Yesterday Celtic Got Their Trophy Amidst A Torrent Of Rumours And Negativity.

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Yesterday was trophy day and I think we all celebrated it properly, and enjoyed the whole thing.

Nothing was going to ruin it for us, because we deserve it and we earned it through every minute of what was a long and arduous campaign.

This club has been through the wars this season, and it was only right that we all took a day and let our hair down in honour of the players and the manager, and in recognition of all their hard work.

We were never going to get our due credit – I’ll write more later about how it is being spun in some quarters – but we probably didn’t expect the torrent of negativity that was whipped up for us in the days leading up to the game … and which is still being whipped up now.

The rumour factory churned for the full week, with nothing actually going on.

Reports that Spurs might be considering the manager were blown massively out of proportion, turning our run-up to the match into a constant cycle of stories about a subject which had no bearing on the game or on the celebrations which were to come.

And that, of course, was the whole damned point of them.

The whole thing was a poisonous effort to detract from what was a fantastic achievement, and to cast a dark shadow over what we all hoped would be a fantastic day, and it was in spite of the nonsense which surrounded it.

Ange handled it all well. As well as could be expected for a guy who is being browbeaten into giving some kind of definitive statement on his future … which the hacks know full well that he cannot do.

There may or may not be an announcement after the cup final; we’ll have to wait and see. That announcement will most probably commit him to Celtic … but the media doesn’t want us thinking of any positives, just about worst case scenarios.

Still, they could not take anything away from us yesterday; that was the performance we’d been looking for and the party afterwards filled the city centre streets.

It was just what we’d been waiting for, and with the treble still on the best is yet to come.

In spite of their best efforts, we did in fact turn Glasgow Green and White.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Absolutely 100%.

    Congratulations to all the Celtic fans who made the Merchant City the party capital of Scotland. It was a beautiful atmosphere.

    It is days like yesterday that reaffirm my love for Celtic and the wider Celtic family.

    The Old Firm is not two cheeks of the same arse. We are not like them. We don’t want to be like them and we don’t want to be labelled with them. It is our duty to remind everyone of that fact.


  • Jimmy says:

    Ange is going to continue to be connected to jobs because of his fantastic record up here. If you don’t think other teams will see him as a potential manager then your living in cloud cookoo land. Will he be swayed by a big job in England. I certainly hope not. Stop getting your knickers in a twist James. It’s called Football.

  • Johnny Green says:

    That was our best performance since the World Cup break, a magnificent end to the season.

    I might also compliment Sky Sports on their coverage of trophy Day it was brilliant from start to finish, well done them.

    I’ve also just watched the Celtic Ghirls winning the Scottish Cup against the huns, it’s been a fantastic weekend.

  • Johnno says:

    That’s of no real surprise, yet 3 games can’t define a whole season either.
    Only wanted to see 2 thing’s out of yesterday’s match and got both in abundance yesterday thankfully.
    First was to see a solid defensive display as conceding 9 goals in 3 games is never good to see from any Celtic team.
    Second was to see ourselves play with enjoyment as couldn’t have been to enjoyable playing in the muck that was served up recently.
    And getting a goal feast was an added bonus and great confidence boost for the cup final.
    2 huge celebrations await in 2 weeks and should be throughly enjoyed for the brilliant achievement that is on the verge of been completed.
    Still many decisions will have to be made during the summer and the future of Stephen Welsh is another added to an increasing list by the looks of thing’s.
    No decision making is going to be made before next weekend, so it has to be celebrating time for now and see how everything else may unfold as sure to be a number of changes made before next season starts, I would say

  • Michael McCann says:

    While on the pitch, just after the final whistle and celebrating Ange was asked twice about going to Spurs by sky these people are relentless with bitterness. Absolute hateful people

  • Peterbrady says:

    It’s all they have the filth they are now calling for ballistic 2 they are pathetic they know there poisonous club are in a downward spiral with a total inadequate coach a board lying to them . We have a genius in Ange better players directors giving Ange the tools for upgrade with Dermott and his son for next level . Glasgow’s green and white and always will be.

  • Sun Tsu says:

    James ,media in Scotland is a rankerous and cancerous entity. They will do anything, inclUding selling their grannies to Satan to. Promote their favoured team. Fantasy stories regarding Ange’s future have been out of order. Deliberate attempts to undermine our manager and team Personally I would cease to engage with them and and ban them . They are all hun bastards. Journalists,, Aye Right. !,




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