The Record’s Obsession With “Bragging Rights” Would Not Apply To Celtic.

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Since when does The Record care about one-off youth matches?

Since they got to slap the words “bragging rights” into the headline.

Bragging rights. What have I been saying? That’s becoming all the rage now. Shame it doesn’t actually come with a trophy or two, because that really would be something for people to brag about.

That headline last night, about how the Ibrox Under 18’s now had “the bragging rights” was so obviously a stab at our club and our fans that I was tempted to just ignore it. But let’s face it, that’s how the media has gotten away with this stuff so long.

All season, we’ve been beating the Ibrox club at every level just about, and every time we’ve done it the narrative has been what they will do to us when they can be bothered to show, as if they simply didn’t take the games seriously.

Celtic lose just once and you’d think that was going to define the season. Bragging rights are worth precisely nothing. Except acres of space in the media.

Imagine the women lose their league decider on Sunday.

The headline will be that they are pulling ahead of us at every level.

Ridiculous, but you know this is true. Bragging rights won’t come into it. If we lose the title to Glasgow City, and the Ibrox club finishes third, will they still talk about bragging rights? No, because that phrase never applies to us.

They do this same thing every year. Last season, they won the Hampden semi-final and then we drew at Celtic Park. We were brilliant for the whole campaign, and had beaten them home and away earlier in the season, in the games which really counted … but the whole season was reframed by those two results, as if the others hadn’t happened at all.

It was the basis on which so many of the hacks – including five out of the six on Clyde – tipped the Ibrox club to win this season’s title. A prediction which was as ridiculous then as it is now when you look back on it. They believe their own propaganda.

But even by their usual standards – haha what a word to use! – this “bragging rights” stuff is absolutely pathetic.

As I wrote the other day, if there are wrong conclusions to draw from the weekend, rest assured that club will draw them … but so will their media allies.

Bragging rights won’t change that they face a trophyless end to the season and an uncertain summer.

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  • Patrick McCarthy says:

    The Media are always anti-Celtic and keen to worship the second best. They will always be second best to us.

  • Brian Cavanagh says:


    You are giving away your power by commenting on this. Indeed this shows their desperation in seeking any solace for the gap between Celtic and one of the Glasgow clubs. We are financially, professionally miles ahead. We are a successful organisation that is a great product with a great fan base – a business model that many would love to have..

    I know you like your history to here is one for you – the bragging rights story is the equivalent to the Japanese praising the kamikaze pilot who destroys as US warship as the Americans land on Okinawa. Great for propaganda – but they are still losing

  • Stephen says:

    Any luck they’ll have the bragging rights next season as we complete the treble.

  • Tony B says:

    “Bragging rights” implies that there is something to brag about.

    We have plenty, they have err fuck all.

  • John Copeland says:

    The print edition of the Record is full of the Rangers scoops ! Always has been . Now we know that the digital arm of the same Kharsi roll is exactly the same . At least we’ll know that when it goes nipples up for them , it will be the Rangers scoops which caused the end .

  • harold shand says:

    It’s been a long season of despair for the Daily Record Ibrox message boys hence headlines like the one mentioned .

    The ‘ Rangers Win The League Next Season By 11 Points On Football Manager Simulation Game ‘ headline is coming very soon

  • Captain Swing says:

    Complaining that the Glasgow-based mainstream fitba’ media is anti-Celtic and hun-loving is a bit like claiming The Daily Telegraph is pro-conservative: we all know that this is the case and no good can come of reading it. It’s mindless drivel, aimed squarely at their core readership – the mindless – during season ticket renewal month as well. If they were saying anything different I’d be more surprised. These ‘organs’ have a built-in, institutional bias. Anyone who suggests otherwise would probably argue over the colour of orange juice….

  • Stewart says:

    We know itsa loafa bollocks but it gives the hacks a lil comfort,, as for last seasons scottish cup it was worded scottish cup champions!!!! Always thought it was cup winners,, I wonder how itl be worded this year??

  • Johnno says:

    Surely everyone within the scum ranks have to be totally embarrassment of the use of the saying at present?
    We all know how thick and dopey they are with trying to keep the 11 year survival lie going and this current one is right up there with the nonsense the scum thrive upon.
    As they never have been able to face reality, maybe it’s time to thank the scum in helping our cause to setting up the world record treble winning.
    Our biggest enemy is more about complacency than what the scum have on offer.
    Also highlighted areas where our celtic team have to improve upon next season, especially with CL football in mind.
    So last weekend they were very generous in helping us to move forward as the standing still will no longer be applied, so can the scum actually keep up with us while bragging about a meaningless game with helping us so much in the process?
    Will we see the same celtic on show in the cup final, when complacency shouldn’t no longer be a factor upon the day?
    Can’t see that happening whatsoever, especially now.
    We may not like ever losing to the scum, but bragging rights are only upon ice when in a couple of weeks time, the true meaning of bragging rights will be unveiled for many outside of Scotland to be able to rejoice in, and with thanking the scum in helping it happen with been so mouthy about gaining nothing in return.
    Happy days still remains intact for ourselves

  • DixieD says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how many hacks pick the rangers to be champions next season based on that one result. As sure as night follows day, the transfer window news will declare every rangers out of contract free signing as “an absolute steal” and every young player signed will have “massive potential” who they have “beaten a number of top clubs for his signature” Meanwhile Ange jus quietly goes about the business of winning trophies.

  • John S says:

    Everyone has the right to brag but not everyone has something to brag about.

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