Celtic Women Were Up Against A Stinking Media Narrative Rooting For Ibrox.

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The least surprising thing about today’s women’s league decider was the BBC coverage being almost entirely focussed on how the Ibrox club could win the title. It was relentless, as it’s been relentless all week long.

The assumption that this was in their hands and that they had “one hand on the trophy” was nearly universal.

I actually thought we were slight favourites.

The BBC is a disgrace. From their assertion, last week, that “the title belongs to Rangers” when there was still a series of matches to play, did not let up for the whole time between then and the full time whistle today.

It is God’s little joke that their favourites finished third and were denied a place in the Champions League because I think they probably had their party hats ready.

Had their last minute equaliser stood, we would not have gotten the credit we deserve; far from it.

We’d have had to endure instead the notion that they had “handed us” the title rather than we’d won it. We’d all have taken that outcome … but it would have been grim having to swallow that line of bullshit when they were pushing it like a drug.

But as much as today is the story about what we did right, it’s also the story of what they did wrong and that’s not going to be part of the conversation.

The simple fact of it is that Fran and the women knew what they had to do today and they did their part. It was the Ibrox club which lamentably failed to defend its title, at home, in a match they needed to win.

With Celtic getting the result, no other outcome was going to be of any use to them and they bottled it.

The Celtic women’s team made us proud today because they got their own business done.

We went into the weekend knowing that our destiny didn’t ultimately rest in our own hands, but we gave ourselves the best possible chance to do it … the media will spend the next week writing our hard luck story.

That will stop Ibrox getting the scrutiny it deserves.

They’ve gone from first to third.

It won’t amaze you to know that for a lot of their supporters that’s a perfectly acceptable outcome tonight; they were gleeful over having their own goal disallowed. They were almost glad that Glasgow City won the title; they would evidently have preferred that to their own club finishing second to us.

We were well up against it today, and much of the watching world did not want us to get there.

It’s all the more reason to be proud that we took it not only to the last day but to the very last minute of the last day, and to have it snatched away is brutal and torturous and it’s a horrible way to grow and learn, but the motivation this will provide for next time … that will make the difference.

This team will win our club’s title. That much we can say for sure.

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  • Stesano says:

    The ref that cheated yes cheated! Celtic ghirls out of a perfectly good goal 2 weeks ago against the poison won Glasgow that league today. If you saw it he almost acted as if they were using var! And waited minutes to chalk it off!! Another point Celtic again showed how much our fanbase truly cares by doubling and more what ” snake mountain ” had tho this something we have always done from testimonials down south, tho oldco were banned after every game they ever attended down there for their poisonous perma rage , sectarian racist anti social perma rage and destruction all factual check it out Oh and we also care enough to save our club!! And raised more money than any fanbase had ever done through our share issue! In comparison in an age of internet banking the poison went ” ahhh f&&k it” and let oldco die! Which was nice!

  • Shiltrum says:

    Hi James I always remember the words ” Anyone but Celtic” (Paul Larkin) well today was a reminder of those words. I have no truck with Glasgow City they are a great team and deserve their Victory today so a big well done to them . I have watched some women’s football this year and found it to be very entertaining especially this Celtic Ladies team they have good players your time will come ghirls of that there is no doubt.
    After the game I thought that I would have a look at what the reaction was on other sevco sites and just like you say James it is there in spades the gloating the sheer delight that Celtic did not Win the League . As for their Ladies team they got nothing, Nothing no effort to reach for the Champions League OR EVEN win the game and the League.

    • John Copeland says:

      I think the moral of the story is , from now on ,don’t hope for other teams’ results to win you the title ! Don’t rely on other clubs and clumpany’s for victory . Continual winning of games means nothing else is relevant .

  • James Fullerton says:

    Look it took 92 minutes or whatever for Glasgow City to win the women’s league,we Celtic done all we could to win it for the first time,it’s football,but I think your comments are well of course.

  • James Lynas says:

    The ghirls should be proud of themselves,we’re now in the champions league?????????

  • Peterbrady says:

    If it was any coach of any football team on the planet win a home game but fake club/team lose no doubt dinosaurs Thompson and his thug bigot assistant will be lauded in bigot media instead of sacked it’s the sevco scum mentality.

  • John Smith says:

    The only team with one hand on the trophy before kick off was Glasgow City and now they have both hands on it. They were the only ones that got enough points over the season to still have their destiny entirely in their own hands.
    They finished the season with 2 points more than Celtic. They deserved the trophy not Celtic nor Rangers.

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