Celtic Have Put The Ibrox Loss Behind Us. Their Club Cannot Put The Win Behind Them.

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Robert Greene’s notorious book, “The 48 Laws Of Power” – which is basically a distillation of themes from elsewhere, everything from Machiavelli and Sun Tzu to the writings of Marcus Aurelius and Cicero – has an interesting introduction to Law 47, the one on knowing when to stop.

“There is nothing more intoxicating than victory, and nothing more dangerous. In the realm of power, you must be guided by reason … Be cautious. When you gain victory, understand the part played by the particular circumstances of a situation.”

Read Nicolas Raskin today for a lesson in what doing the complete opposite looks like.

He and his club have, to quote Greene, become “intoxicated by victory”, and a single victory at that. It doesn’t matter to them that the trophies and titles – the whole reason football is played – wound up at Celtic Park.

Their win over us at Ibrox stopped the clock.

For Celtic, that result was shrugged off and forgotten, as it would have been had we gone there and won comfortably. That late in the season, with the major issues decided and – now we know – our manager’s agent working behind the scenes to get him a move … there are certain “particular circumstances” of that situation if they want to consider them.

Instead, they’ve convinced themselves that it was some kind of game-changing result. Celtic players have put it down to a bad day when attention might have been drifting, or allowed to drift.

There is certainly little point in dwelling on any of it.

But dwelling on this stuff is precisely what Ibrox does.

From the moment the full time whistle went they had blown it up as the proof that the better team lost the title race.

They are letting it infect their whole summer, which is madness considering the management change at Celtic Park which will have momentous effects on every aspect of our approach.

He can talk about “good vibes” all he likes, but getting over-excited over what was, in effect, a meaningless fixture, is typical of that club and all in it. I’ll be posting a piece later today on their peculiar form of madness … but he exemplifies that other thing; talking up your achievements when there are none to boast about.

And getting caught up in the euphoria of a single victory, and letting it make you arrogant and complacent … and ignoring that you actually lost the war.

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  • Tony B says:

    They have nothing else. Reality is too painful for them, so fantasy and delusion prevail.

    ‘Twas ever thus with the hun monkeys.

  • John Copeland says:

    This latest Raskin outburst smacks of another pre publicity stunt for one of his infamous Paris pizza party’s ? To paraphrase the great Greek philosopher Plato …. Purius piffilus !

  • JimBhoy says:

    I love it when the Klan and their players bum thesmselves up on some nonsensical notion it makes it all the sweeter when they fail AGAIN.

    Slight segway I read today in 2 places that the Tilman option to buy was withdrawn by Bayern and rangers get £1m in compensation and a percentage of his sell on fee….. Whit?? Never heard of a deal like that before in ma puff. A percentage of the sell onof a player they do not own. Whit!?

    We all knew they could not pay £5m for any player so I am assuming it is made up ‘feel good’ nonsense for the klan to keep the myth of Beale’s Billions available to him a he picks up payers worth jillions for Ginger Bottles. Financial wizz.!

    Gullibilies right enough.! On a Plus the new Black Celtic top just arrived. HH

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Think you’ve already mentioned the 3-0, 1995 end of season game we won, at some point recently. As meaningless league wise as it was, ah remember that game well and as we absolutely loved it at the time, ah don’t think any of our support were disillusioned or carried away as a result. We knew better. And we know what happened the followin seasons, up until 98. Then again, naebody does unmerited hype and delusion like ibrox and it’s media. That’s the difference. They never learn.

  • John S says:

    They had their day. They’d better hold on to the memory, it will console them for what is about to come.

  • Davie says:

    That match had nothing at stake but pride.
    Celtic had already won the league.
    Players knew Ange was moving on and it showed in their play.
    Scottish cup final was looming and no one wanted an injury.
    The talking needs done on the pitch during a competitive match with something to gain, that’s what celtic did during the season.

  • Eldraco says:

    One swallow does not make a summer.


    When the football comes I hope he chokes on what he has to swallow.

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