Notorious Celtic Hater Becomes Linfield’s Aaron Ramsey In Shocking Title Collapse.

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Aaah. In a day when most of the news is fairly joyous and upbeat, it is particularly nice to read about how Linfield’s signing of Kyle Lafferty, the notorious anti-Celtic bigot, banned for ten games by the SFA for a sectarian slur against one of our fans, has been as spectacular a success as Aaron Ramsey was at Ibrox.

Successful if by that you mean costing them honours and unaffordable sums at the same time.

Linfield have lost the North of Ireland league title.

The winners, Larne, are celebrating their first ever win in the competition.

Linfield were hoping to make it five titles in a row. Perhaps they should have spent some of their obviously limited budget on a better option than Lafferty, but like the Ibrox club who consider themselves spiritual brethren they cannot resist a big name, especially a crowd pleaser who hates us – a word much bigger than Celtic – so openly.

He played a mere eight games. He scored zero goals.

He has spent most of his time out injured, but I would imagine he’s cashed every one of his pay cheques.

David Healy, who signed him, should pay for that decision with his job. He signed one of his mates, put him on the club payroll, and they got absolutely nothing for it except a shrunken bank balance.

As with Aaron Ramsey, he was the guy who was supposed to be the difference maker.

I wonder if Larne consider him to be? I know Celtic fans will forever be grateful to the Ibrox management team for their brilliant signings in the same January window where we brought in Maeda, Hatate and O’Riley.

That won us the title. What did they get for their money?

The missed penalty in the Europa League Final.

This is a classic example of Sevco Logic.

Looking at the club across the city, as they prepare to throw money at Jack Butland and other out of contract players from England, you can see that there’s still a love of bling over there … and the same mistakes being lined up all over again.

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  • James Ward says:

    What a fantastic time to be a Celtic fan. Let’s bag this treble and enjoy the summer.

  • SSMPM says:

    Your disrespect for and assessment of Lafferty is most definitely warranted James.

  • Paul says:

    Supposedly they have offered butland over £30k per week to sign for them.
    Rabbi Motondo is on £28k per week.
    No wonder they don’t have any money lol

  • John Copeland says:

    It could not happen to a nicer photographer ! If you catch my drift …

  • Magua says:

    FFS, it’s a bad day when we’re celebrating Larne winning. ?

    Hail Hail.

  • Gerrard Duffin says:

    Put Mooy in place of cv

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Lafferty is a very disturbed sick minded sectarian bigoted evil thing.people like him deserve nothing good in life and thats the case with him .id hate to live with a evil mind like he does.were he brings sectarian hatred into the game of football.attaching orange walks bigotiry hatred .that is no decent way to live at all.anyone who has such a mind needs help urgently

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