Celtic Is Not Just About To Appoint A Manager. This Is Going To Be A Revolution.

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At some point tomorrow, I expect to be publishing the blog confirming who the new manager is. I actually think it might come today, but that’s up in the air at the moment. The timing of these things is important, and an announcement tonight with a press conference tomorrow makes good sense, but so does an announcement tomorrow and a presser on Monday.

The manager’s appointment appears to be only the first phase of a much longer operation though. It seems that Postecoglou was in the midst of planning a vast reshaping of the entire football club and that Rodgers – for there is little doubt now that it shall be he – hasn’t just signed off on that but has done so enthusiastically because it is almost the perfect distillation of his own ideas in this area and where denied to him in his first spell with the club.

It also seems certain that even if there is some dramatic, last minute shift in events which leaves us up in the air that the alternative managerial option will be presented with the same blueprint. It appears that Celtic is finally getting serious on this “be the best we can be” stuff, and putting in place an operational framework which will give us an elite structure going forward, and that will be regardless of who it is siting in the dugout.

The implications of this cannot be overstated. For years we’ve talked a good game about belonging at the top table of Europe but failed to act like it. If this is the club finally committing to that goal then it’s the development a lot of us have been waiting on for many years. It means real investment in youth development, scouting and state of the art analytics. It means cutting edge medical facilities and the knowledge to make the best of them.

Sports science. Sports psychology. A scouting network based on more than just having a Sky Sports subscription. We all know too that we have to scout outside of Europe now because we’ve seen how much proven talent there is out there beyond the old hunting grounds. A certain other club has fallen back on a system which is as creaking and ancient as a horse drawn carriage. We, on the other hand, are finally building a sleek green machine.

So as exciting as the new managerial appointment looks set to be, more exciting by far might be the stuff which won’t be immediately visible, the great transformation of our club into something that is fit not just for domestic purposes but for the grander goal by far of making some kind of impact in Europe. Not before time folks, not before time.

This summer is going to be far more interesting than we imagined.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    We have every single record going in Scottish Football to our glorious name – And many European ones as well…
    But to shut all the illiterate Sevco Huns up – And many are truly needing shut up – We need to overtake ‘their’ idiotic domestic trophy hall…

    Now we know they the new club only have only won two trophies – They know it too – And they know that everyone Celtic supporters and supporters of every other club from Manchester City to Inverness Clachnacuddin know it too –

    Probably why Brendan is the best man to overtake this Sevco fantasy falicy for the first time in a long time – We have been ahead before – Let’s do it again in 2023/24 ?

    What will their illiterate fans and their illiterate fan boys in The Scottish Media do then !

  • Roonsa says:

    I am glad you’ve finally come to terms with the fact Brendan is coming back (ableit you are right to throw in the caveat of last minute hitches a la E Howe). I have been reading CQN and I don’t think Paul Brennan is prepared to admit it yet. I think it’s up to you guys to LEAD the charge of not only welcoming Brendan back but championing his cause. This article was a good step towards that.

    I’ll be honest, if there was another get down to CP to greet the new manager even, I will be front row centre. And I’d expect 13,000 there like there was the last time.

  • Captain Swing says:

    The proof of the pudding, etc etc, but a club like Brighton has just demonstrated that getting the structure right means seamless continuity even if the manager is poached. No more desperate “Ron Manager” type appointments and a structure which allows the head coach to be exactly that, while DoF and HoR do most of the legwork on recruitment, sales, contracts. This Is The Modern World as a bard from Woking once opined….

  • Somehow says:

    Tedious sterile possession football welcome back Brendan

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      I honestly don’t care how we win – as long as it’s winning and it’s legal then that’ll do me !
      If that means sterile possession football and we get another seven domestic trophies in a row then, bring it on…

      I remember we played the most scintillating and breathtaking football under The Late Great Tommy Burns but won virtually nothing in his tenure as our manager sadly –

      Winning and fairly in whatever style (even a boring one) will always be the choice for me !

  • Scud Missile says:

    The panic button is being pressed at ibrox with news of sunbed Sam’s return.

  • Northamptontim says:

    Great days a head HH

  • david - cambodia says:

    can’t believe this unfounded sycophantic pish.
    A few days ago we were to be cynical and avoid personality cult.
    Now this ?

    have you been hacked?

  • JimBhoy says:

    According to the couple of rangers sites I have ventured into. They are happy with their lot, new striker coming in with 6 goals over 2 seasons etc…. Beale is up for it apparently.

    Shield rattling and soon to be Hun Skelping… Bring it on.

    I think we will see a lot of Celts make a move next week, too many on the fringes, just distractions.

  • Effarr says:

    So Postecoglou was in the midst of planning a vast re-shaping of the entire football club was he? A Vast one at that.
    He certainly could have fooled me. It must only have been a 3 day plan when he was in the “midst” today and gone
    tomorrow. I wonder which day he set aside for tightening the sieve. I, personally, am sick of how these cowboys can canter into Parkhead and con everyone before galloping away again. This talk about sports science, analytics, statistics and all the rest when people like Jimmy Quinn could spend his days down a coal mine, even on a Saturday morning,
    and still be able to stick the ball in the net at ease. Those were the days of sliding tackles while wearing footwear akin to
    tackety boots and shinguards like skateboards down the stockings. You were even allowed to throw the goalie into the back of the net with the ball and claim a goal. Celtic were lucky they could afford the anti-frost materials which were actually tons of hay covering the pitch. Other teams just had to get on with the games by chipping the ice from the surface. Nowadays, you almost have to nurse them in shawls to get them to give you 60 minutes of posturing.
    Football is like everything else in life now, something really, really simple made difficult.

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