Daily Record Hackl Twists Barkas Words To Generate An Anti-Celtic Story.

Image for Daily Record Hackl Twists Barkas Words To Generate An Anti-Celtic Story.

The name Mark Pirie will be a familiar one to the regular readers of this blog.

I don’t like much of what this guy produces.

Apart from everything else, he has a marked tendency to try to get stories where there are none. There is clickbait – which he does – and just Making Stuff Up, which he also does. Clickbait is bad. Passing off fiction as news is worse.

Yesterday he was at it with Vasilis Barkas, who he said made a “veiled Celtic ‘trust’ jibe”; in short, he took some comments Barkas had made in Holland, where he’s on loan, and twisted them to get an anti-Celtic story out of them.

All Barkas said is that the Dutch club “trusted him” and allowed him to rebuild his career. He talks about Celtic in the same interview and never says a bad word against us, although he does acknowledge that it was hard during COVID.

But when he talks about trust it’s clear that he’s saying he arrived there with his career on a bit of a slide, and they put their faith in him and helped him turn it around. That is not, in any way, a dig at Celtic whether veiled or otherwise.

Pirie wanted a story and has got one by basically interpreting what Barkas said in a way that creates controversy where none existed. Barkas will hopefully leave Celtic this summer.

He sounds like he’s happy in Holland, and we will all wish him well in his future.

As I’ve written here before, I want him to succeed in no small part because our media was happy to write him off as a dud and wrote some of the worst stuff about him I’ve read about any footballer to play here.

As soon as I saw the word “veiled” it was obvious what this was.

It’s a despicable tactic, the height of bad, lazy journalism and a practice which good editors would discourage. I know blogs which would not allow their writers to take liberties like that.

But our media has no standards and it is filled with people with no shame.

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  • Tony B says:

    Peepul like Pirie have not earned the right to be called journalists.

    The Rectum is full of them and that is one reason why it’s dying.

  • Johnno says:

    Barkas and ajeti were possibly the victims of the biggest con the Celtic board pulled upon us all, with being so blinded by the 10iar.
    No wonder they never fitted into the changing room when so much chaos was created by throwing money into the mix after letting Gordon and Hayes go, and even expanded upon that with expensive loan signings also.
    All designed to keep the scum in business, yet thankfully have moved on to far better things now.
    Of course that con hasn’t been totally tidyed up yet with the wages involved, but hopefully will be during the summer as they enter the last year of there contracts.
    As a club we were lucky to be able to take such a financial hit, even if it should have never happened in the first place, especially with helping such scum in the process.
    As the keeper position stands currently?
    I just can’t see big Ben being within the plans of Ange for next season especially with him not even making a current match day squad. Shame to say on the very little we saw of big Ben his use of the football with his feet looked far worse than Hart which isn’t great either.
    Would even place Barkas above big Ben in the current ranking about keepers for next season.
    Hopefully neither are considered for the back up keeper position, especially when far better competition for Hart is required moreso.
    Just another position that will become far clearer during the summer, I would say.
    Regardless still hope Barkas can find somewhere to continue his career as no bad feelings towards him whatsoever, from myself anyway

  • John S says:

    ‘Veiled’, ‘snubbed’…not “lazy journalism” because it’s not journalism, it’s fantasy speculation borne out of spite.

  • Denis Burns says:

    Words can be twisted, eh. For example- Last week after the Glasgow derby my disappointed grandson asked me what my most painful football memory was. That’s easy I replied- Aaron Ramsey missing the penalty in the shootout against Eintracht. Really!, he said. Yeh, I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle in my rib cage. Serves me right I suppose. Hail Hail, Keep the Faith.

  • Jorge says:

    When you complain about the ‘media’ slagging Barkas off as a dud and a flop, you should include some of the Celtic Bloggers who lazily followed the narrative. Barkas did not play well in his time at Celtic but those were difficult times for anyone to start their career at a new club, especially a goalkeeper. However use those derogatory terms is extremely disrespectful and worthy only of the pathetic tabloids.

  • Effarr says:

    I only need to go back 5 days for my most painful memory. I still can`t believe how easily Celtic were undressed by
    a pack of journeymen who are only playing in Scotland because they were useless elsewhere.

    All we got was, “we had a bug and still got a draw” or “we wurny at wur best and they still couldnae beat us”. Well
    that excuse certainly went up the shank on Saturday and the pain,
    treble or not, won`t go away until Celtic come out on top again and it might not be as soon as we would like.

    As for Mark Pirie, why print what he said for people WHO DON`T WISH TO READ HIM? I don`t buy newspapers because I simply am not interested in what these bigots write but you give them the oxygen to keep them alive.

    Why can`t you make a deal with Celtic to be allowed information to
    break the news of new signings, erc., before these people get in first
    with the news as they always do. I`ve never known a blogger to come up with a “scoop”, as they sed to call it.

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