The Village Idiot Pitifully Contradicted Himself This Morning On Celtic’s “Budget” Excuse.

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There was no way I was getting through today without first commenting on The Village Idiot and his ridiculous references on Sky today to Celtic’s budget. Everything this blog has written about his basic lack of professionalism and talent was on full display.

Unprofessionalism is a big thing for this guy.

Yesterday, on Viaplay, they had Brian Laudrup on with Martin O’Neill and Michael Stewart.

Laudrup gave an honest and fair assessment of the game, as they all did. All three were a credit to themselves, and they spoke intelligently about the match and the events in it. Laudrup acted like a pro.

Consider that and then The Village Idiot’s bitter snark last weekend after his favourite club had been beaten by Aberdeen, the one about thinking their season tickets were only valid for 85 minutes of the game, or whatever the Hell it was.

That was a needless, petty, spiteful remark which his bosses should have given him a dig for. Absolutely lacking in class. Absolutely lacking in professional standards, like his notorious eating of pizza during a live segment on their results show.

The man has no discernible skill whatsoever in front of the camera.

His smirk is that of a guy way too chuffed with himself, and with no reason to be except that he convinced some mug in a massive broadcasting company to give him a job.

How he managed that I will never know, but it’s no longer really important. Someone has to justify that to the bean-counters and if all involved are happy with it, well it’s their money to piss away.

Today he used the platform they afford him to talk utter garbage. To raise, again, the spectre of our spending. Upon being asked if his club, with their budget, should be winning more he used our spending as an excuse … and then said it would be wrong to do that. This is what he gives them. This is what he provides for his wages.

Just read this absolute gibberish. “You can point to budgets; if that is the case then the way the season has panned out is the correct one. Celtic have got by far the biggest budget in the country. I mean, Ange Postecoglou has spent a fortune to a man to get the team he has assembled. So, Celtic have the biggest budget, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t beat Celtic. I think you start looking for excuses when you start going after budgets. Rangers, if you go back to winning the league, the recruitment has been way off it. There are no other words.”

Jesus. I suspect that was more painful to listen to than it was to read, and it was pretty painful to read that. “There are no other words” is not a sentence you ever want to hear come out of an analyst’s mouth.

“I’m too stupid to think of anything to say,” is basically what that screams at you. People in that job are supposed to be coherent, insightful and intelligent … you could get brain damage trying to follow this guy’s random logic.

His lack of focus in his interview was painful.

He is clearly as thick as a concrete milkshake, and it presents an horrific image of Sky Sports Scotland when this mumbling, stumbling idiot is allowed on the air to advertise his lack of skill in the job.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s obviously in great psychic pain and that alone might be worth some people tuning in for.

It veers on torture porn at times watching him squirm his way through broadcasts when his team have been beat … yet I can’t stomach him. I can’t stomach the dumbing down of our game that he represents.

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  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Thought having more money wasn’t an advantage in Scotland

  • Dolphin Boy says:

    James I have no idea who the village idiot is, could you please give us a name, as there are so many of them ?

    • Nick66 says:

      Played for Killie,
      A billy called Boyd.
      Turned out for Oldco,
      And a mattress ad too.
      Cannot be objective,
      cannot be true.
      All he can be,
      Is bitter blue.

  • Johnno says:

    How this stupid thick hun fuck still holds down a job within sky still remains way beyond myself.
    Having such a thick idiot as a voice of Scottish football hardly gives the Scottish game any creditabity and was hoping Sky could have been ran out of Scottish football in order to potentially let the product of Scottish football grow, as this thick hun fuck doesn’t do anything to help Scottish football whatsoever.
    Sky itself increased the budgets within the EPL to make it the most cash rich league in the world.
    Yet the same principles still apply on how budgets are actually spent?
    Will sky turn to this arsehole and explain why Chelsea are only the 3rd best team in West London alone?
    Or even why Notts forest stand to get relegated after spending around 200M just to try and stay in the league?
    There remains a great skill within football for raising revenue for budgets which Celtic have done so impressive since the arrival of Ange and boosting the cash available within the club also at the same time.
    Yet this scum cheerleader can’t face up to the millions squandered on lost court cases and buying such shite and paying a fortune to do so.
    Scum cheerleaders not facing reality and hiding behind flimsy excuses still remains the delusional that exists for the scum, and that fat horrible ugly bitter arsehole still remains the worst of the lot

  • Michael Clark says:

    I don’t always agree with the stuff that James Forrest writes but this one is brilliant. I wasn’t past the first paragraph before I realised who he was taking about. I for the life of me can’t understand either why SKY allow this clown ( and that’s what he is) to not only embarrass Scottish football but SKY TV as well. He’s a fool who makes comment’s that clearly make the panel cringe. I think Andy Walker refused to work with him. He belongs in the stands with the rest of his kind because he can’t and is unable to talk constructively because he gets so bent out of shape about what’s really happening on the park. Have you guessed who were on about yet because I haven’t mentioned his name either but it’s pretty obvious who it is ?!?! I hope everyone keeps this column going without mentioning his name.

  • Bob L says:

    James, you keep saying this, and I think we all agree, how does Boyd keep getting these gigs, he is so obviously biased it is embarrassing.


      The problem is not just the bias but the bitterness that is evident in his face and voice every time he mentions us. What he rambles on about is inconsequential to Celtic. However his manic ravings do little advance the cause of Scottish Football as a whole.
      While the Sky Contact for covering our game is commercially poor for our Clubs it does however give us a platform for selling the game to Sponsors. Alas this bitter, biased and uneducated buffoon is front and centre of the presentation and is undermining the game.
      Time Sky pensioned him off along with OldCo’s McCann, Rae, McMoist, Hutton et al.

  • Frank says:

    Bob i will tell you why. Do you recall the clammer to boycott Sky cos of the anti celtic agenda re Boyd and our cries to get him binned. Response from Sky was no only to stick two finders at us for his anti-celtic views but they have now stuck him there saturday show as well. In summary Sly are they issue cos you go aftre them and this is the result

  • Eldraco says:

    Equity confetti Mr Boyd ,(coz ur no fucking bond) half a billion of it and you lot still can’t get it right.

  • SSMPM says:

    Sly tv, in spite of their proclamations about anti discrimination, have kept Boyd because he spouts the imperialist unionist loyalist agenda so aspired to by Murdoch their founder and plays to the English football team’s fans, the artist formerly known as Rangers and as we all know Scotland’s press.
    That conversely means Anti Irish, Anti Catholic and Anti Celtic by association with our Irish Gael history. It’s been blatantly spouted for years under the banner of anti terrorism which is why you’ll often hear the anti IRA songs at England games.
    That would of course be understandable if the bombings in England were in isolation but it helps them conveniently negate the simple fact that when you invade other countries, with your soldiers shooting women, children and priests in their own streets and parks, it’s your own country’s history and continuing division of the island of Ireland that means they are the real terrorists. Therefore pro rankers and anti Celtic by association. That’s why we should stand vociferously apart from that past/current chanting and thus from the trash Kulture across the city and their current foot-soldiers like Boyd. HH Champions

  • Effarr says:

    Maybe you should mention O Neil too about his continued references to the “Old Firm”.
    I have no time for Boyd but O Neil makes me squirm as well.

  • John McLaughlin says:

    The muppet is a fool oh the highest quality

  • Jim Ryan says:

    Sky could not have picked a worse Ibrox representative. There will be plenty ex oldco players out there who would do the job without childish bitterness, and talk a decent game too…eg Laudrup. Boyd has nothing. He sends out every message sounding no better than a drunk from the Louden.
    Actually makes me think it’s a deliberate wind up act from Sky Sports and no doubt Andy Melvin fixed this cretin up with the gig through his ludge connections. What a way for a company this size to operate.

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