No Website Whose “Celtic Source” Is Frank McAvennie Can Be Trusted On “Insider Info.”

Image for No Website Whose “Celtic Source” Is Frank McAvennie Can Be Trusted On “Insider Info.”

The grotesque gossip site which blithely calls itself Football Insider is at it again today with its latest “exclusive”, saying that people inside Celtic fear that Ange Postecoglou has already decided to leave the club this summer.

They claim they have heard this from people close to the club.

I’m not going to say that Football Insider publishes lies, but it does not publish facts.

I am not going to say that it overeggs its access to the thinking of those who run clubs, but The Daily Record has better sources and ones much closer to the action.

I am not going to say that it has bad writers doing bad writing, but I wouldn’t let them publish their stuff on here and there are anonymous bloggers charging for their wisdom who are more credible.

Oh what the Hell.

Why bother to deny it?

If they are saying sources inside Celtic, or credible people with anything like access to our club believe that Ange Postecoglou is leaving in the summer then, yes, I believe they … what’s the vernacular?

They are taking liberties with the facts. That’s a nice way to put it.

Another way to put it is to say that they use “anonymous sources” to camouflage their lack of real information and their inability to write real news. Even of the clickbait sort which they churn out every day.

This must have been a particularly slow one on that front.

This trick is as old as journalism itself, and just as dishonest as it ever was.

One would think that’s a fairly large story, and with our media constantly on the look-out for stories like that I would have thought they’d have it before some blog, which is all Football Insider is. A gossip factory. A repository of absolute tosh.

Look, for their sins the media had the story right on Juranovic. They had the story right on Giakoumakis.

I mocked those stories because they implied that Celtic had no choice but to sell these guys. But the basic fact of them – that the players had turned down contracts and the club was willing to sell them – was, in essence, on the money.

In fact, I worried not so much about the truth of the stories – because I had, and have, faith that Ange would have replacements sourced and sounded out before we even considered letting them go – but of the idea that such critical information might have been leaked to the media from people within Celtic Park … and that was a concern and still is.

This is a vastly bigger story – a vastly bigger claim – than any story about players.

And the writer of that story has a responsibility to his craft to at least stand it up.

That story stands up about as well as a one legged bar stool. I am not in the least bit concerned by this, because if the mainstream press isn’t touching this with radioactive gloves on then the whole story is cobblers.

This is the publication which gets most of its “Celtic stories” from Frank McAvennie.

Taking media stories about our club with a pinch of salt is one thing.

You couldn’t make this palatable, or credible, if you swallowed the Bonneville Salt Flats basin.

Ange Postecoglou will be at Celtic Park next season.

Anyone still reading that site … what in God’s name are you doing?

Block it on Newsnow, you’ll be happier for it … and probably better informed.

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  • Jim says:

    Frànkie boy has and will continue to make his money from celtic and west ham fans at players nights and talking shite to anybody” press ” to make a few quid

  • Paul Shiach says:

    Why i Gods name do people take this nonsense seriously

  • John S says:

    It was only a matter of time, having run through half the squad with invented potentially leaving stories (no-one lives forever), that the media culprits were going to get to the manager. ‘He’s too good to stay’ they now say.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Why would anyone listen to mcavennie? He was taking drugs when playing. F@ck knows what he’s like now. HH

  • Johnno says:

    Getting so boring now and this made up shite about Ange leaving.
    You can never really predict the ever changing managerial futures especially within the EPL, where so many think or want him to be heading.
    So currently the spurs and Chelsea jobs are available, and yet is Ange really in the hunt with no track record as such of working or dealing with players getting paid ridiculous money and producing so little in return, and without gaining any such real creditabity in term’s of results within European football still?
    Just can’t see that happening.
    As for the rest, palace will have a job available and a few others will be available when it’s actually decided weather they will even be in the EPL next season.
    So would Ange really be that interested in leaving us to take up a job where the security within remains so slim, even with next season in mind also?
    Can’t really see Ange being to interested in that prospect either currently imo.
    Ange is a perfect fit for our club and don’t believe that the partnership is going to be split up anytime soon either.
    Of course a good showing within the CL next season will also increase the demand for Ange also.
    I still believe Ange wants to achieve that with ourselves currently, so still plenty of work still to do with ourselves and also within a job he seems to enjoy very much and gets well appreciated and supported in doing so also.
    So when you break it all down, I would still be very surprised if Ange were to leave and don’t believe he has any intention of doing so either anytime soon either imo.
    Yet you never be certain about to much within football except that the scum will remain shite

  • John says:

    Mc Avennie is our own form of the village idiot. Does anyone really think he has a clue what’s going on inside CP. Best ignored.

  • Mark McGinn says:

    It’s about time somebody called him out. I’ve never heard a so called pundit talk so much guff.

    The guy’s a pellet.

  • Effarr says:

    If Ange went to one of England’s top teams full of prima donnas he would struggle. There’s no way he would get those players on multi million pound contracts to alter their way of playing especially if it meant putting another 50% on to their pace and a chance of burnout
    a few years prematurely.

    Celtic, with the type of players he has now, is ideal for him. Even these same players will all do a Rogic in short times to avoid overdoing it. I feel Celtic could see a full turnaround of players every three years.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    I don’t see Ange as the type of guy to jump at the chance of joining any EPL club without taking into account how well that club is managed at board level. Some clubs down there seem to not have too many scruples when it comes to sacking managers, as has been seen this season.
    I would think that he may or may not be open to the Liverpool job if it ever came up, although if ever Klopp leaves Liverpool he’d be a hard act to follow.
    I honestly think that Ange and Celtic are a good match for each other, and as long as the Celtic board support him with as much finance as is possible he could be here for a few more seasons yet.
    These click bait sites are a joke and so are most of their contributors.

  • Drew Deacons says:

    McAvennie always coming out with ludicrous stories

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Info comming from Frankie who can’t string a coherent”sentence please give it a rest it’s all lies and bullshit. But then again we are talking about the football business which is not the most honest business let’s see what is true or just bullshit ???.

  • Aodhain says:

    Bhoys he was on the money about Eddie Howe and predicted correctly that he would not sign because his bum chums did not want to move to Scotland

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