Bisgrove’s Comments About Celtic Fans At Ibrox End The Debate Over Who Is To Blame.

Image for Bisgrove’s Comments About Celtic Fans At Ibrox End The Debate Over Who Is To Blame.

To those of us who know the facts, there never was much of a debate over the Ibrox ticket situation and who was to blame for it. The only people who seem somehow unclear on all this are the media, as they constantly call on both clubs to find a solution. Only one club has ever been remotely interested in finding a solution. The other is not.

Last night, Ibrox fan media sites put up the details of their discussions with Bisgrove, and in those discussions he made it clear that their club has no intention whatsoever of giving Celtic fans back a reasonable allocation for their ground. They prefer that we go there with a tiny band of fans, even if that places our supporters in obvious danger.

His comments were not made in public, but they are now in the public domain. The Ibrox CEO has explicitly ruled out further debate. What would be the point now that we know this? What would the purpose in further talks be? He’s made their position clear, and the media now has someone it can point the finger at and blame.

Celtic has made its position clear. We would like a return to the old allocation and have made that plain in every one of the discussions with the Ibrox club. They have made themselves equally plain now, in front of their own supporters.

The change at the top of their house has not in any way altered the central fact that the lunatics are still running the asylum across town, but what these remarks should do is finally end the media’s bizarre insistence that this is some kind of two-way street, that both clubs are behaving in an intransigent manner and start telling the truth.

This was provoked by one club only and one club is keeping it going. Even if Celtic were to suddenly give them a full allocation, they would not alter their course on this. All that would happen is that we would have doubly disenfranchised our own fans … this “be the bigger club” nonsense that you hear is an elephant trap which we’re steering well clear of.

The biggest problem here right from the start was not the Ibrox club itself but the dishonest way this whole thing was misrepresented by the media. They could have called that club out on this from the start, but chose to frame it as some kind of petty squabble between Celtic Park and Ibrox … that’s one of the reasons we’re here.

It is high time this nonsense was put to bed, or at least dealt with honestly by the press. In the meantime, Celtic should refuse Ibrox tickets for the coming campaign and I hope they do. This farce has gone on too long, and our club should bring it to a close by putting forth a demonstration of our own will and resolve.

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  • John says:

    I would say Ibrokes is a place I never want to set foot in again, been many years since I have been and don’t miss going there one bit, safety of our fans should always come first and with those type of people we are not safe.

  • DixieD says:

    What makes you think that “the media now has someone it can point the finger at and blame” The SMSM have known exactly who is to blame for this from the start and has steadfastly refused to call it out. Lets face it, they’re hardly going to start pointing the finger now. They won’t even try to disprove the Tillman/Bayern fairytale. And you have the DR online reporting gers preparing a £7m bid for a greek striker an hour after we confirm our managerial appointment. Its all squirrels and moonbeams for the deluded.

  • Johnno says:

    This nonsense has dragged on for way too long at this stage.
    The scum only want to play the blame game as been truthful doesn’t exist within the DNA of Hun scum.
    Of course they don’t want our supporters inside that shit hole next season as they would class it as there best available opportunity to take 6 points off ourselves.
    Yet it requires ourselves to make the 1st move by refusing any tickets whatsoever, which we should do so imo.

    Yet what remains unresolved still, is what would actually happen if we got drawn to play the scum at that kip in a cup game?
    Should the same terms be repeated for league games as potential cup games?

    • DixieD says:

      The away club in the Scottish Cup has the right to request up to 20% of the home clubs capacity. Thats in the rule book. Meaning Celtic would be entitled to about 10k tickets for a Scottish Cup tie at Ibrox. So we’d probably get the Broomloan stand.

  • Thomas Daly says:


  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Just go the whole road, take nothin and give them nothin. Don’t need, or want them inside Celtic park, better aff without them.

  • Stesano says:

    I rather not even play that poison give none take none!! Their utter filth, perma raging, sectarian, racist weirdos tho most cowardly are dangerous in groups and are valadated in Brigadoon for any their violence on the basis of ” he had a green jumper on’! Fact! And ” what about them” That’s Brigadoon Scotland for you cause the ones paid to protect the streets have much the same mindset believe me on that as do the media it’s a sickness , we need out of it! Hate the bs ‘ bigger person” on few topics regarding that poison ! No tell the truth! Sick to death of it Celtic tho we should bulldozed that cespit in 2012! And they would a done nothing!! Like they did nothing! When they were dying! Scotland’s shame yes but enabled by plenty a utter disgrace!

  • John S says:

    Notwithstanding an official Complaint the BBC refused to retract or adequately explain their message on the news that the lack of visiting fans was due to “safety and security” reasons.

  • SSMPM says:

    There is no debate. No one is or should be discussing anything with the hun scum or their lodge lying propagandists in the press and media. The old club we used to share fans with is dead and we don’t need or want anything to do with this this new bastardisation.

    Another statement from Celtic FC clearly stating that it’s our decision alone and in the interest of our fans’ safety, not to accept the 6 or 7 hundred that’ll be on offer and that it’s due solely to their bottle and missile throwing violent fans that they allow to create an unsafe environment for a sporting event. It’s a midden. One club since 1888. HH

  • Stevo says:

    I would just like the top end of the club begin making strong statements rather than say zero. Let’s call them out on everything and make our own statements. What is there to lose? We are the largest club in Scotland, need to start flexing that off the pitch to media, silence to me looks like we cow tow when we should put them & media in place

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