Celtic And Inverness Are Right To Be Fuming Over This Cup Final Farce.

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Last night, maybe an hour after we released a statement on the cup final kick-off time arrangements, Inverness released their own, and it was every bit as angry as the Celtic one, and, like ours, it was also damning about the conduct of the governing body.

They confirmed what our club already had; that the views and the wishes of the two teams were worth precisely nothing in the making of this decision.

You wonder how a crucial call like this could be made without the support of either club.

It is a joke. In fact, it’s worse than that; it’s a scandal.

If the clubs weren’t involved in the decision then who exactly was?

We’ve already found out that the scheduling of this weekend’s games has sparked fury from the police, as our title party will have started at precisely the moment Ibrox empties after their dead rubber against Aberdeen. Although we’re at Tynecastle there are expected to be celebrations all over the city, and them at home on the same day.

Are we now to assume that the TV companies – more even than the police – are the only folk who count?

Fans certainly don’t.

I knew looking at that kick-off time what Inverness’s primary cause for concern would be, and you can completely understand it.

Their fans would have been disenfranchised by a change either way, which is just one of the reasons the game should have been played at the traditional time. They, like Celtic, clearly understand the larger issue; this decision reduces our game in stature, making our cup final a lesser occasion than the one down south.

The almost universal presumption that we only have to show up to win already creates the worst possible conditions under which to contemplate moving the game, because the only way for our final to have parity with the FA Cup is to play them at the same time.

There was no other viable option which protected the reputational integrity of the match.

To play ours first would have allowed the critics of our game to call our final a warm-up act.

To play it following theirs is to market it as an afterthought.

It’s an appalling decision either way, and made far worse by the utter contempt for the clubs – theirs as well as ours – which is so very obviously on display, and it further advances the idea that we should be looking at serious, widespread reforms of the sport in this country, starting at the very top of the house.

It would be nice if those who dwell in that ivory tower recognised who keeps the lights there and everywhere else in Scottish football. Here’s a clue, in case they’re having difficulty coming up with it; it ain’t Sky or Viaplay.

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  • Martin says:

    It’s an absolute disgrace. A cursory glance at the train timetables show if ICT fans can’t make the 1937 train (from Queen Street so really pretty f**kin unlikely even if the game doesn’t go to ET as full time would be 1915 at the earliest) they literally cannot get a train home until the next day.

    This is unacceptable, scandalous and a shameful episode for our game. We are the biggest club in Scotland, the game is local to us (I know we have travelling fans too, but the ICT issues are much bigger). We must be seen to stand with our fellow finalists on this, as the fans are suffering and all football fans should be advocates for fairness here.

  • Pan says:

    Spot on Seppington.
    The SFA have continually demonstrated that they have no interest in the needs of clubs or fans. It is time that they were disbanded as they have no realistic function.

  • Paul says:

    If viaplay bought the rights to the Scottish cup, they must have known the Scottish Cup Final is played on a Saturday at 3pm.
    They should of told them the game is on at that time, if you show it good, if not you still owe us the money as your under contract .

  • David Kenyon says:

    If the SFA don’t put on transport for the ICT fans that need it then that is shocking.
    It’s pathetic

  • John Copeland says:

    There are no viable rules and regulations any more ! The Cinch deal and the tribute act are proof of that ! So,why don’t Celtic and ICT just say NO to the SFA and it’s administration by saying that we in Scotland don’t care that English football and our showpiece cup finals will be played at the same time . By bending the Cinch sponsorship rule means that it is possible for other technicalities to take place also without punishment !

  • john clarke says:

    Martin, Sepp and the others have shown how practical they are.
    The SFA decision makers, are certainly not practical people.
    SFA must address Celtic Club, Inverness CT and Martin’s questions.
    SFA; Please explain your decision.

    • Martin says:

      Thanks for the mention, John. But I’m only voicing what must surely be the sensible view. Johnno below rightly asks about our Irish based fans. Another sensible consideration. My view here is that both clubs, who should be celebrating the occasion together (ICT fans are good craic) are suffering from cringe based thinking.

      Someone on here asked about the Ppv aspect… I pay for celtic TV (I live in Spain) and it’s great. I also have a season ticket that gets shared among the family. I’d rather pay every month to get a Ppv level experience if that money goes to each club and we retain some sense in the game. These “broadcasters” don’t care about scottish football. Well… I for one am not ashemed to say it, as a celtic fan. I DO care about scottish football. And I’d rather fan or club led broadcasts that remembered that fans matter. And I’d rather that for cup finals, the travelling fans were acknowledged

  • Johnny Green says:

    Both teams should refuse to accept tickets for the game and hit them in the pocket where it hurts. Without the fans it will no longer be an occasion to savour. It is the clubs who are in charge of Scottish football not these moronic self serving imbeciles and it’s time to tell them to fk right off.

  • SSMPM says:

    A sentiment I agree with but you, me and the SFA know that won’t happen. Unfortunately we’re not in charge and clearly our and ICT’s views don’t even seem to have been worthy of consideration

  • Bobby Sommerville says:

    Typical of S.F.A.,they are supposed to look after the clubs however once again it looks like tv tells the govern body of Scottish football what time the kick off will be

  • Paul McCann says:

    the english cup final will be on the bbc as will ours but should it go to extra time and penalties the 2 games will clash and why do we pay the same licence fee as them when we are treated like second class citizens

  • Johnno says:

    Maybe I can understand the anger within Scotland with the changing of the time to suit the English version.
    Can I say that maybe a bit more consideration be given towards our supporters outside of Scotland than towards Caly that I’m hearing at the moment, especially within Ireland.
    To be able to celebrate our historic treble we still remain very limited in doing so, especially as the game isn’t readily available with the TV companies that are able to actually show it.
    We have long been losing a battle within Ireland with the avaliable support on offer to mainly man u and Liverpool, so occasions like these still mean so much to ourselves.
    For way too long now celtic has been regarded as a 2nd team for to many within our footballing support so remains very important to our support within Ireland to continue our support and showcase our club and continue the fight as keeping it number 1 in terms of support.
    On the day in question we will continue to still be outnumbered in most venue’s where the game is available to man u jerseys as usual, but yet again we will show yet again how much better our supporters remain even when outnumbered.
    It may go unnoticed outside of Scotland in how many work still goes into showcasing our club in the manner that we still have to and continue to fly our flag proudly.
    These occasions aren’t to readily available to do so, and yet we will still make the Scottish version a more memorable occasion than the English version still, even if outnumbered.
    The craic can be mighty between the man u and Liverpool within Ireland but they still remain 2nd to how true support follow and promote our club in the way that we still do.
    So the time change may not be to everyone’s liking but our supporters within Ireland will still make the whole day a memorable occasion, and believe that the time change actually suits us better in been able to do so in keeping the Celtic flag flying proudly within Ireland still.
    Just a bit of consideration towards our cause within Ireland wouldn’t go a miss either from our support within Scotland either

  • Jim feerick says:

    Fans should boycot,what would the SFA do with an empty stadium.

  • Paul Mac says:

    2 observations, firstly as someone has said if its being done due to tv rights does that mean its the same channel showing both? If so what happens if the english one goes to extra time and penalties ?Are they going to delay further the kick off in Scotland until after the trophy presentation?
    Secondly the weekend has 2 days .. is there anything stopping one from being on Saturday the other on Sunday therefore monopolising whatever viewing audience (if as is being claimed the change is due to the television coverage) on that given day. No problems with trains or transport as it would be the same time schedule just a different day …

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