Celtic Fans Should Beware Of Stories Outlining Rodgers “Available Budget.”

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Ange Postecoglou spent in excess of £45 million at Celtic. In two seasons. That’s a fact. If we’re willing to sell players and use part of the proceeds to fund Rodgers’ ideas, it would not surprise me if he was able to spend in excess of £50-60 million in the next two to three years. But, for now at least, let’s moderate our expectations.

For openers, this team doesn’t need radical surgery and the spending of that kind of money would constitute radical surgery. The concerns many of us had that this team would break up with the departure of the manager may now be unfounded; we have gone out and hired a top class coach who will inspire some of these guys to stay.

The way many of them are talking, that’s already obvious.

My hope would be that we can convince Abada to hang on longer than he might have intended. I don’t believe we have much to worry about with Kyogo or Hatate, and perhaps even Jota, although he’s the one I hear might well be on his way. Matt O’Riley is another … I think he’d thrive under Rodgers, perhaps even in that defensive midfield role.

We’ll lose one. I still think so. Provided we get a good fee that will boost the manager’s kitty to a very significant degree.

So I expect him to spend. But let’s be careful about setting ourselves up for a fall, because the first people to start quoting this “£30 million for transfers” schtick were the media, and they made sure not to elaborate over what timeframe that was for.

Most people have simply concluded it’s for this campaign … and it might be, that’s affordable for us if there are outgoings as well and if we can make a splash in the Champions League. Yet that isn’t certain and it’s not hard to see how disappointment at the club not spending that can turn into media stories designed to upset the balance at the Parkhead.

So let’s be careful of this.

Let’s be careful of putting pressure on people where there doesn’t need to be any.

Let’s be careful of doing the media’s work for them. I think the new boss will get substantial resources, but putting a figure on them is dangerous … and it virtually guarantees disappointment.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    As long as his budget is enough to buy a left back and a left sided centre half, I will be happy.

  • Jackson says:

    I would have no fear if we lost O’Riley and to a certain extent Hatate,
    Brendan will bring in a few for certain….hopefully a couple who will have real steel..
    we are going to need that especially on the home front

  • bertie basset says:

    a striker , cover for central defence , cover for taylor , and steely midfielder ,

  • Johnno says:

    This area within the transfer market with money spent upon players can always be very misleading on to many occasions.
    Yes James, Ange may have spent 45M, but offset the figure raised against player sells and you get a truer reflection upon how much money was actually spent, for the value of success gained and the increase in the players value.
    In that regards Ange done an amazing job, with only a couple not being of big success stories.
    Now we have Rodgers, the concurns will be about being more adventurous within the transfer market, and potentially looking at paying above the 10M mark upon players?
    Yet would the higher priced players still fall into our current wage structure?
    This area still remains my biggest concern regarding Rodgers, as to keeping the wage structure sustainable, and not letting it upgrade hugely just to keep hold of players?
    The same format should still be kept in place, with if players want to leave, then so be it, but the club should never be held to ransom over wage demands and certainly should never be aided by any manager either.
    Our scouting network seems to be working grand these days, and with Rodgers reputation and well known name, attracting players won’t be a problem either.
    Still hold a few concerns about Rodgers operating in the 5/10M bracket and can see us actually looking to break into the 10M bracket this window with a marquee signing also.
    Yet spending money doesn’t guarantee success, and only need to look at the 10iar season and the money invested in Barkas and ajeti to confirm that approach.
    Yet Rodgers should be far better in his wisdom of players value then bill and Ben the flowerpot men were ever able to do so

  • Effarr says:

    You say it might be affordable “if we can make a splash in the Champions League” but surely the money needs to be spent upfront or there will be no splash in the CL. Speculate to accumulate sort of idea.

  • Michael Clark says:

    This present Celtic squad under Brenden Rogers will no doubt flourish. It’s obvious the reasons he wanted John Kennedy to stay was so he could also tap into how Celtic went about their business. Celtic were also extremely unlucky in the Champions league last time around not having won a single game. Sure their might be additions to the squad and I hope there is but this team under Brenden Rogers will do very well in Europe this time round.

  • SSMPM says:

    Couldn’t agree less with this protectionist article. If we want the ever decreasing gap with the rankers to be a thing then do what you suggest. It’s Lawwell economics.
    We have huge potential of CL income over the time period you talk of. We have to win the league with an improved team and squad to achieve CL Group stages over that time period and to improve our CL ambitions.
    We also have the season ticket revenue, sponsorship, club merchandise, media, and probably considerable income from 3, 4 or 5 payers transfer sales to factor in.
    Ange may have spent what you say but the starting point was income from French Eddie, Ajer, Christie, etc. Add to that JJ and GG mid term and the revenue the above brought in.
    If want to keep very good managers and players at the club we need show the ambition by going out now and spending the £40/50m now and maybe then decrease the spending over the next 2 or 3 years. If want the TIAR and CL status our club and fans deserve for their investment we need to show ambition.
    If we want the rankers to keep the gap close then keep doing what we’ve done in the PL economic past. Now is the time to step it up, learn the lessons and reap the benefits from last season and future season’s income. HH

  • John S says:

    The media in Scotland and the Ibrox club seem obsessed with inflating figures.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Probably love inflated figures as they are inflated figures – Well I certainly wouldn’t know about the media but I certainly see a significant amount of over inflated sized Sevco fans – both of the male and female variety !

  • Si says:

    Kyogo will be gone by the time the window closes, if we get 20M or more that’s a great price for a 28yr old. Remember where you heard it from.

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