The Media Here Really Does Love Its Anti-Celtic Clown Parade, Doesn’t It?

Image for The Media Here Really Does Love Its Anti-Celtic Clown Parade, Doesn’t It?

There have been few stupider people in the world – in the history of the world – than Jason Cummings, a professional footballer most interested in playing the utter clown than he was in being a professional footballer, although that’s what paid the bills.

Hey I don’t doubt he’s earning okay money in Australia … but at his age he’d have hoped to be on £30,000 a week by now.

It’s possible that he could get a job with the circus, driving the clown car, but that won’t pay as much.

So yeah, I stand by my call.

It takes someone of monumental stupidity, who has a job most people would dream about, to flog his chances of playing at the highest level because he preferred to play the role of the Village Idiot.

He’s never going to be as good at it as actual Village Idiots anyway, although if he couldn’t kick a ball moderately well he would not even get a job licking stamps.

Tonight the Scottish media is featuring his “brilliant” or “hilarious” reaction to the weekend result. Anyone who finds Jason Cummings brilliant or hilarious in any way, shape or form is ticking the box for “Easily Amused.”

The media has played its own role in helping this idiot destroy his football career, so maybe I should cheer them on as they continue to make him look stupid.

Still, is this how desperate they are to mock us?

That they are dragging this eejit onto the stage?

There is literally no redeeming quality to this story, and yet a handful of media outlets is running it.

It’s not enough that the Ibrox club wins a single game and the media acts like it’s a Champions League final instead of an end of season non-event; they have to dredge up every halfwit who wants to sneer and throw them in our faces.

It’s going to be excruciating dealing with variations of this over and over again in the course of the summer. But a treble will sweeten our end of the deal and give us real reasons to celebrate as opposed to their soul-crushing effort to find something positive at the end of a season that had snatched away even the tiniest vestiges of hope from them.

I think that light they think they see at the end of the tunnel is the onrushing train, and I wrote about why this morning. So hope remains, yes, but I wouldn’t count on it blossoming into more if I were in their shoes. They have their wee moment, and if I were them I’d drag it out for as long as I could because a hard rain is gonna fall come the new campaign.

We’ll see if they dig Cummings back up then, and show us his tears. Or they can put on one of the other assorted idiots who have traipsed through the studios this week to tell us how much the result means.

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  • Magua says:

    Who the deuce is Jason Cummings? Never heard of the fella.

    Hail Hail.

  • John Copeland says:

    Whenever I hear the name Jason Cummings , I quickly think of the great Joe Walsh album …You can’t argue with a sick mind ! Yeah , that’s the one …

  • Johnno says:

    With a name that resembles a zombie ejaculation don’t see what such a no mark can joke about

  • Martin.H says:

    So since their rebirth in 2012, there has been 30 trophies up for grabs, they have won 2, not our fault they were liquidised, they still had the second biggest budget in scottish football. They have beat us once in 6 games this season, lost in 2 Cup competitions that meant everything to them, and they keep rolling these failures out.

    • James Forrest says:

      Hehe as much as I know those stats it is never anything but a pleasure to read them 🙂

      • Michael Collins. says:

        Nice to see you starting to comment on some of these posts James. Keep it up,

  • Jim says:

    Well said fella good piece.. Fekn media are the clowns running these things cos of a win against a half arsed half team of Celtic in a dead rubber game fkn congratulations wow really ?muppets up the treble they”ll be watching it shouting for ICT poor cnts ??????? Hail Hail

  • harold shand says:

    My lasting memory of this knob playing in Scotland is when he tried to do a Panenka in a semi final and ended up making a total c*nt of himself

  • Dando says:

    Decent junior player nothing more….


  • John McKay says:

    Trying to sell papers on the back of a serial loser says a about them.

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