Ian Maxwell Continues To Embarrass The SFA Over Celtic Hampden Kick Off Time.

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Another day, and another Ian Maxwell embarrassment over this continuing farce with the cup final kick-off time. I find it astonishing that this guy cannot get his story straight and instead of shutting up he continues to dig himself a hole.

That old adage about how “it is best to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and erase all doubt” has never been more fitting. He is an absurd figure now, a national joke in a sports environment where you don’t have to look too hard for them.

Today he’s either been caught in a lie or has grossly misspoken.

I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt; I genuinely believe he’s only misspoken when he says that moving the Scottish Cup Final to a different time-slot allows it to be shown on the BBC.

He’s got his facts mixed up; the game will be available on IPlayer, which is great for those who have IPlayer … but that he doesn’t seem to realise that it’s not on BBC proper, or omitted that from the statement, is pretty damning just the same.

He’s certainly allowed the perception that he’s being dishonest to grow, and this time it’s basically down to his failure to articulate himself properly, something that when you’re running a major organisation is kind of important.

It reeks of amateur hour.

The guy should do himself a favour and keep his trap shut if he can’t get this stuff right.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    He’s an uneducated baffoon and he has he shown that from day one, no matter how dense he is though, he is still a liar. Can’t someone at the SFA who has managed to get past Big Book 1 not reel him in?

  • Johnny Green says:

    Janes can you remove that additional ‘he’ 🙁

  • John S says:

    It’s not good enough to shut his trap if Maxwell can’t get things right (the Cup Final is not the only issue), he should vacate his position.

  • John Copeland says:

    My opinion of Maxwell is that he is more interested in ‘strengthening relations ‘ with his main men at Ibrox ! Reading between lines , he could not give a toss about the Scottish cup final as it’s only Celtic and ICT….I’m convinced that if the tribute act had made the final ,there would be a whole world of difference in attitude from the head honcho …. More accommodating and more eager to please .

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