Celtic’s Manager Search Is Probably Well Underway In Spite Of Weekend Shock.

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Imagine that none of what we’ve seen in the past two months has been a coincidence. Imagine that Dermot Desmond flew to Glasgow specifically to speak to the manager.

What was that discussion about? Plans for the summer, yes, but a new contract as well. That would almost certainly have been one of the topics up for discussion. Ange’s agent had already been invited to the title party.

Then Slot knocked them back, Ange moved to the top of the list and someone at Spurs made sure that was in the public domain even as we were preparing for a cup final. But if our club was blindsided by the speed at which this thing has moved, we’ve probably been doing due diligence since at least Desmond’s visit.

I don’t believe that he would have gotten a straight answer on a new contract at that time; certainly nothing was put on paper and if the manager had showed the least reticence, and I think his agents were probably keeping Spurs appraised of his willingness to go there the whole time, Desmond would not have simply shrugged and gone home.

We’ve probably known since then that this was in the wind, or at least was a distinct possibility. And whilst I wouldn’t think that discussions with other managers will have taken place, we’d have been going over the likely candidates, both in and out of work, and trying to decide who the best fit is going to be. And that’s a good thought to have.

Because, of course, the scenario we all fear here is one where we’re sweating this for weeks. That does not have to be the case. There has to have been a Plan B for just this type of scenario, because it has, in some ways, been fairly well telegraphed.

If Desmond came here for a signature on a contract and didn’t get it, that was the moment to start thinking “What if?” And I know that this board has learned its lessons the hard way when it comes to stuff like this, and I believe there’s probably a solution at hand.

I’m not saying we’ll appoint someone right away … but this won’t drag on for a month. Expect to be surprised by how fast things move … and by some of the names you hear.

It certainly won’t be a Steve Clarke type appointment, not as follow up to the last guy, not a chance in Hell.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I am not so sure. I think the warm fuzzy feeling that Ange has left us withbhas perhaps skewed our memories of how the Neil Lennon situation was handled.

    Remember. Lawwell is back. I donhave concerns.

  • Drew says:

    Tbh…annoyed with postecoglou…hes took the piss..but played it well

    • Mark B says:

      I think he did an amazing job and I thank him for that. Like Rodgers did. I think he didnt talk straight at the end. Like Rodgers.
      I think he left at the end of the season rather than part way through. Unlike Rodgers. To balance that he was backed financially unlike Rodgers.
      It is very hard to leave but I wish he had just been straight and left with grace. Seemed very unlike him but I guess like Rodgers he was just not talking straight. Anges recent interviews were shocking on this…..totally evasive and double talk. Lies frankly.
      Now talk of Kennedy and Kyogo leaving. Ange is being even more devious as he leaves, very sad. Its modern football I get it. But tbh it feels not really that different to Rodgers. O’Neil and Strachan left with grace. Rodgers and Ange did not, that is the closure they have to live with.

      • 18871888 says:

        Lawell and son are both in the building, and that worries me a bit. Not that I wanted it, but I wonder if it’s the reason that Rodger’s is “ distancing himself” from talk of a return.

  • Captain Swing says:

    As long as it’s not the third coming of “the caretaker” we’ll approach it with an open mind, just like we did with Ange. As one door closes, another one opens and all that.

    Most of the fanbase are a bit more worldly nowadays and understand that a successful Celtic manager is always going to be coveted by the soap opera south of the border. This is the life of Ajax – every time they are successful, their best players and managers are made offers they can’t possibly refuse by clubs from bigger leagues. It’s the way of the world when you are far and away the biggest fish in a small pond. The vast resources available down south mean it’s virtually impossible to resist, even when the offer is from a dysfunctional club like Tottenham, whose underlying problem is their inability to compete with the spending power of once-destitute clubs bankrolled by Middle Eastern petrodollars while paying huge loans for building their swish new pad. Anyone who did resist such overtures would need their head examined. People in football are more Logan Roy than Francis of Assisi!

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, this could be a good indication of how the Board has improved under CEO Nicholson?

    Will we see a swift introduction to Ange’s replacement,

    or will we be subjected to weeks, (or months as with Howe), of speculation?

    And you would think that the job would be significantly easier to sell to decent managers this time:

    a successful squad, funds for new players – and of course, CL qualification.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    We’ll soon see how ambitious they are.

  • Bryan Coyle says:

    Brendan Rodgers?

  • Paul the Tim says:

    James I can see this being Brendan Rodgers, our board are always prone to lack of imagination appointments.

  • Oddjob says:

    If indeed this situation has been developing for the last few weeks, I wonder if the appearance of Martin O’Neill with the League trophy carried more significance than mere nostalgia.

  • tom finesy says:

    would you take Rodgers back? if no,and he did land it,how awkward would that be?

  • Jim says:

    Yes, let’s see if they have been caught sleeping at the wheel……..Again !
    Remember, they got lucky with Ange.

  • Jorge says:

    So Ange’s sole focus was on the preparations for the end of the season and the cup final – except for engaging in negotiations with Spurs! This hasn’t all happened in the last 48 hours.
    And that it has emerged after the deadline for season ticket renewal has passed.
    Shabby behaviour by all parties involved – Postecoglou, Spurs (Levy) and Celtic.

  • Effarr says:

    Now the story is that Ange`s agent has been planning this for months so, obviously, Ange was in on it. He had no more of an affinity with Celtic than than Kyle Laugherty had. Used Celtic to his own advantage. If it hadn`t been for them he would still be languishing in Japan counting the days to his retirement. I think he was shrewd enough to see that even
    amateurs like Billy Dodds were beginning to his weaknesses, especially in defence. The old “you can score four goals as long as we score five” lark won`t go down well in London and the prima donnas in football won`t be as keen to
    listen to him as a few Asian boys setting out on a football career are. Personally, I won`t lose any sleep over his departure. All I will say is, please do not put the next Celtic manager on a pedestal. There are no Tommy Burns or Billy McNeill types left in football far less a Jock Stein.

  • Terry Thomas says:

    The board knew that Ange was going that’s why they were so desperate to get the season ticket money in before the cup final.

  • John Copeland says:

    If Ange departs for the Smoke , my main concern will be the entire domino effect on the complete set up of the Celtic operation . There will be the settling in of the new manager , his staff and any new players being brought to the club . We all know this takes about a month in normal circumstances , but there is also the concern about players potentially leaving too ,especially our goal machine Kyogo ! Both he and Ange are cut from the same cloth and would be very , very ,difficult to replace quickly and would be sorely missed .If the boss does move South , this could turn into a really messy , tricky situation which can only benefit another clumpany……

  • john clarke says:

    The Club must prevent Tottenham taking Gavin Strachan and John Kennedy.
    The players should benefit from continuity by working with known
    successful coaches, so that team improvement does not stall. “Onward and Upward”.
    Dermie and Michael, please sign Gavin and John immediately, as Managers.
    Give Gavin and John the same salary, and close to Postecoglou’s salary in his last season. Give extra responsibilities to Gavin. You decide their roles. I am serious. Don’t laugh.

  • Therese Storrie says:

    Does anyone know if the Japan trip is still on ? Or if there are other changes to the plans AP made ?

  • SSMPM says:

    As usual loads of the emotional manager lovers and sycophants will be disappointed but who cares, get real. Any criticism of Ange, the performances by this team and its downward spiral since pre Xmas on this blog has been met with emotional belief tosh. You can’t hold belief in your hands no more than truth. Truth is none of us really knows what goes on in their self indulged heads.
    ‘Angeball’ and ‘never stop’ like all catchy sayings have been just that and on a slippery slope for some time. Ange knew that and for him with this offer the time is right to move on before his reputation slips too. He thinks it’s time for a change and I think it’s time for a change and so my emotions are balanced.
    Ange has done a good job to date but going forward doubts. If O’Neill or Rodgers come back and are installed quickly I’d be happy enough with that. If it’s some other forward thinking progressive fine too. Repair and move on. Until the next manager does so again. HH

  • Stephen Buchan says:

    I firmly believe he was approached immediately after the league was won. This may explain the lack of focus from him and subsequently the team. The next manager has to be given the resources and control that Ange had.
    Definitely Not Clarke or Moyes.

  • Martin says:

    If he goes, I’d want a manager who combines the workrate and attack minded play Ange’s team was known for (until January 2023) with a bit of defensive nous that woupd see us leak fewer goals. The occasional deployment of plan B would also be good. But I do not want boring football. We are not a boring football club.

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