Andy Walker Has Said The Single Stupidest Thing About The Celtic Boss Moving To Spurs.

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Andy Walker. Wow.

Just when you thought it was safe to go on social media, this clown says something so utterly brain numbing that you should not listen to it or read about it whilst operating heavy machinery.

Appearing the night before last on that daft sports show he does online, Walker might just have uttered the most ridiculous words that anyone has said, or will say, on Ange Postecoglou moving to Spurs.

And when you consider that I’m going to discuss the single worst article written on the subject so far later today – and it makes Jackson’s sound intelligent – you will know how bad Walker’s comments are.

“Look, I don’t know what motivates Ange Postecoglou – I’m sure it’s the whole package,” he said, before going on to suggest it’s money and bling. “But just in a general sense, he will clearly get…I don’t know what times his salary but it will dwarf what his salary is here at Celtic Park. And I’m not saying Spurs is a bigger club, but my goodness, it’s a bigger league and the richest in the world. The opportunity to do something special at Spurs, I think any manager that’s in speculation about getting the job would be excited at being the one to turn Spurs around, get them into the Champions League and get them winning a trophy again. It would be hard to say no.”

“I think any manager that’s in speculation about getting the job would be excited at being the one to turn Spurs around …”

Oh dear God, isn’t that abysmal? Any manager?

Except, presumably, the half dozen or so who have already turned it down you mean Andy?

And that’s just of those they’ve approached, and there are plenty of managers who they didn’t even bother to ask because their agents made it clear not to even bother wasting their time.

Conte was sacked more than 70 days ago … Spurs have approached a phalanx of different coaches. They’ve arrived now at Ange because they’ve exhausted their shortlist.

So whatever appeal Walker thinks the money and the lure of the league holds … they don’t apply to these guys who apparently have a far clearer understanding of the situation than he does.

We are going to hear a lot of remarkable, ignorant commentary on this thing before the matter is put to rest.

(Thankfully that’ll be shortly after the weekend.)

But this is not going to be beaten, whatever decisions are made. It is so patently absurd that only a complete fool would ever have uttered the words in the midst of what’s in the public domain.

Walker really should stop doing this stuff to himself. It’s pathetic.

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  • Jamie Craig says:

    I can’t believe a so called Celtic fan would talk like that about our manager, not one ex rangers player in the media would utter this garbage about any of their clubs managers, not one .

    • Magua says:

      This feckin’ idiot may once have been a Celtic fan at one point. As a pundit though, he knows a good anti-Celtic story is how to get the attention of the public. A pathetic loser, much like Provan, Nicholas and Nevin, to name but a few in the same mould.

      Hail Hail.

  • Johnno says:

    How this eejit is still being used as a voice of Celtic by sly sports is beyond me.
    Thought by now that enough noise would have been made to remove this gobshite from his position.

  • Jack says:

    I dearly hope Ange stays, but we’ll find out soon enough. After the treble win on Saturday I’d think. I know the lure of the EPL and the type of salary on offer will be very tempting, so we might lose him. However, if anything else would would chase Ange away from Scotland it would be the toxic bigotry from some quarters, the shite negative media and having to play against teams most weeks who park the bus. I’m sure, like most of us, the big fella must get bored with all of this. Only in Scotland!

  • Gerrard Duffin says:

    Only boss at spurs is owner

  • Annmcq14 says:

    Oh dear god, he just can’t help himself. If it’s not bad enough listening to his ridiculous commentary during matches now he’s spouting this garbage. To be honest I am not surprised, that’s why I call him Andy W**ker.

  • Henry McCoy says:

    Moving to Spurs isn’t going to do anything good to your CV for a start likely no Kane,need agut out,have to spend more than £300m and start from basics in what they say is best league in world. You’d have ne t to no chance that’s why everyone has knocked them back. That’s providing their getting that kind transfer budget

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