St Mirren Have The “Bragging Rights” For The Summer After Today’s Draw With Celtic

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St Mirren With The “Bragging Rights” For The Summer After Draw With Celtic Today.

There are sometimes results and performances which put other results and performances into their proper perspective and today was one of those. Despite the gibbering, drooling moron on Clyde who tried to turn it into a crisis moment, what we actually saw today was a game which put last weekend in the proper context; a performance from a team which has nothing to prove, which has already won a title and which is not going to over exert prior to the final.

As much as we want to see the team win every game, there is little doubt that the engine which drove the club has been brought down to a steady rumble instead of rolling on full revs. The game today was a damp squib of an encounter, and one we came close to get nothing from. We would not have been able to argue about it if we had.

Notice that nobody in the media is talking about “bragging rights” today; why not? St Mirren have drawn at Celtic Park and beaten us on their home ground, They have taken more points off us than any other side in the league. They are entitled to do a bit of bragging, but apparently only one club is allowed to do that, only one club marks a dead-rubber game as if it were a defining encounter, with the ability to alter the course of the future.

We were miles off it today, a performance with so many echoes of that game last weekend that only the wilfully blind aren’t seeing the pattern. It is inconceivable that we’d have turned in either display if we were still playing to win the title. Those who attempted to frame last week as more than it was have been embarrassed today, so obvious is it that our mentality has ever so subtly shifted.

As I said, we might not like that but it’s not a disaster and if it keeps everyone fresh and focussed for Hampden then it’s not something I’m going to spit fury about. We’re the best club in this country and have proved it over an outstanding campaign in which we’ve done the one thing that league champions have to do; we’ve won when it mattered, every time it did.

So let people like the Clyde clown vent their spleen. I am not going to cry over it. There are clearly some areas of the team we need to improve in the summer, but the manager knew that before the game and whatever the media thinks, the point I made during the week is that our plans won’t have changed. The boss knows more than all these people put together.

Congratulations to St Mirren, whose record against us this season is better than any other side in the country, a fact they will trumpet loudly but which few in the media will bother with because of what it says about their favourite club.

Their result last weekend is now presented in the context it deserved. I do not expect that any of those wetting their pants this time last week over The Mooch getting a face-saving win will even notice. This won’t change their fantasy existence either.

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  • Jackson says:

    We didn’t compete last week with the physicality and again today…..Main could have scared 4 at least…..Ange must know this and hopefully gets the men he wants in the summer, Iwata is a good midfield player..never a centre back here in Scotland.
    Big Joe could have done a bit better today…..


  • Johnno says:

    Another very poor performance yet again today and not a good habit either to be getting ourselves into at present.
    Ange said that he wanted to end the season strongly, well it’s not happening, for a number of now, even if we still managed to get results.
    Shame to see so many of our players who have generally had a decent season, playing so poorly at present that’s it’s becoming close to useless.
    Now I understand that the players aren’t robots, but not great seeing so many switch off to the degree that some have, especially with cup final places up for grabs still.
    Just need to get this treble sewn up which isn’t going to be a formality as we’re expecting, if we’re going to continue with such a poor mentality that we seem to be bringing into games of late.

    • Ryan Ellis says:

      Calm the beans Johnno, we’re still going to win the treble, you just need to untwist your knickers! Lol

  • Anthony McKeirnan says:

    Hate to nitpick but the zombies denied us 5 points as well, that being said you’re right we’re clearly in low gear for the moment. I said after the semi I’d have played a full reserve team at tyncastle, ibrokes and easter road, let the starters have a bit of a break & only played them today and against Aberdeen to keep them sharp for the final, we might even have had the pleasure of the starters officially clinching the title today in front of a full house instead of a tiny away allocation at the mini bigotdome

  • Effarr says:

    I wish I was as confident about the future as you are. Of course, I could maybe get a loan of your green tinted specs. The fact is that the “Angeball” is losing air. It needs the pressure topped up. If it has been sussed by tuppence ha’penny teams here what chance in Europe?

    When was the last time we saw Celtic really dominating a game? I’m afraid too many of the new players are turning out to be duds. Where’s Neil Lennon when you need him?
    Still in the shower.

    • Ryan Ellis says:

      You ok Hun?

    • Johnny Green says:

      While I don’t agree that some of our players are duds, I do think that some of them are at a level that is not, and will not be good enough for Celtic to progress sufficiently in Europe.

      There are quite a number of players I reckon that are above average domestically but below European standards, they will do a good job but not well enough and we cannot replace all of them.

      We have Hart, Bain and possibly Siegrist, I haven’t seen enough of him to comment and you’ve got to wonder why? In defence there is Ralston, Starfelt, Kobayashi, Taylor, Bernabei and other fringe players who by dint of the fact they don’t get picked are in that same boat. In midfield we have Matt O’Rilley, Turnbull, Mooy who are borderline and again the others who are not even in the frame. Up front Oh and Haksobanovic are also average and again there are quite a few loanees throughout the team who are also not good enough.

      In fact there are only about half a dozen or so of a high enough standard to have pass marks for Europe. That is of course only my opinion, and I think we really need to bolster that group by at least half a dozen more to have any chance of European success.

      That is quite a list of, good enough but not quite good enough, and I am expecting Ange to strengthen the group within reason during the Summer transfer window. I am trying hard not to be too critical as we do have good players, but to get to the next level, whether next season or the next, there is still major surgery required and I hope that Ange can wave his magic wand and sort that out.

      There is going to be interesting times ahead and of course winning the Treble will be wildly celebrated, but let’s be realistic, on the domestic front we are well to the fore, but we could be in for a shock once again in Europe unless we significantly strengthen the squad.

  • Dora says:

    Fair play to St Mirren, win and a draw against the champs-gotta applaud that, even though ( like last week ), The Mighty Glasgow Celtic knew 2 trophies were in the trophy room-AGAiN!!
    We can forgive them for complacency…
    All that matters is another treble, and if that can be achieved, we shall party but not sure we deserve too much bragging rights)))))))))))))

    • woodyiom says:

      We should NEVER forgive complacency – that’s unacceptable at ANY time. If any players are becoming complacent then they shouldn’t be anywhere near the team. Luckily I don’t think that’s what happening. I think the players are just tired – both physically and mentally – from the long season and their form has dipped from the relief/joy of getting over the line. The concern is its not easy to get form back when you need it – we badly need to get back on track in the next 7days or the Final may not have the outcome we all want (and arguably expect!!)


    I thank you for telling us about St Mirren and how well they have done against us this season.

    That doesn’t appear a good standard at all for you to write about.

    Afterall, Celtic still have competition left to play for.

    Celtic cannot take Cup Final for granted.

    How would St Mirren fair against top European teams, I wonder.

    St Mirren don’t fair too well against other Sevco and other Scottish Teams.

    It maybe a long season but it is that way for every other team.

    You should take notice as these recent games are not friendlies Celtic are playing in.

  • Michael Clark says:

    This might not get printed because how dare I but I’ve said in the past it’s a great time to be a Celtic supporter and I haven’t changed my thinking. Celtic are on the brink of a treble and deservedly so, we’re the best team in Scotland. However Champions league football is on the horizon and we are not nearly good enough. Many of our players are not good enough for this competition and it starts from back to front. Celtic need a keeper, a central defender and a striker AT LEAST. It was proved in the last campaign and the section we were drawn in could have been a lot worse yet we never won a game. We talk about today’s game being a dead rubber for Celtic, it was exactly the same for St Mirren. Last week was a game that carried nothing more than pride although it was an Old Firm game which Rangers clearly wanted to win more than us. Celtic are getting away with some of these players in the side because we play in Scotland. Let’s see what happens in the close season because this present side isn’t going to cut it in Europe. History has told us that.

  • Tony B says:

    What does bragging rights even mean? It’s a nonsense concept dreamed up by fannies in the meedja.

    If such a thing exists then it must surely belong to St Mirren, but let’s go along with it, The salient feature of bragging rights is that in order to have them you must in the long term be a LOSER, since winners don’t need bragging rights, they have trophies instead.

    That’s it. We are winners, the rest are LOSERS.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The engine has been rumbling along for longer than just the last two weeks and once again I am thinking that we are not nearly as good as we think we are. There are no excuses for professional to take their feet off the gas, we don’t stop, aye right?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Another poor display. Defence is shockin and doesnae look anywhere near secure or reliable. That needs tae be strengthened and sorted, even when CCV comes back.

  • BJM says:

    Thought Iwata was decent in unfamiliar role apart from one mistake, not the one that led to first goal to me that was on ralston.
    Some of this team have to toughen up two of our most physical players missing, result poor performance and bullied again .

  • Michael McCartney says:

    CCV missing and players to a degree switching off because the main job is done is the main reason for the last two disappointing results, anyone seeing this as a mini crisis is wrong in my opinion.
    The only game that matters is on June 3rd, although in saying that I’m looking for a bit more from the team in the last two league games as we gear up for the final.
    I’m pretty sure Ange will have plans regarding what the group need to freshen things up next season. Let’s just enjoy the success’s of this season and not be all doom and gloom over a couple of games which mean nothing in the long term.

  • John S says:

    One cannot switch on and off ‘Attitude’. It has to be in the DNA, so to speak.
    Time to look at the goalie position as it seems that CCV compensated for Joe Hart’s position at cross-balls.

  • Frank says:

    The Motherwell game wasnt meaningless at the time and we huffed and ouffed then too. We have not been at it for weeks nit just last two games.

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