US Outlet Claims That Big Carter Vickers Will Be Ready For Celtic’s Next Campaign.

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A US media outlet has claimed that Cameron Carter Vickers has come through his knee injury operation just fine and will be ready for the start of the next campaign. It is not clear whether he will miss any part of pre-season training, but this sounds very optimistic.

Carter Vickers has been the rock at the heart of the team all season long.

The idea that he might be out for an extended spell naturally has a lot of fans very nervous, even if you consider that the club was very likely to sign another centre back in the window.

These injuries can be tricky to predict, but the media as per usual went with the worst case scenario when they were discussing it at first; they had Carter Vickers missing Champions League games and every damned thing.

Wishful thinking that seems, thankfully, to be well wide of the mark if the reports from the US are to be believed.

The media here isn’t reporting this at the moment; it was a Celtic site – Celts Are Here – which got the first piece on this out, and fair play to them for it.

The mainstream press would have reported, in an instant, any suggestion that this injury was going to keep him out for the long term. That hope appears set to be snatched away from them.

But they will always have their end of season bragging rights, I guess.

That’s what’s really important in Scottish football at the end of the day.

So we keep getting told by the hacks anyway.

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  • Johnno says:

    A well run club makes big decisions upon big players, and we certainly got the one regarding CCV, 100% correct.
    Having CCV available for the start of next season was far more important to ourselves than delaying thing’s just for games without much meaning.
    OK, I can understand the view of a treble, but in all honesty if we haven’t got a CH available to handle a Caley attacking threat, then are they really much use for ourselves?
    Could already rule out CCV for next season trips to them kips livvy and killie and shouldn’t be an issue either.
    Glad that starfelt isn’t getting the pelters he once did and starting to get a bit more credit as a decent enough player which he throughly deserves imo.
    Also it has highlighted just how much we still need another CH, which could well become 2 if Ange decides he wants better than Welsh also.
    As money shouldn’t be an issue it’s no surprise the Scottish media won’t let themselves look at the situation.
    Let them continue to make mountains out of the free piles of dog shit the scum will be attracted to, we in the meantime will continue to look to become stronger with adding players Ange feels can serve ourselves at a CL level, moreso than freebies who might make a mark at SPFL but nowhere near good enough for any European competition level

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