Celtic Women’s Star The Latest To Slam The Culture Of “Honest Mistakes.”

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Last night our women’s team suffered a major reversal in their quest to win the league title when they lost 1-0 to the Ibrox club at Airdrie. The performance was slightly underwhelming, but our girls have had an excellent season so far and the important thing for them at the moment is not to let their heads go down and to keep on believing.

They have the talent for this. You can tell. These girls will be multiple title and trophy winners, there is no doubt about it. Every level of our club is performing exceptionally well right now, as the youth team proved the other night. The ladies are no exception.

I thought some of the decisions in the youth game were pretty ridiculous, especially from the linesmen. But the decision, last night, to disallow a goal from Caitlin Hayes, was astonishing. The ref blew for a foul, which existed only in his own imagination. In the aftermath, she and other members of the team were obviously furious.

But it was Caitlin’s comments after the match which are drawing the most attention, and will ultimately draw the most heat in the end. She slammed the officiating at the game, and made it clear that the culture of Honest Mistakes is recognised by all at the club, and feared and dreaded by more than just the senior men’s team.

“I’ll keep it simple. I don’t think it’s a free-kick,” she said last night on Sky Sports. “But sometimes you’ve got to play the opposition and the refs in this league. I’ve seen it back and I don’t know where the free-kick is coming from but he clearly had other ideas and that’s why he disallowed the goal. There was no explanation, as usual with Scottish referees … it’s so tight at the top in terms of fine margins. Hopefully that one doesn’t came back to bite us.”

Those comments are bound to get her into trouble. It’s only at Ibrox that folk are allowed to say stuff like that without recriminations or sanctions following, but I would think what she’s saying is reflected in the thinking of everyone at Celtic Park.

What a dire statement on our game that is.

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  • Geoff says:

    Goal should have stood but they had 99% possession after they scored and what can only be described as an aversion to taking a shot at goal.
    Continually trying to make that extra pass in the box.
    Far superior skills than the opposition but if you don’t buy a ticket you can’t win the lottery.
    Lesson surely learned for the cup final.

  • John Copeland says:

    That one was for ‘brother Bobby ‘who announced his retirement from the game yesterday ! It’s always nice to go out with a win ,isn’t it ? Brothers in arms ….

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Caught a bit of that and OF COURSE, leanne crichton commentatin, agreein with and makin excuses for the ref’s decision. She was the same in the game wee Fran was nutted. Clearly ragin and tryin tae find fault with the Celtic winnin goal. Biased rotten.

  • John S says:

    Endemic bias throughout. Profound need for cultural and personnel changes at the SFA.

  • Johnno says:

    Wouldn’t be much of a fan of the woman’s game but was pleasantly surprised to see how improved the standard of football is becoming and as to why the sport is growing at the manner that it is currently.
    We are all well use to the ridiculous decision making from cheating refs and last night’s one is right up there with the best of them.
    Had to actually turn off the match out of total disgust.
    So how can that be viewed as trying to promote a growing game, when a blatant cheating ref is hell bent upon running a dirty game, expanded into the woman’s game already, and all the time in front of a TV audience?
    When such disgusting actions already filtered down into the woman’s game already, I struggle to see how the sport stands any real chance of being able to get the game off the ground when an organisation is still quite content to keep it in the gutter still.
    New addition added to Scotlands shame I’m afraid.

  • Tony B says:

    Scottish football is rife with this pro hun corruption and everyone including the huns knows it.

  • Tam says:

    Correct assessment….. she will get into trouble for what she said.. she or her representative and every single person who is put in front of the SFA/SPFL for a disciplinary issue for speaking out about something. Should cite Steven Gerrard when he was “the rangers” manager. He said referees have been cheating “the rangers” for years. What was the punishment the SFA/SPFL meeted out NOTHING he wasn’t even asked by the SFA/ SPFL to explain the remarks.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    And on and on it goes. Honest Mistakes! ???

  • Frank says:

    It was a clear goal but that said our performance was brutal and the wee left winger was murder. If it hadn’t been for the keeper we would have been well pumped,
    We lacked a real threat all night and that mirrored the 1 each game for me. Hopefully we can sort that out before next week and the final to come

  • Frankie says:

    Totally agree frank wingers never in game, ball pumped up the park out of defence, which their midfield was always first to the ball , poor team effort.

  • James McAllister says:

    No truer words

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