David Webb “Celtic Links” Are A Complete Non-Story And He Confirmed That Today.

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David Webb, if he’s reading the Scottish media this afternoon (not that he will be; I’m sure that man has much better things to do with his time) will be astounded.

This morning he was quizzed, by Jim White, on alleged links with Celtic and asked if he’s had talks with the club about the job of Sporting Director, whatever that means and represents.

Webb said he had held no such talks. He was asked about the links. He said he knew of no actual links. It was as clear a denunciation of a media rumour as you will ever get. He left no room for ambiguity whatsoever.

Which is why he’ll be surprised to find that our media thinks he was coy or playing fast and loose.

White asked him straight out: “Have you held talks with Celtic?”

Webb replied: “No, not yet.”

That seems to be what the media is clinging to, the word “yet.” Which doesn’t mean that he ever will.

White continued: “I know your name has been linked with Celtic as a potential new sporting director, you’re aware of that.”

Webb said: “No, no, no.”

White then bizarrely said to, “You’ll fold under questioning.”

What sort of statement is that to make? The guy’s not folding. He is saying he’s unaware of the story and that he hasn’t had talks with us. Seems to me that he’s actually handled the questioning very well indeed. He won’t dismiss the idea out of hand, because you can’t do that if you harbour any ambitions of perhaps working for Celtic one day, but it’s not on the agenda.

The guy has closed door. “No honestly,” he said, “I’m not aware of it at all.”

The thing is, I am aware of it and most of us are because David Webb was linked with a job at Celtic.

The thing is, and this explains his answer, it was more than two years ago, back when we were still talking about appointing Eddie Howe as manager. This was based on their having worked together and knowing each other well.

Since Howe rejected the job, the links have largely died their natural death.

Not one single credible story linking Webb to our club has emerged since. Not one. It’s not even clear that Celtic is even looking, at this point, for a “sporting director” because let’s be honest, we don’t need one. The machine is working better than it ever has and all you’re doing at this point is messing with something that’s pretty near perfect already.

Ange spoke just the other day about the responsibility he bears in being the man in charge of the recruitment side.

He is the overseer of everything that happens on that end. His judgement thus far has been exceptional and until or unless that changes he doesn’t need someone standing over his shoulder and checking his work.

This guy is getting all A’s, so I can only presume that it’s this which bothers White and was behind his attempt to manufacture a story here.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Topics of interest to me James and many others no doubt.

    What is Johnston’s injury and when is he likely to be back? Guy has been phenomenal.

    Is there any chance of CCV making an appearance the last game of the season, cos that would be fab for the guy.
    – Welsh or Kobayashi to replace him in the meantime?

    Win the league at Tynecastle or Ibrox?

  • Johnno says:

    Just another very weak attempt I would say in trying to unsettle Ange yet again.
    Ange has been one of the best thing to ever happen to Scottish football.
    Weather you like man city or Liverpool or not, there would never be a witch hunt to try and drive Klopp and Pep out of the EPL as there remains to much respect for what they have bought to the league.
    The same can’t be said for the Scottish media much to it’s total shame, and keep up highlighting just how bad these arseholes remain with there non stories.
    It’s left to people like yourself James to continue to call out these arseholes and haven’t got any issues with the likes of yourself in doing so, as our own board certainly won’t.
    Celtic transfer policy has become very simple nowadays is Ange knows exactly the type of players he’s looking for and Nicholson trys to get any such deals done.
    So where is the need for a sporting director when no need for a position and even more ridiculous when one is currently even available?
    No doubt Ange will possibly make squad changes during the summer and believe he’s already facing some big decisions to be made upon the current squad.
    We no longer worry about what them potential changes could be, with our supporters having full trust within Ange and long may that continue.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Well Jamsie, San Frans got a point. We kinda drag ourselves down to their level when we keep bitching about anyone or anything coming from Ibrox. Referring to the “Mooch” or what an idiot Kris Boyd is or Barry Ferguson is. We’re on the verge of the TREBLE yet again. Who give a monkeys fuck what any of them say. So let the football do the talking, we’re a slick outfit, let’s talk like one.

  • Malc says:

    I listen to TalkNonsense a fair bit nowadays, mostly due to lack of viable options, and I have come to the conclusion Jim White is a simpleton. He is genuinely stupid. That Simon Jordan fella (another dispicable asshole) is constantly tearing him a new one but he is too thick to realise what’s going on. i can only assume TalkBollocks and Sky only keep him around for the comdey value, cos he absolutely fuck all else to offer.

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