A Club Has Pulled Out Of A Friendly Match. For God’s Sake, Celtic Aren’t In Crisis Here.

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What an incredible and over-the-top reaction to a club pulling out of a friendly match with us. You would think that our club had spiralled into crisis. Apparently, our “pre-season plans are in disarray.”

For God’s sake, how about getting a little perspective?

Have you noticed that everything that happens in and around our club is now being coached in apocalyptic terms?

When the new strip was leaked last week the media took the comments of a handful of people online to announce that it had gone down like a lead weight and Celtic fans would be boycotting it en masse.

Because there weren’t 12,000 people to greet Rodgers on Friday it meant that Celtic was deeply divided, with half of the support not being in favour of the appointment.

Every player linked with a move away signifies the collapse of this team.

I posted about that earlier, and scorned it as the nonsense that it is.

Now our pre-season has been ruined because Wolves have pulled out of a couple of games?

I recognise that we’re in the “slow news day” period of the close-season but for God’s sake, the tone of some of the mainstream media reporting around our club verges on the hysterical.

We’re going to Korea and Japan; do you think that maybe there are some local football teams over there who might fancy replacing Wolves and giving us a game?

I mean, this presumes that they even have football in those countries; maybe they don’t? And maybe every other football team which plays the game, in every corner of the world is booked for that day?

But I seem to recall us signing players from Japan and Korea, so I’m fairly sure that they do have football teams over there; we’re not playing the games in public parks.

So to me it seems logical that we’ll just replace Wolves with another opponent, but what do I know?

Maybe this is the first time in the history of football that a team hasn’t been able to play a friendly, maybe this is an unprecedented situation we’re in here ….

Except, I sort of remember the Ibrox club pulling out of a tour of Australia and as I said in the piece I put up earlier, Celtic somehow survived that and emerged from the other side of it … with a few million quid in the back at that.

Something tells me we’ll be okay here.

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