

  • James Forrest says:

    Haha! Tempting as that is, I don’t have time for it!

    I just wanna get the comments section to the right place just now, without any rancour. We’re all Celtic fans and we should be able to treat each other with civility even when we disagree.

  • Adam Thomson says:

    according to BBC and flashcard the angers are top.

    • James Forrest says:

      Yeah … it’s gonna be close. You know what the BBC just put up?

      This’ll make you laugh.

      “It’s tighter than tight. You can see why Rangers were desperate to score as many goals as possible.

      Rangers, Celtic and Glasgow City are all tied on 78 points.

      Rangers have a goal difference of 103. Celtic have a goal difference of 102. Glasgow City have a goal difference of 92.

      The title, right now, belongs to Rangers.”

      It BELONGS to “Rangers” right now? You’d never think there were still games left to play.

      You could not make this shit up.

  • Robert Barnsley says:

    It would be good to have the hearts game at Celtic Park and try and get a decent crowd again. I know the groundskeeper might not agree with that with the mens team playing the day before but after Rangers winning 6-0 today, it would be good to have a crowd encouraging the women onto more goals incase Rangers beat Glasgow city.

  • Peter Allison says:

    Keep up the Great work. Really appreciate it ?. HH from Belfast ????

  • Young Cronkite says:

    Never been to a women’s football match.l would love the chance to attend a league decider at Celtic Park. I would bet the attendance would be in the tens of thousands.Come on you girls in Green.

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