Celtic Fans Entitled To Snigger As The Mooch Raids English Football’s Bargain Bin.

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If the Ibrox fans were not entertaining and amusing themselves with the notion that Ange Postecoglou might be leaving for London, what would they have to be happy about right now? Don’t you think it tells you everything about them that they are more interested in sniggering at us than focussing on the mess of their own club?

If we were the club facing a rebuild and going about it in such a slapdash fashion I would not be wasting time looking across the city. If Ange goes, Celtic will replace him. The new boss will inherit a winning team needing tweaking, but with plenty of money for the task.

Ibrox is trying to do a full-scale reconstruction with 85% off coupons.

The club has lost some key players – lost them, as opposed to “allowing them to leave” which is the perverse spin one hack put on the departures of Morelos and Kent recently, although the club could not have kept these guys had they put them in leg irons – and the departures are not at an end yet. Glen Kamara might be next to go; indeed, they are dying to punt him. They were using their media acolytes to try and punt that clownish centre back Davies yesterday.

They think they will get £4 million for him. That’s a loss. Chortle. How desperate must they be for money to be offering him and Kamara for cash like that?

But if they don’t manage to sell someone, how much can the manager realistically get to spend? Not much at all. We’ve spent many months saying it. The writing is now on the wall crystal clear. They are skint.

Their first two signings are freebies. They are going to complete the signing of Butland, who has found himself unwanted by clubs in England. That will be three players brought in; the “rebuild” is well underway.

They will have spent no money. Zero.

Do you think their fans are starting to see it yet?

The outlines of their summer?

A summer in which they were promised the rebuild to end them all? English lower league rejects? That’s the plan? To sign only the players the manager “knows”?

Because that worked for Celtic?

Do they think we built our team for free? Their manager doesn’t, he has spent ages telling us that we have outspent them.

He knows we didn’t build this team on the cheap.

f they think they’ll compete with us on this basis they are barmy. Even in the event Ange goes, his replacement will have plenty to spend and a first team squad which is far and away the best in the country. That gap will not be bridged with freebies.

All too soon this lot are going to have the smiles wiped from their faces.

I always love these little moments, because I know what follows them.

Tears. Delicious Sevco tears.

Happy Cup Final day, friends and comrades!

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  • Bob (original) says:

    To try and create the illusion – for the bears – that Ibrox is not just bringing in freebie/unwanted players,

    they will also bring in players “for an undisclosed fee”?

    Sounds better than “bought for £100K” as a key player in the Ibrox team rebuild.

    …especially when CFC will likely spend in the millions for ‘additional’ players!

  • Garry Cowan says:

    85% coupon ??? brilliant

  • James says:

    I’d take Butland at Celtic in a heartbeat and ahead of big Joe as well. Let’s not kid ourselves here. Yes, he’s a free transfer, but he’s as good a free transfer as they’re likely to get.

    They need a lot more than just a keeper though. We’ve all chef at them and their transfer dealings before, only to be undone in the league.

    I’ll be holding off with my laughing until we’re about half way through next season and we’ve played them home and away. By then, we should have a better idea of how both teams are shaping up against each other.

    Remember as well, they only need the odd favour for them and/or against us from their obliging friends in the SFA with their new toy (VAR) to make up small points gaps.

    The more trouble they are in, the more help they will get from the officials.

    Let’s keep the lid on the pointing and laughing for now.

    Also, who knows who will end up replacing Ange. I really hope it’s not David Moyes! We should be looking more for a De Zerbi-type manager. Up and coming, forward thinking and not yet mainstream.

  • SSMPM says:

    What gap? That’s been closing for sometime now and will only be widened again with smart squad investment this summer. Complacency was their enemy earlier in the season and has diminished over the city. The season ahead will probably be won on the head to head clashes. The results and performances without our fans in attendance at the midden this season are evidence of our complacency, also St Mirren the team you bragged about taking points off us. With no fans there again this season they have found a chink in our armoury. We need to use those funds wisely and invest in some ruggedness through the spine and meat in the midfield. Only time will tell if the freebies are freaks or fire.
    Just leaving for today’s game so everyone enjoy. HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes, they are in total disarray as we go for a Treble and a World record, it doesn’t get much sweeter than that,


  • Johnno says:

    Not a day were the scum have any relevance, when it should be about the celebration of the record breakers in waiting.
    Plenty of time over the summer to rub the noses of the scum within there own shite.
    Maybe a little reminder of the “Celtic doing a treble is unthinkable” from the snidey prick is worth remembering, especially when it’s happening for the horrible hun bastard.
    Today is about celebration of the fantastic achievement of Celtic football club, yet a warning should be sent out to our support with the strong possibility of floods throughout Scotland from Hun tears later today.

  • mhiguel66 says:

    XLNT James TYVM

    Hail! Hail! 5-1 Hoops,

    Enjoy match day, regardless of the result, coz it’s indabag

  • John S says:

    Falsely inflated since their beginnings in 2012, now scuppered by financial regulations.

  • Phil says:

    I don’t think beale will last any length of time at gers needs to keep mouth closed and get on with the job whilst he has it

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