Ibrox Confirms Its Departure List Spinning That The Club Itself Made The Choices.

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Today Ibrox has released a statement confirming that five players – Morelos, Kent, McGregor, Arfield and Helander – will be leaving at the end of the season, which is basically just days away now. This not at all unexpected.

Nor is the way they have tried to spin this as something that the club itself decided to do. The Daily Record was at it the other day too, with a story about Morelos that said he doesn’t fit into The Mooch’s style and so is being “allowed” to leave.

The Mooch himself has been trying variations on this line from the minute he arrived. He made the preposterous claim that the club were the ones “in control” of the situation with these guys when he was only a few weeks into the job … and nobody in the media contradicted him although it was perfectly obvious that he was talking guff.

The media is characterising this as part of the rebuild, rather than the reason for it. And The Mooch is talking about releasing more players, to get the wage bill down. There is talk that they will offer Lundstram and others deals and try to punt them if they don’t sign those deals. Ha! Good luck with that. They’ve been trying to punt some of the guys whose departures were just announced for ages and there were no takers.

Morelos and Kent were never as good as the Ibrox club made them out to be. But they have been key footballers and Morelos was always likely to pop up with a goal in an important game, and I will not really be terribly sad to see him go.

The Mooch knows that this is a lot of talent and experience going out the door. He knows that’s not good news, no matter how much he tries to dress it up. The media knows it too. This is not, as they claim, something the club planned. The club almost certainly did everything it could to prevent this, and they have been completely unable to.

They know it’s a disaster. No amount of media whitewash will change that.

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  • Johnno says:

    The scum having to cut wages remains the only way such a shower of shit can stay in business, and even that can’t be taken for granted with the amount of court cases still looming.
    We aren’t in that much of a different position with regarding cutting wages either.
    The big difference is the scum remain desperate to replace regular players used for better on less money available.
    We on the other hand have been able to afford the wages upon players who provide nothing towards our cause.
    Just a bit of tiding up required, and still have a worth in value, even if very little to ourselves and able to reinvest in terms of better, and with able to afford a transfer fee for any players that we desire, gives us far better opportunities to actually get the players we want to become stronger.
    Far better approach then sticking your horrible mits into a lucky bag and hoping to get lucky like the scum operate upon nowadays.
    Already looking forward to the summer window and guessing that 5 new players will still be joining ourselves that will offer us far more than all of those we are preparing to let go still imo.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Do you think the zombie scum will give fat boy and banjo kid a rapurous applause or turn on them with abuse . What is the default position of the filth poison bile racism FACT.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Aye, we have a bit of a clear out to attend to ourselves if we are to make progress from this season. I’m sure it will be done in a controlled manner that suits all parties, with profit and loss being high on the agenda.

  • Davie says:

    This has been well known for months, nothing new to any fans in Scotland.
    All the past hype of how The Rangers were not letting players go on the cheap and they would hold out for top dollar has come and bit them where the sun don’t shine.
    Holding out for big money transfer and getting nothing is very clever business.
    Just look at all the past and forthcoming legal cases and ask how a club can get into that state.

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