Celtic Must Look To Dominate The News Cycle In This Coming Game-Changing Week.

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If the reports and the rumours are true, then the white smoke will be going up over Celtic Park at some stage tomorrow.

Some will say it’s not before time, but if the extra days to get here have been spent fruitfully and productively and with this club busy behind the scenes then they will not have been in vain. The new management team will want to hit the ground running.

For the last three or four weeks some in the media have been peeing their pants with obvious excitement over the goings on across the way. Their recent signing of a Dutch striker who doesn’t appear to score goals is just one of the hilarious things going on over there. Free transfers abound, yet we’re to believe this will be the best Ibrox team in years.

But even right now I don’t think they’ll touch us. Even before Rodgers comes in, even before he stamps his mark on this side, even before he signs a single footballer we’ve still got the best squad in the country whatever they tell themselves over there. The Mooch has built a team to try and stifle Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic. Yet that no longer exists.

The plans for the coming campaign must be well in hand. We have gotten used to moving fast with signings. The team for the next season will be well in place before we get into pre-season training. The manager will have targets. He will ideas. The board will have run our scouting lists by him, many of those plans set by Postecoglou.

Which means almost all of it will be good. So we can – and we must – want to hit the ground running here. We should be looking for nothing less than total domination of the news cycle for the next week. Ibrox will squeal and the media will hate it … those are good additional reasons to do it. The club has been quiet this week … I expect that to be explained when we see what the next couple of them have in store for us.

But this coming week, in particular, is going to be sweet. We’re going to appoint a new manager and at least one signing is going to be finalised with him. That will get us off to a good start, but we should be going for more. We should make this week memorable. We should use it to send a very clear message; the king is dead. Long live the king.

A lot more on that subject to come, as the week goes on.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Reports saying Monday but I think nearer Wednesday when he will be unveiled. We will know when he jets in the day before imo.

    Brendan has most likely started work already on who will move on free transfers, good to do this early for players to pick up new contracts.

    That and maybe work on a few new players may also have started allowing Brendan to hit the ground running. Maybe also on some initial offers we have had on some of our 12 Loanees.

    He will want to clear most of that clutter before he assesses what he has at the club.

  • Paul says:

    I don’t think you should write sevco off so easily. Since the mole came in they have pretty much won all their games against the rest of the league apart from us & Aberdeen. It will probably come down to the games between us. Rodgers is known for his hun skelpings right enough lol

  • Mark B says:

    I am pleased Rodgers is back and hopefully will be backed this time. For the article to say our rivals “won’t touch us” is the sort of nonsense that we need to avoid. It breeds complacently. They have worked out how to beat everyone else meaning the title race should be close with the 4 games against them crucial. Also meaning our margin for error against the other teams is very small. I believe 92-98 points will be needed again. The last game at Ibrox shows unless we are on it we lose. So let’s be on it. They are are very different proposition from Pedro Murty etc and recently got to a Euro final. I believe winning 6/7 was a terrific achievement. If we get close to that by winning two titles and two cups I will be delighted next two years.


    Complacent or Pessimistic?
    With the wholesale changes Bealy Boy has to make
    they are an unknown prospect.
    Best just wait and see how they shape up.
    As ever the MIBs will be on hand to offset any inadequacy.
    That’s a guarantee. This year more so than any other.
    They need, that is they REALLY NEED, the Champions League spot for
    24/25. 23/24 is up in the air depending on how the newbies perform in the qualifiers.
    Any thing can happen though I wouldn’t expect them to have the same run of luck as
    their ‘Ramsey’ year.

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