Celtic’s Youth Cup Final Win Was Thrilling … Except BBC Scotland’s Biased Commentary.

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Last night’s youth cup final was stunning. Absolutely stunning.

One of the best 120 minutes of football I’ve watched in a while.

It had everything. Terrible defending. Superb attacking. Crazy swings. A piece of category one cheating rewarded with a red card. A sublime deciding goal and two teams who didn’t stop working.

Both sides – the cheat notwithstanding – were a credit to themselves and, by the way, to their clubs.

Our lads were just better.

As an attacking force, we had more quality and that’s really what it came down to.

On a technical level, we have them beat.

As great as the game was to watch, it was occasionally painful to listen to.

What is BBC Scotland’s issue with providing match commentary teams who wear their Ibrox colours on their sleeves?

A good commentary team shouldn’t spend even a minute of a game advertising that.

You should be able to sit a neutral down to watch a match and have them not even know that the commentators do have preferred teams, or sides that they played for.

Listen, I thought Ricky Foster was basically fair last night on the main events of the match, even though he’s a prize dolt and too dumb to doing commentary in the first place.

But the number of times he used “we” or some other word like it when talking about their team was bugging me long before the match ended. And he wasn’t even the worst.

The anchor was worse, by far, with his constant references to “can (the Ibrox team) get back into it?” and the endless references towards the end about their heroism in fighting with only having ten men, and the number of times he was almost drooling into the microphone when talking about certain players.

They even tried to turn the damned half-time interval into a discussion about the Great White Hype Adam Lowry.

Honestly, I actually lost my shit at one point and started shouting at the TV that “You know there are two teams taking part in this game, right?” That usually doesn’t happen during youth games, but more and more and more it happens whenever I watch the BBC.

That organisation’s biases are almost unbearable now, but here’s the funny thing; I said I thought that Forster tried to be fair, but that his biases kept on coming out,

Over on the Ibrox forums they spent the whole game in a rage at him because of that self-same attempt to honestly analyse the match. They were particularly pissed off with him for agreeing that Lovelace dived and deserved his red card for it.

When it comes right down to it, he doesn’t hide his allegiance to Ibrox any more than Bobby Madden is kidding us on about his … but even the most basic attempt from this guy to offer an honest critique was met, over on those forums, with all-out hostility and folk accusing him of being a sell-out.

If you played for them, you owe them nothing but obsequious slavering loyaly … anything else is heresy.

It’s astounding to me the way their minds work.

BBC Scotland’s sports department and its pro-Ibrox slant is a running joke on this site and others, with the suspicion that you only need to have played there for the home team to qualify you for a job now nearly universal … but amidst the fans of that club the detestation of the same organisation for its perceived pro-Celtic leanings are never far from the surface.

You literally could not make that up.

So yeah, last night’s Youth Cup Final was spectacular and I was dead proud of the young Hoops for their victory and the quality of some of their goals.

I enjoyed every bit of it.

Every bit of it except large parts of the commentary which reeked of the unprofessionalism of bias.

But with BBC Sports Scotland, what the Hell else is new?

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I thought the commentators were both very good, in fact I know for a fact the huns watching the game were of the opposite opinion. You must have been looking for something to offend you James as they were both fairly honest with their opinions.

  • BJM says:

    Don’t pay the license fee , these EBT tax cheats will not receive one penny more from me ,as I’ve already contributed with my taxes towards their illegal payment scheme.
    Question if ibrox was owned by oldco rangers why wasn’t it sold to repay the creditors that were stiffed.
    Don’t tell me the 5 to 6 million chiko green payed for the assets included Murry park and ibrox if so something illegal/ corrupt stinks to high heaven here.

  • harold shand says:

    Jane Lewis at half time describing the Rangers team as ” Superstars ” was f*cking wild

  • James Archibald says:

    I said that myself Duncan was terrible he didn’t hide it foster on the whole wasn’t too bad but the best bit was Lewis at half time with the how do these players break into the rangers team of superstars ???????can’t make it up

  • Christopher Traynor says:

    I thought it was just me the one sided commentary was driving me up the wall

  • Jimmy R says:

    Spot on again James. It says something that Ricky Forster was the voice of reason and, dare I say it, intelligent insight in the commentary team. The idiot doing the commentary is obviously a season pass holder in the stadium John Brown played for.
    It was embarrassing at times, but ultimately the victory was all the sweeter for it. The eejit is probably having to spend today locked in a darkened room.

  • Rob kerr says:

    I thought the wee green brigade fans were magic especially doing the huddle!

  • Annmcq14 says:

    Couldn’t agree more. In fact, they didn’t stop yacking even to draw breath. It was so bad commentary, I eventually watched it on mute

  • Bottle Green says:

    Did anyone else hear and see the pathetic interview by Kenny MacIntyre with Bobby Blue Nose Madden where he asked him if he was ever a season ticket holder at Ibrox.
    Madden all but admitted he was a Rangers supporter regardless of his season ticket.
    Desperate stuff from the Establishment BBC right there.

  • SSMPM says:

    I had a vested interest so went and watched it with my brother that I stayed with overnight. When we eventually got home after the extra time, and a kebab later, I was gutted to find it only recorded the 1st half of extra time and then I guess timed out. Watched it anyway and was as usual disappointed with the commentary but then we’re used to that from the purely independent bbc.
    Can’t take away the joy of the victory and the manner in which our bhoys achieved it. HH

  • Michael Clark says:

    That’s exactly correct WHAT’S NEW” but who cares. Celtic are winning at every level let’s hope the girls win their Old Firm game too. Ange Postecoglou was present at the game and he must have raised his eyebrows at some of the performances because we have some great talent coming through the ranks. So the Celtic youth policy is flourishing. Let’s not worry about the comments because they don’t matter. Better club, better players and better manager. Its a great time to be a Celtic supporter so enjoy.

  • Hugh Coyle says:

    BBC bias is not new as Archie McPherson is on record telling of his disbelief of their anybody but Celtic attitude to broadcasting. HH.

  • Michael McCann says:

    They have the media, they have the officials but their second rate team is heading for the rocks. It’s time the Celtic board started showing a bit of influence and muscle because Celtic have the power and authority now to act and do what Celtic’s fanatic manager does best destroy these people and the institutions that their sectarian system represents

  • Jim Donnelly says:

    Commentary totally pissed me off too…Spoiled what was great entertainment.
    Looking fwd to the cup final on BBC as to who they’ll come up with on Commentary and panel..HaHa.
    Viaplay will get my vote.
    Jimmy D

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Tbf foster did ok on the commentary, tho the other yin Ducan ?! At times he would suddenly just blurt out loudly ‘rangers’, followed by a few seconds of silence and then he would continue what he was gonnae say. It was utterly weird. Game itself was good tae watch. Well contested by both teams without bein dirty. The boy Roberts goin over tae shake the Celtic players hand at half time, after they had been in a tussle a minute before, showed good sportsmanship.The guy lovelace let his team down badly wi his cheatin, tryin tae win them the game at the end wi divin. Didnae dae himself any favors.

  • John S says:

    I thought the Ibrox lot might hang the referee for having a neutral performance. As to the BBC, still waiting on a complaint to them from the Celtic Park league game v Rangers*.

  • Keith says:

    I watched the lot,
    And what a game so enjoyable, at times hands in front of ma eyes, but the bhoys came back to win a great game,
    the numpty did a the triple somersault forward tuck and this cost his team big time ,
    he got a dodgy penalty earlier, then tried his luck twice more, aff ye must go for cheatin.
    but I felt the commentary wis very good thought Forster spoke highly of our team especially the captain only incorrect part was when she said the SEVCO 1st team tough to get into as its full of stars, mom that is a laugh.
    A few on both sides that have a future in the game, hope our captain can follow in Cal Macs foot steps very similar way he plays and looks on the ball.
    5-6 what a match best watch since Sunday

  • John Copeland says:

    So Mr Amy Mac Donald is the BBC Scotland expert co commentator now ? The guy could not get the Celtic players ‘names correct while trying to do so ! The Beeb’s bias towards its all time favourite pet project is endemic in Scotland . They had Jane Lewis ,Cammy Bell ,Tom Duncan and Richard Foster all salivating for the boys in blue ,while there was a single token Celtic commentator in Simon Donnelly ! Nice to know that the public’s money is being spent in priority and importance for the establishment ….

  • SSMPM says:

    Wasn’t too sure the first Lovelace pen was one. Having watched it again on telly I thought the positioning of his back leg was clever and meant unfortunately it was enough to convince the ref that it was a pen.
    However having convinced the ref on that one I think he thought the he was on their side so credit to the ref for being objective and in taking an impartial approach with the next two dives that led to two yellow cards and thus the sending off. Ref had a good game and I thought Foster’s comments were actually balanced. The lodge hun fans must be wondering what the hell’s going on. Me too. HH

  • Michael Mullen says:

    How is the bigot and racist Cammy Bell allowed anywhere near public broadcasting ?????

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