Ibrox “Season Ticket” Lie Exposed As Such With Celtic-Like Scheme In Place For Friendly.

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Reports today suggest that Ibrox is giving Newcastle fans 7000 seats – the whole of the Broomloan Road stand – for their coming friendly with the English club. The match, which will take place in July, will see an entire cadre of their current season ticket holders having to find alternative spaces inside the ground.

This gives lie to their statements which declare the seats of current season ticket holders “off limits.”

It can be done.

Celtic adopts an identical system for fans who have seats in The Lisbon Lions stand; we buy our tickets for games against the Ibrox club separately from the season ticket, because there’s always the vague possibility that they decide to change the current setup. Fans who buy those season tickets know this in advance.

It’s for this reason that those tickets are cheaper than similar parts of the stadium.

This blog has long highlighted this obvious flaw in Ibrox’s pitiful argument.

They could easily adopt a similar scheme to Celtic, with a view to resolving this.

You knock £100 off the season ticket price and you allow those fans to buy their seats separately if no reciprocal agreement can be worked out. There’s nothing complex or controversial about this.

Ibrox has gotten away with the same barefaced lie since the start of this.

Nobody is asking fans to give up season tickets to return things to the way they used to be. We’ve asked that they insert a similar clause in those tickets as exists at Celtic Park. “These tickets do not cover matches against Celtic.”

That’s all you have to do … and they won’t.

“Newcastle supporters have been allocated the entire Broomloan Stand for the fixture, with season ticket holders in this area able to purchase an alternative seat in an exclusive ‘movers sale’,” reads Ibrox’s blurb for the game.

This is exactly the sort of scheme we have, and the one this blog has consistently said they could easily adopt.

The media would prefer not to write that.

They would prefer not to accept that Celtic has done all that it can in order to fix this; even leaving the option open in the season ticket terms and conditions. What more goodwill can we demonstrate?

We are not, never have been, and never will be the obstacle to getting an agreement here.

That’s the club across the city, and their contempt for even the notion of a deal is obvious from this move.

It’s a two finger salute to us even as we’re trying to decide whether to take their paltry, pitiful, insulting 800 ticket allocation, with all the safety concerns that go with that.

In my view, this ought only to strengthen our resolve either to get a proper deal or to turn those tickets down.

Their club is taking the piss, and it’s high time even their media apologists recognised that fact and hammered it home.

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  • Kevin says:

    But this game is on Glasgow fair Tuesday and some people will be on holiday and others will have just had a long weekend holiday This is what happens when you have a foreigner running a Scottish club they don’t know about local holidays and it’s going to backfire on them

  • John S says:

    The whole ticket fiasco was inspired by Ibrox cowardice. In this respect, nothing’s changed.

  • Johnno says:

    Only highlights the kid games the scum want to continue to play.
    The truth I believe is that the scum are still hoping we won’t take up the 800 allocation, which I don’t believe we should either.
    That in turn would be looked upon as the scum having a better chance of gaining 6 points at there shit hole against us.
    Of course it will allow the scum to place the blame at our door for the ticket fiasco, again the scum remain masters at trying to place the blame elsewhere as per usual.
    Believe with this announcement from the scum then celtic are in the perfect position to state the full 7000 or nothing, and no more or acting the bollocks from the scum either

  • Stesano says:

    The poison have some weirdo relationship with Newcastle worked with a few in Sydney that hang about with Scottish orcs. But really who gives a f&&k don’t give tickets don’t take any!! Suits us fine I rather not even play that poison

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    I wouldn’t want to pay into that govan sewage plant unless it was cup game ,giving those creatures money in gate receipt,s out of my pocket will never happen ,I,d rather set fire to the cash than give those smelly vile Vermon anything

  • Chris says:

    Their club and fans are absolute filth, I’d rather stick matches in my urethra than set foot in their stadium. Don’t fancy getting a bottle bounced aff ma nut when we pump them again

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