The Media’s Eagerness To See The Celtic Boss Leave Is Absolutely Obscene.

Image for The Media’s Eagerness To See The Celtic Boss Leave Is Absolutely Obscene.

Harry Redknapp now? Really? Is that how desperate our media is to see Ange Postecoglou in England that they’ll put that they’ll publish his comments on the possibility of his leaving for Tottenham?

Redknapp is a fan of our boss. So what?

To read his comments today, reeking of EPL centric arrogance you’d think this was a done deal.

“No disrespect to Celtic, but when a Premier League club like Tottenham shows interest then you have to take notice,” he said, apparently not realising that, in fact, it’s a huge disrespect to our club. “I thought he’d be a front-runner then for sure … but now I see Ange is very much in the frame and that’s a shame for Celtic fans because he’s done an incredible job there.”

It’s a shame for Celtic fans?

The presumption in those comments is astounding.

Am I crazy or is Ange still the manager of our club as I write this?

I am sure that similar patronising sentiments would have been made by some in England about their pursuit of Feynoord’s boss Arne Slot; “What a shame for them, they were enjoying having him there …”

The number of managers who have turned that club down already suggests very strongly that none of them like what they are hearing on the grapevine.

The news that the club wants to appoint a DOF before the manager comes in is only adding to the sense of chaos.

Ange faced a similar intro at Celtic, but very quickly the idea of bringing in someone to oversee him was dropped. Are Spurs going to give him the control they never gave anyone else? No, and that’s the minimum that he would demand.

Redknapp’s comments are bad enough, and what you expect from someone who has spent the better part of his career in an English game which sneers at the rest of football.

That our media is so obviously gleeful about them is appalling.

We have had very few world class operators in our game, and it seems to me that the media cannot wait to see them leave … if they’re at Celtic, of course. But only at Celtic. Notice that nobody is linking The Mooch to any of these jobs … and they won’t.

Not at any point, just as Van Bronckhorst wasn’t after he reached a European final.

This stuff makes me absolutely sick.

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  • Tony B says:

    The hun media, for that is what they are, are desperate to see Celtic reduced to the level of sevco.

    They don’t give a shit about Scottish football just as long as the huns are preeminent, even if they’re sitting on a pile of ashes.

    Hypocrites all.

  • John Copeland says:

    On this subject , I highly recommend the latest book by one of my musical heroes and unarguably one of the finest musicians on the planet ! It’s called Everybody Loves Me and is by the incomparable genius Mr Leland Sklar . The thing with this book is that it’s unique because it is nothing more than a collection of life pictures of all of Lee’s friends , fellow musicians ,acquaintances met over his career and everyone is doing what is asked of them . Flipping the bird ! The old middle finger ! Thousands of them giving it what for ! Quite appropriate behaviour if you ask me ? A lesson to be learned !

  • Gerryfr62 says:

    Ange wouldn’t be arranging Japanese tours if he had any plans on leaving and for once Chris Sutton should leave his thoughts to himself

  • S Thomas says:

    James I’m sorry but Harry Redknapps comments are not at all disrespectful, Harry was asked a question and answered it. Look at Chris Suttons piece on the daily record, he has not said anything different to what Chris has. It is true that spurs have a phenomenal stadium and training facility , they also have in my opinion the best forward player in Europe in mr Kane. Spurs is an interesting project for someone, and they are not a middle of the road club, they are one of the big 6. I mean you’re also living in London as well.. which from experience is a phenomenal city. It would be a tempting opportunity for anybody, I’m just hoping they appoint someone else, or Ange might say no I’ll have a crack at the champions league with Celtic.

  • Johnno says:

    Seems like this is going to on going.
    Personally think it’s nonsense, yet Ange has hardly been convincing at shutting such rumours down either at present.
    We know he likes to play games with the Scottish media, especially as they would love to see the back of him, with making him look like the eejits them remain.
    You can never predict the future within football and hardly impressed that Ange seems to be playing that game currently

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    If your anti celtic or twisted bitter and refuse to respect any other club or manager just like these gutter press so called uneducated reporters do then youl do all you can to discredit disrespect try to unsettle a manager by printing pure gobshite .when you have such twisted not right in head reporters being actualy paid to say such things its pretty disturbing that anyone can employ such a dense thick reporter in first place.ange will know exactly whats going on

  • John S says:

    Any story that undermines Celtic in Scotland is heading for publication.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Pishful thinking from all of them. it means nothing in reality.

  • 18871888 says:

    Why would anybody take notice of a tax dodging b stard like’Arry?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Agree wi that. Tho it’s only natural any boss with Ange’s succes will raise interest, the sheer scale of speculative badgerin from this media since he’s become successful’s been a fkn pathetic disgrace. And we know if his success continues, this obsessive negativity’s just gonnae increase. Imo our directors should start takin a harder line wi these weasels. Any speculative tripe, get them barred from CP and who gives a fk whit anybody thinks.

  • Antony says:

    Wish someone in the msm would stand up for our club and call out this biased reporting everyday. Your correct, it would make you sick.

  • king murdy says:

    if ange ISN’T leaving…..WHY didn’t he take the opportunity yesterday when he had the microphone in hand to tell the fans direct….
    in one swoop, he snubs the media, and tell the people that matter….?
    and close down all speculation……

    i wouldn’t blame ange for going….one way or another, succeed or fail…he and his family, even his grandchildren….are set for life financially….

    having said that….i HOPE he stays one more season…

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