Celtic Has Been A Quiet Place The Last Fortnight. All That Is About To Change.

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For the last few weeks, since the Scottish Cup Final, our club has resembled a still sea. Nothing much of note has appeared on the horizon, although there have been one or two sightings of the dorsal fin of a shark … most notably in the news that our CEO and finance head both went over to Mallorca to speak to Brendan Rodgers in person.

That was the moment the events of this week properly started falling into place. But of course, the work started much sooner than that. If anyone wants to know why I’m so utterly convinced that our previous manager was tapped and went along with it, look at the time this took to iron out and announce, and these talks would have predated that trip to Spain.

These things sometimes take time. But once they are done a good manager can move quickly, and I strongly suspect that this one will. He has a lot to do, but we’re a sound and secure club in a very good position to succeed.

The last fortnight of quiet has been deceptive.

There has been plenty going on behind the scenes. The surface appearance has concealed what’s been happening beneath the waves; we’ve been fighting with Spurs over our backroom team for a start, and perhaps even the futures of a couple of players. Rodgers himself will have been negotiating hard and so would we … the deal in principle has probably be done a while, but there was doubtless much still to do.

A three year deal suggests that we have faith in his talents … but also an awareness of what he did last time and what Postecoglou has just done. There will be break-clauses. There will be bonus guarantees. There might even be a trigger for our extending the deal.

In the interim, we’ve also been progressing at least one signing that we know of. The two could be announced at the same time. The manager would certainly have signed off on the deal already and that is a further reason to be happy … he and the club are already moving in the right direction. The ground will be hit running.

The uncertainty is now over with. That’s something to celebrate on its own. But more important, by far, is that we’ve got the decision right and the manager is here and ticks every box that matters. He has the experience. He is a winner. He knows the game here. Indeed, he’s one of the most successful managers in the recent history of the game here.

Nobody at Celtic has been idle this past fortnight. The unveiling of the manager will be later this week. Don’t assume nothing is happening in the interim there either … the engine has been rumbling, and the machine is about to roll.

Brace yourselves folks.

Celtic Has Been A Quiet Place The Last Fortnight. All That Is About To Change.

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  • Denis Burns says:

    When the players return to training in charge will be John Kennedy, Gavin Strachan, Harry Kewell, Stevie Woods. Big Joe Hart will be there and Callum MacGregor of course. This is so important for the continuity of Celtic’s success. Even Stephen McManus and Darren o’Dea for the B team. Rodgers can come in and tweak things here and there probably for the betterment of perforemance, but there will be no chaos, no turmoil. I’m very optimistic that Celtic will continue in an upward trajectory. Hail Hail. Stories like this will not be found in the Daily Record. Hail Hail

  • Bottle Green says:

    Welcome to the Prodigal son Ange was just keeping it warm for you.

  • Frankie says:

    The chest thumper, his agent and levy are all welcome to each other, this tapping carry on between them was terrible , hope everything goes wrong for them.

  • John L says:

    As with the biggest percentage of our fans, we will embrace this appointment with open arms, it’s the media that wants us to be split . Be united. As you said, it’s like a relationship and it’s a lot easier to forgive as he never jumped in to bed with the next door neighbour. Heven Forbid lol .onwards and upwards and put the lie to bed.

    • Michael Clark says:

      Like everyone else I was gutted at the news Postecoglou was heading South but as usual they wave their monopoly money and the lure is too great. However Brenden Rogers coming back to Celtic more than cushions the blow, in fact we were unstoppable under him. Also if you consider he’s signed a 3 year contract, that would suggest he’s also getting money to spend, something he didn’t get last time around. Its obvious he’s got the Champions league on his mind so it’s exiting times ahead to be a Celtic supporter, I for one am delighted he’s back.

  • John Copeland says:

    I hope the Celtic Media people have their strategy correct because as sure as big BoJo is a wrong yin in life , the SMSM will come after Brendan Rodgers like rats trapped in a corner …. they will lash out and go for the throat ! Headline inducing loaded questioning of the shallowest kind will be the order of the first few days . Followed by dredging up old chestnuts about his departure first time around . This could get very messy , as the Posse will try to shame him into submission over and over again ! Maybe if Celtic charged them £25.000 pounds for the privilege ,it won’t be so bad ..,. Where have I heard which clumpany initiated that game plan ,now ? Ummm !

  • Johnno says:

    Always felt we faced a far bigger summer than the scum and now that process can really start to begin now.
    The scum only really had a summer of turd polishing ahead and that process has begun early with so much polishing needed, yet it won’t shine for the shower of shit either.
    Ourselves on the other hand operate upon a far higher level, and yet far bigger decision making awaits.
    The attention can tend to focus upon potential new arrivals to strengthen the squad, yet that process has already started with the arrival of Holm within the midfield where reinforcements were still required.
    Of course, there are still more required throughout the squad with another CB our main priority imo.
    Before that can happen, some big decisions need to be made upon where new players will actually fit into the squad? Style of play play? etc etc.
    One of the most interesting decisions that awaits will be how we fill our quota of 8 Scottish players within our CL squad?
    Macarthy made up numbers over the past 2 seasons, but that ship has sailed now.
    Turnbull and Welsh have hardly progressed under Ange, with there careers stalling or even gone into reverse mode of late?
    Has Mikey actually improved enough to warrant a place within a celtic squad?
    Hasn’t judging by his last run out with Ireland.
    Still many more big decisions await, and now the process can begin with Rodgers having to make them.
    Would be fairly confident that the interest within many of our established players won’t amount to much now, as the younger ones will be very interested to work under such an established manager who can further there careers moreso with the improvements needed within there own game still.
    Will be a very busy and exciting few weeks ahead, along with the usual bullshit that will be thrown in, yet “what the hell do we care now”

  • SSMPM says:

    Hoping Brendan adds a spine to the 1st team, enhances the squad to the undoubted talent at the club already and can be persuasive with those that may be tempted to follow AP down the road. There is better to come for this team and our support should be excited. HH

  • Michael O Hara says:

    Reconciliation is difficult especially forgetting and forgiving. But that is what must be done. What happened in the past is water under the bridge.

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