Sky’s Scottish Coverage Is A Disgrace, And One Which Again Leaves Celtic Fans Cold.

Image for Sky’s Scottish Coverage Is A Disgrace, And One Which Again Leaves Celtic Fans Cold.

Tonight’s game against Hibs should be live on TV. Sky has the option. But as with so often this season, they’ve chosen to be at Ibrox instead of covering Celtic. They will use the old refrain that they will be covering our game from Parkhead at the weekend, but do they expect a full tickertape parade for that or what? It’s trophy presentation day.

Already this season, Celtic fans have been forced, on several occasions, to do pay-per-view in order to watch their team, and as away ground allocations continue to shrink – thanks to the club across the city and their nonsense – this will become a bigger problem with every passing year. It makes you wonder what exactly our Sky subscriptions are worth.

Tonight the Hibs game is available for £12.99 on their PPV channel. Of course, I’ll purchase it. Because what other choice do some of us have? Sky’s coverage of our club this season has been absolutely shocking, leaving more holes in it that a Keith Jackson exclusive. Our fans have been well and truly done over by the broadcaster.

Look, I recognise there’s a certain reality here which a lot of people in England would love to confront; almost all of our games away from home are available in one way or another. I’ve long said that if we were part of the English setup we’d find that very few of them would be available to watch, and pay-per-view options aren’t even permitted.

At least up here we have that luxury.

But to be honest, we are paying through the nose to an organisation which holds the Scottish game back and treats it with utter contempt. When you see how much money is on offer south of the border it’s an absolute insult, and we continue to be screwed over.

Celtic should be fuming behind the scenes … but what is the point?

It’s the SPFL’s job to make sure Scottish fans are getting value from this piss-take of a contract.

And we’re just not, and you can see we’re not.

And Celtic fans are getting an especially bad hand dealt to us. It’s beyond a joke now.

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  • John S says:

    Don’t the Dutch league produce their own coverage and flog it to broadcasters ?

  • mhiguel66 says:

    Your question yesterday regarding attending the Celtic woman’s team. The club are selling season books @£100 or £80 subsidised. No mention of using your usual sb for entry…

  • Captain Swing says:

    Sky are a loathsome organisation in every possible way, and I wouldn’t give them the steam off my shite. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Just make sure your laptop security is decent…..

  • Unrepentant fenian says:

    Firestick ?
    Fuck ever giving murdoch a coin

  • John Copeland says:

    Celtic are on the cusp of a domestic treble for this season and have been the dominant force all season long . So what do we get from the SS ? It’s main presenter in Scotland gives the Rangers the ‘bragging rights ‘ for next season , while being losers and failures at everything they played in . Then we have the main commentator who every time the Rangers score a goal , has a chronic flare up of excitement . Onto big fake Kris Boyd ,the perennial in house ‘expert ‘who could not speak sensibly if he was taught by Gyles Brandreth ! It’s a sad litany of indulgence towards one clumpany to the detriment of every other club in the country and is happening in plain sight without complaints But don’t fret , it will soon be time for an increase in subscriptions just in time for the new season …

  • MarkE says:

    700,000 Sky Sports subscriber’s in Scotland.

    The new Scottish football Sky deal means £37.5m/season.

    This equates to about £1.03/week from each Scottish Sky subscriber going towards the Scottish game.

    …besides this clubs have pay per view & their own channels subscription costs

    If £1/week from only Scotland’s Sky subscribers equals £37.5m/season, surely we could organise a better set up ourselves, something low cost to the consumer that would bring more money into our game than Sky’s deal and the clubs own set ups, something that gives viewers unlimited access to all games?

  • Gazza says:

    Tell sky to stick there dish up there arse that’s what I did. There coverage and hosts are arseholes and huns.

  • Stephen says:

    Sky, only a problem if your daft enough to pay for it.

  • Ray Nield says:

    Precisely why I am cancelling my Sky Sports subscription. BT do a better job and they don’t even show games and don’t even start me on Viaplay and the cups.

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