McCoist And Others Prove What Celtic Fans Know About Ibrox And Its “Standards.”

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The debate over the “guard of honour” has revealed what all of us knew already; that Ibrox has no perceptible standards to speak of, and that everyone connected with the club talks a good game on it but when challenged to act accordingly truly show their hand.

The guard of honour issue is a bit of a joke. I never expected one and don’t really want something given grudgingly. As I said in a previous article, it defeats the purpose if they have to be browbeaten or shamed. If their club had a modicum of respect or notion of what’s sporting they would do it. They’d have done it back when we asked for one in 2018.

That they will hide behind us not giving one to them – and that some of the hacks will let them away with that – is dire. As with the away fan ticketing debacle, this was their fault, this was something they kicked off, and as per usual all Celtic did was respond in kind, as we surely told them we would have no other option but to do.

Theirs is a club which talks about standards but acts, always, in a way that sneers at those who dare suggest that they should live up to them. Their tendency is to find some reason not to, to dredge up any ancient grudges which in some way “justify” them acting like spoiled children. But they have no problem calling others out for perceived failures to show class.

McCoist was getting ribbed about this today, and he waived it aside in the fashion they usually do, as if the very idea of it is ridiculous. But here’s the truth; had their club given us one in 2018 there would have been no reason for us not to grant one to them two years later. So to use what we did or didn’t do as a justification simply deflects.

The greater question is why their club didn’t give us one in the first place. And that’s not ridiculous, that’s a perfectly feasible inquiry. But nobody is going to hold their feet to the fire on that, they’ll continue to hide instead of being forced to confront this contradiction.

Drag it all back to the source and what you find is that they have constructed their whole club on grievance and hate and not only do they have no interest in changing course but I don’t think they would know how to do it even if they did.

It was, after all, founded on that basis. Charles Green had a chance to take the club in a different direction but he chose – he purposefully chose – to go down the road of poisonous discourse and the stoking of conspiracy theories. It was injected into their DNA along with all the other baggage Ibrox was already laden down with.

There is no changing it now. But it doesn’t mean that the media should be allowed to pretend that they are something they aren’t, that their faux “dignity” means anything more than words. This weekend will prove it, as if we needed it proved.

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  • PiePhilosopher says:

    Ye gods, Just noticed this is the Parks Motor Group SWPL
    Worked for the Big Daddy of Motor groups in Scotland last few decades, and Parks were and always will be bottom feeders in the Motor Trade , Shout out to Crow Rd Massive 😉

  • Paul Aurige says:

    I really don’t understand anything about this “guard of honour” nonsense. When did it become “Scottish Football” tradition? I don’t remember it being any sort of issue at any time in the past. It seems to be much the same as this poppy rubbish which was unheard of prior to around 2010 (check appropriate video footage from this era).
    I mean, they drive around with poppies tied to the radiator grills of their motor cars in the style of the comedy red nose charity. A nice way to commemorate those people blown apart by the hellishness of war. These bastards and their “traditions” are better ignored.

  • Frank says:

    it was a load of shite in the first place. Do we care as long as we keep winning cos a dont. Given our current away allocations at games that the most important insult we face

  • John Lafferty says:

    This article is bang on

  • Seppington says:

    I think any time the hun do anything that shows the world their true nature we should not complain. The more the world learns of them the more likely we are that eventually wider society might be driven to say “enough” and do something about them.

  • Johnny S says:

    They couldn’t have given us one in 2018, we won the title against them at Celtic Park that year. Was it 2019?

  • Dennis McLaughlan says:

    They kept us waiting in the tunnel at the start of the game and also at the start of of the 2nd half.

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