Is Celtic’s Dazzling Loanee Really Going To Come Back To The Club As The Real Deal?

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There have been a lot of stories in the media about our loanees, and how some of them definitely aren’t wanted back at the club. Ajeti, Barkas and others will not be able to return here and stake their claim; they are done. Their time here is up.

But as with everything else, there are players out on loan who still have a chance.

A couple of them are playing in the SPFL; the likes of Adam Montgomery and Liam Scales.

These guys might return and they might not.

They might be allowed to move or, or perhaps to explore other loan options. There is time for them both, they are young footballers although Scales, at 24, is at the upper end of where you want a player to be when still developing.

So too is Mikey Johnston, but there’s a difference there. He’s already been, in some ways, an “established” Celtic player. His going on loan was not for the same reason as some of these other players; he wasn’t sent out to develop his talents but to give them more ready expression, on a more regular basis. He was not helped sitting on the Celtic bench.

All the reports back on him are positive. His club would like to make his deal permanent but they realise they can’t afford him.

He signed a new contract with us on the way out the door. I love that.

It’s a huge vote of confidence in his talents … but next season is a critical one. I think we need him from the point of view of our European squad … but there are other players in the B team we could put on that registration if it’s just about numbers.

But Mikey is more than just a number. He’s a real footballer, someone who, if he finds consistency, can make a contribution to this squad. That means his return is different.

If he comes back, he should be looking to stay and build something.

If he ends up back on loan again he might as well never return.

He’s at that age. It’s now or never.

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  • Tenaka Khan says:

    MJ’s ship has sailed. His performance for ROI which got a lot of praise actually demonstrated that his main deficiency is still there. Two pieces of action were highlighted where he went close. In both of them he had his head down, determined to get a shot off when if he had looked up he had team-mates ready for an easy finish. Same old same old…

    • Charlie Green says:

      I have been saying this for ages and it is incredible that none of the coaches at Celtic have picked up on it. The defenders don’t know what he is going to do simply because he doesn’t either and it usually ends up with a wasted end result.
      Hasn’t a clue where the goals are.
      The coaches are to blame as everyone else but them can see it.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Don’t think either of them are what we should be lookin for. Have seen L. Scales in many occasions with Aberdeen and he’s no Celtic standard. M.Johnston has tae prove that he has an end product tae his playin, which he rarely showed when he had the opportunity. He’ll need tae convince a lot of people if he’s given another chance.

  • Peter Campbell says:

    I’d love, really love, to be wrong about what I am going to say but as skilful as Johnston is, I just think that anytime I have seen him he’s been really ineffective, so I am not particularly keen to see him return to Celtic.

    • Michael Clark says:

      I remember Mikey Johnston playing for us last time round and his football abilities are not in question. For me Celtics problem is were lightweight all over the park and Johnston falls into that category.

  • Eldraco says:

    They didn’t sign him back on for nothing, watch this space and Micky playing in a different role.

  • John S says:

    Urhoghide has made 27 appearances on loan at Oostende.

  • Charlie McGuire says:

    Not quick enough or strong enough and too predictable in possession. Time’s up for Mikey, I’m afraid

  • Johnno says:

    Tough task to answer currently as pre season should give us a better indication upon what the futures of MJ, Monty and scales could be next season.
    Has MJ improved enough to take a Forrest position within a CL squad?
    Veta still qualifies as a B list player and should be involved in the CL youth tournament moreso next season.
    Could Monty be a better option than Bernie in the current set up for the team next season?
    Big advantage is being Scottish and with that in mind could make a stronger case for been included in a CL squad than Bernie at present.
    Believe if Ange were to change to a back 3 then the possibility for scales could grow.
    Don’t believe yuki will develop quick enough to be involved in CL squad next season and potentially looking at the season after next moreso for himself.
    Wouldn’t say scales is the answer either, yet again a possible back up position could be up for grabs next season if Ange is thinking of making that change.
    Regardless I’m not to sure scales will be wanting a back up role, so selling will possibly be the more likely outcome imo.
    Again just a few of the many decisions Ange is facing during the summer and await with interest upon the outcome of it all

  • Mickygriff says:

    If Mikey learns it’s no his ba’ and others are allowed to play with it then maybe but can’t see it

  • Robert Cairney says:

    Punt him…too hot or cold…absolutely no consistency…Aufwiedersehen…

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